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Where can you print in Rotterdam?

By Lisanne van Beurden
February 20, 2023

Do you need to print something in Rotterdam? Not a lot of people have a printer at home. Fortunately, almost everything is digitized nowadays and we save paper and therefore the trees.

Nevertheless, it is sometimes necessary to print something, such as an important document that you need to sign or your final thesis for school. Then you can print it at the places below in Rotterdam!


Printing in the Rotterdam Library

Besides being a nice place to study and the many books and other materials available here, the Rotterdam Library also offers useful services, such as printing, scanning and copying.

From €0.15 you can print and scan in the Rotterdam library. See the overview of costs below.

Printing costs Library Rotterdam

  • A4 black and white: €0.15 per page
  • A4 colour: €0.50 per page
  • A3 black and white: €0.20 per page
  • A3 color: € 1.00 per page
  • Scanning: €0.15 per page


How does printing work in the Rotterdam Library?

Step 1. Put money on your card

Printing in the Rotterdam Library is actually very easy, even without a membership.

On the first floor in the library you put money on your card at the counter or pay machine. You can also do this online via My Menu. Are you not a member and therefore do not have a pass? Then you can purchase a day pass at the payment terminal. This costs €2.50, of which €0.50 is credit for printing, scanning or copying.


Step 2. Go to a computer

Now that you have credit, you can walk over to one of the computers. These are also on the first floor of the library. All visitors are allowed to use the computers. As a member, it is even possible to log in to your own environment, where you can store documents and use the applications.

If you are not a member, simply log in with the day pass you purchased. Then upload your documents and choose print.


Step 3. Print!


As soon as you have given a print order, you walk to the printer. Log in here and your assignment will be ready here. Click on this and then the printer will start working. This is how you print at the Rotterdam Library!


Print shops in Rotterdam

There are also a lot of print shops in Rotterdam where you can easily print. Print shops often have more services available than in the library. This includes printing canvas, business cards and flyers.

For example, you have Easy Repro on the Nieuwe Binnenweg. Here it works almost the same as in the library, but you do not have to create an account (and therefore do not have to pay for it) if you are not a member. There are a lot of computers in the shop where you can upload your documents. What is also useful is that there are staff behind the counter who you can ask for help with printing.

Other possible locations are Printerette on Oostplein, Printerpro in the World Trade Center Rotterdam and Monsterposter on Boompjes.


Hopefully you have found your answer to the question where you can print in Rotterdam. Good luck!

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