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A weekend getaway in Rotterdam: enjoy luxury at the Marriott Hotel

By Kim Longwood
April 24, 2021

A weekend getaway is something that probably sounds like a vague thing from the past. But the Marriott Hotel in Rotterdam does not accept that! They go for enjoyment in comfort, whatever the circumstances. Because this can be done in a responsible corona-proof way. Namely with an overnight stay in one of their stylish hotel rooms with a view of the Central Station, including a three-course dinner in the room and breakfast in bed.


A vacation at last, but in your own city

On arrival we are warmly welcomed with a coffee and a chat. Safely 1.5 meters away, we discuss how later in the evening, when the sun is no longer in the sky, the Central Station and surroundings are a true experience. The lights, the tranquility, the view… we can’t wait to see this.

We are taken up by elevator and arrive at our recently renovated hotel room. The interior is entirely to our taste. Beautiful gray accents, a calming atmosphere and that great view about which we have been informed.


Three course dinner by Pillars Bar & Kitchen in the room

There is a table set in front of the large window, with a view of the sun that still shines brightly over the city. It really feels a bit like a holiday, but a very luxurious holiday where you don’t have to lift a finger. A weekend away where being pampered is the main focus… oh, what a hard life!

Our waiter for the evening is quickly ready and serves the appetizer in front of the hotel room door. We just have to bring it to our table ourselves.

A vegan carpaccio has been specially devised by the chef of Pillars Bar & Kitchen, because neither of us eat the meat variant. It is truly delicious. Bloggers are quick to say that about food that they have not cobbled together themselves, but in this case we really give our compliments to the chef.


More food!

Next, we get duck prepared on a mousse of sweet potato and vegan curry with green asparagus. These dishes are a feast for the taste buds and deserve our compliments as well as the starters.

We end the three-course dinner with a laugh with our waiter about how he can’t wait to go downstairs to taste the desserts just like us. Quite right, because they are the perfect ending to the food festivities. While we empty our dessert glasses completely, the sun sets. It is truly a magical sight.


Relaxing à la Marriott

A bath in the hotel room! Isn’t that – besides such an impressive view – the pinnacle of enjoyment?! We think so. Because after a meal that makes us unbuttoning our pants, all we want is to slip into a warm bath.

Next, we crawl into bed, and with jazz music in the background we doze off. We take a moment to reflect on what a life we have and express our gratitude for the hospitality and service of the Marriott Hotel. Then the lights go out.

Kick-starting the day

As discussed during check-in, our room service is punctually at 08:00 at the door of our hotel room. With a fully loaded breakfast cart. Salads, bowls of fruit, vegan pancakes with maple syrup, mushrooms with egg, granola with vegetable milk and fresh fruit, toast with hummus and so on.

We put the cart at the foot of the bed, crawl back under the blankets and enjoy it while we can. An hour later we are fed, satisfied and ready for a shower. Fully relaxed we enjoy the last moments in the hotel, after which we say goodbye to the friendly staff.


The Dine & Stay package

Would you like to book the Dine & Stay package of the Marriott Hotel yourself? We definitely recommend doing so. Book your overnight holiday in Rotterdam simply via this link and experience the luxury and tranquility for yourself!


Practical information about the Marriott Hotel

  • Prime location
  • Dinner in the hotel room
  • Breakfast in the hotel room
  • Free and fast Wi-Fi
  • Flat screen TV
  • Super comfy king size bed
  • Lovely bath
  • Desk to work on



Weena 686, 3012 CN Rotterdam

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