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Tap your own wine at Walsjérôt Wine Bar!

By Mathilde Simon
August 18, 2020

Would you like to tap your own glass of wine? This is possible from September 18 at the wine bar Walsjérôt in Blijdorp. Whether you are a casual drinker or a real wine connoisseur, you are in the right place with a choice of more than 70 wines.

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The concept

The concept works as follows: upon arrival you put an amount of your choice on a card. With this card you can then go to the tap wall. Yes you heard it right. This bar has a wall where you can tap your own wine!

White, red, rosé: you can choose from more than 70 wines. After you have chosen, hold your card for the wine taps and choose from a sip, a whole glass or half a glass and tap the wine you want.



Tasting is encouraged at Walsjérôt. Taste as much as you like to discover what you love. Each wine is provided with a card with a description of the grape variety, origin and taste. If you can’t figure it out, a sommelier can help you to get on the right track.



Fortunately, they also offer snacks to go with your wine. And then we immediately think of cheese. Cheese + wine = of course the perfect combination. Put together a cheese platter, order tasty flammküchen or opt for the oysters.



Bentinckplein 5, 3039 KL Rotterdam

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