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Weekends in Rotterdam shares everything you need to know about Rotterdam: hotspots, events, but also useful information such as transportation and ready-to-use routes through the city. We believe quality goes over quantity, we take collaborations very seriously and want each and every partnership to be awesome. If you’re looking to collaboration with a Rotterdam based blog, you’ve came to the right place!

We are happy to hear you are interested in working with us! In order to make sure we have a fruitful collaboration, we only take on jobs that benefits our readers and really fit with Weekends in Rotterdam.

If you’re interested to work with us, you can contact via info@weekendsinrotterdam.com!


See what our partners say about Weekends in Rotterdam

We are always interested in fruitful collaborations that benefit our readers. We’ve worked with several organisations in Rotterdam before. Below you can find what our current and previous partners have said about working with Weekends in Rotterdam!


“The Instagram takeover of Weekends in Rotterdam for Rotterdam Tourist Information (@rotterdam_info) was a huge success. The posted photos are very nice and the Instagram Stories were fun to follow. In addition, they have also written an extensive blog for our website. Lisanne and Mathilde are very enthusiastic and came up with creative ideas themselves, the cooperation was very smooth and we are definitely open for another collaboration with them!”

Anne Klapmuts, Rotterdam Partners


“A few weeks ago we worked together with Weekends in Rotterdam for a giveaway via Instagram. It was very pleasant to work together, the communication was clear and we always got a fast reply. There was a lot of enthusiasm for our proposal, which made us more enthusiastic too. Also the handling of the give-away went well, Weekends in Rotterdam are open to help you, which gives a positive vibe.”

Malissa & Samantha de Laat, Sis Cakery


“Weekends in Rotterdam gave a workshop during De Dag van de Kunstuitleen last November: a national day dedicated to highlighting all Kunstuitlenen (art libraries) in the Netherlands. On this day Kunstuitleen had a varied program with music, artists and a special workshop ” How do you become a blogger?” by Weekends in Rotterdam. Everyone who participated in this workshop got the assignment to write a blog about Kunstuitleen Rotterdam. The girls (Lisanne & Mathilde) went to great lengths and the workshop was very well received. Later guest blogger Eline de Graaf visited us for an interview with director Ellis van den Berg about borrowing art at Kunstuitleen Rotterdam. The girls from Weekends in Rotterdam are very nice to work with, the girls are very ambitious and enthusiastic and in the future I expect even more beautiful collaborations. “

Sanne Hoogeveen, Kunstuitleen


If you believe that we can have a meaningful partnership, we are more than happy to discuss it. And, if you want to know the possibilities of working with Weekends in Rotterdam, feel free to contact us via info@weekendsinrotterdam.com.


Contact us if you would like to discuss a possible collaboration





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