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De keuken bij WES in Rotterdam is Joods-Perzisch en dus weer eens wat anders dan je dagelijkse lunchtentje. Ik moet waarschijnlijk ook geen lunchtent zeggen want het is een plek waar je de hele dag terecht kan. Bestel bijvoorbeeld de overheerlijke Shakshuka. Voor degene die dit nog nooit geprobeerd hebben: doen! Het is een pittige, kruidige tomatensaus met gepocheerde eitjes waarin je een lekker broodje kan dippen.

Dine like a filmstar at Wes Eettentje

By Julia Den Outer
December 03, 2018

Like Francis Whitman proclaimed in The Darjeeling Limited: “Let’s get a drink and have a cigarette”. Now I certainly don’t want to urge you to smoke (it’s bad for you) but I would recommend you to have a drink and to do this at WES Eettentje. And while you’re at it, order some of their delicious Jewish-Persian dishes as well.

Wes Eettentje is perfect voor een heerlijke lunch, ontbijt of voor avondeten.

For a while now I wanted to check out WES in Noord, and fortunately I finally went here for a brunch. WES is named after director Wes Anderson and that is reflected in their interior in three different themes.

For example, the part where I sat has a cafeteria-like appearance with a display case and signboard based on The Grand Budapest Hotel. Further on in the restaurant you can picture yourself in the train compartment of The Darjeeling Limited and in between you can relax at The Royal Tennebaums. Actually, you really have to sit in each area at least once. It’s great that the three different areas all still feel as one.

“Even though the looks alone are enough reason to cycle to Rotterdam Noord, the food is certainly worth it too.”


Feast of their Jewish-Persian cuisine

Even though the looks alone are enough reason to cycle to Rotterdam Noord, the food is certainly worth it too. The food at WES is Jewish-Persian and therefore something different than your daily lunch spot. I probably should not say a lunch spot though, because it’s a place that you can visit all day, from 11:00 to 23:00!

The food party started with different types of hummus and a coffee. After this I got one of my favourite types of breakfast: Shakshuka. For those who have never tried this: do it! It’s a spicy tomato sauce with poached eggs in which you can dip delicious pieces of bread. While I was enjoying the background music and the photogenic interior, falafel and incredibly delicious croquettes with gorgonzola were served with different sauces. The menu has plenty to offer with food from the Jewish-Persian cuisine. For example, you can order a table full for €14.50 where you get multiple snacks.

WES: For all kinds of occasions

WES is a place where you can go for all kinds of occasions. Visit WES for a Friday chill session on their couch, have a bite to eat with your friends or go on a Sunday morning to ease your hangover with a mimosa. They won’t judge you here, everything on the card can be ordered throughout the day.

Tip: take the espresso martini, a super delicious drink.
Tiptip: also a must visit for vegetarians.


Benthuizerstraat 94a, 3035 CR Rotterdam

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