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Visit design fair OBJECT Rotterdam this spring!

By Lisanne van Beurden
April 08, 2022

From 20 to 22 May you can visit the OBJECT Rotterdam design fair in the industrial HAKA building. OBJECT is a unique pop-up platform where you can meet design labels, well-known designers and new, emerging talents.

This edition is extra festive, because OBJECT is celebrating its ten years anniversary. That is why all visitors to the fair are welcome to visit the nearby Euromast for free.


The featured image shows Aptum Lighting, a photo by Almicheal Fraay.


New trends and inspiration

Designers are eager to present their work to the public. OBJECT offers an attractive local alternative now that several international exchanges have changed their dates.

In three days, the design platform attracts countless culture enthusiasts and professionals in search of new trends and inspiration. During the coming edition, they can indulge themselves again in the HAKA building, where well-known names such as Floris Schoonderbeek, 75B, Dick van ‘t Hoff, Simone Post and Bas Kosters will give an appearance. In May, the fair also welcomes various art galleries such as Rademakers Gallery and GoMulan Gallery.

Also new is the collective Jewel.Rotterdam, which this edition represents no fewer than 30 jewelry designers from the Maasstad, including Charlotte Wooning, Paulien Schipper and Lynn Somers.

Discover amazing jewelry designers from Rotterdam.


Annemijn Adriaensen – Photo by Fabio Jansen II.

Upcoming talents

In addition to the established names, OBJECT shows a sophisticated mix of up-and-coming talents for whom the fair is an important stepping stone. Nearly 40 recently graduated designers have been selected by the organization, the highest number to date.

“A new generation is working hard behind the scenes,” says Anne van der Zwaag (director of design fair OBJECT). “Young designers are extremely driven to conquer a place on the market and have not been idle, the energy is just bursting with it”.

In collaboration with the Municipality of Rotterdam, a talent program has been set up for the latest generation of designers to give them an extra boost.


Jule Cats & Laura Schurink – Photo by Almicheal Fraay.

Ten years of OBJECT Rotterdam

In ten years’ time, OBJECT has emerged as a not to miss event on the Dutch design calendar. With the stimulating mix of design disciplines from product and industrial, to fashion, jewelry, illustration, graphic design and architectural design, OBJECT distinguishes itself from other fairs at home and abroad. By constantly scouting young talent, the offer continues to surprise. Started as a modest podium, the fair has grown into a major design platform.

To celebrate this, several Q&As with design professionals will be organized on Friday 20 May in the HAKA building. These take place on the ground floor of the building, where Dudok Horeca is opening a pop-up cafe. In addition, all visitors to the fair are invited to visit the iconic Euromast for free. A design presentation will also be organized here during OBJECT and you can also enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of the city.


Pleun van Dijk.


Bas Kosters – Photo by Jan-Willem Kaldenbach.


Will you visit design fair OBJECT in Rotterdam? Get inspired!

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