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Wij kunnen niks bedenken wat meer past bij een winter must-do lijst dan een bezoekje aan een schaatsbaan! Chocolademelk, Glühwein, een Unox broodje en ingepakt in een dikke jas. Dat is het échte wintergevoel!

5 Winter must-do’s in Rotterdam

By Mathilde Simon
December 28, 2018

With this article you’ll definitely survive the winter in Rotterdam, because we share the best winter activities in our city.

From seeking shelter at some of the coziest hotspots to participating with real winter activities, there is enough to do in Rotterdam during the wintertime.

If you own a Rotterdampas, most of the activities can be done for free or at a discount. Have fun!


1. Ice skating at the ice-skate rink in Rotterdam

We can’t think of anything more suitable for a winter must-do list! Drinking chocolate milk or mulled wine, eating an Unox sausage and showing your best moves on the ice-rink. That is the real winter feeling!

Now you don’t have to travel far to go ice skating. In Kralingen you can find the Schaatsbaan?(Ice Rink) Rotterdam, also called ‘The Tunnel’! You can visit this place in December, January and February.

For more information you can check out the website: Schaatsbaan Rotterdam (only in Dutch).


2. Get cozy at one of the movie theaters in Rotterdam

Ice skating is not for everyone. Would you rather hide inside, away from the cold? Then pick a fun movie, bring your lover, father, mother or friends, buy a big box of popcorn and enjoy the warm, cozy cinema. In Rotterdam you can visit Pathé (Schouwburgplein and De Kuip) and Cinerama.


3. Library of Rotterdam

Foto door Joyce Visee.

Do you rather read stories than watching movies in the cinema? The Library of Rotterdam is full of good stories. You can cuddle up with a book and read for hours with the enormous selection they offer!

And did you know that you can actually do a lot more than just read books at the library? They regularly organize fun workshops, trainings, events and lectures. Super fun to experience and of course ideal that it’s inside during the cold winter months in Rotterdam.


4. Enjoy the High Choc (or high Tea) at CHCO Café Rotterdam

This list is not complete without one of our favourite activities: food. And when we are cold, we prefer to eat something warm in combination with chocolate.

The winter in Rotterdam is the best excuse for a delicious winter chocolate fondue, or the High Choc, at the CHCO Café in Rotterdam, including hot chocolate! You can also decide to go for the high tea in Rotterdam at CHCO Café, which comes with enough chocolate as well…


5. Visit one of the museums in Rotterdam

Actie <> Reactie bij de Kunsthal

Of course you should also visit a museum during the winter in Rotterdam! And in our city there are plenty of museums, such as Boijmans van Beuningen, the Kunsthal, Het Nieuwe Instituut, the Natural History Museum and the Nederlands Fotomuseum. There is something for everyone!


That were 5 fun winter activities in Rotterdam! What do you love to do during the winter?

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