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Sweet Rebels is een leuke vintage winkel op de Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam.

21 Amazing vintage shops in Rotterdam

By Lisanne van Beurden
November 05, 2020

In this list you can find the best vintage shops in Rotterdam! From the center in Rotterdam to Rotterdam Noord, there are a lot of shops that sell all kinds of beautiful vintage items. Gorgeous one of a kind jewelry, cute shoes, bags, clothing, but also furniture and accessories for your interior. Anything you can imagine!

Vintage shopping is usually very affordable, but of course it’s also a more sustainable way of shopping. Often the items you find are also way more unique than if you buy it new. 
Are you a vintage lover like me and always looking for one of a kind eye catchers? Then you will certainly like the stores below!

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1. Dearhunter

Dearhunter is located in a beautiful building on Eendrachtsweg. The shop is nicely decorated with cool mannequins and interesting props. Even the clothing rooms are cool and worth a mention.

At Dearhunter they always select the most beautiful items of clothing, shoes, bags, sunglasses, hats and jewelry.

Are you looking for a unique item for a reasonable price? Then you should definitely visit Dearhunter! It’s hard to leave the shop without anything new.

Eendrachtsweg 55a, 3012 LE Rotterdam


2. Café LaBru

The furniture at Café LaBru has always been for sale, but now owner Femke La Brujeere has added a lot of unique vintage items. Because of the current measures have transformed it into a true vintage mecca!

As long as LaBru cannot open as a café, the cozy living room will remain open as vintage store “FemLaBru Vintage Collectibles”. New products are added quite frequently, so definitely visit them to find something great!


Hartmansstraat 18A, 3012 VA Rotterdam


3. Cheap Fashion

Cheap Fashion is a favourite store for many vintage lovers in Rotterdam!
I can spend hours in this shop, looking for the perfect outfit. The store has two levels with an insane amount of racks with all sorts of clothing. You can find anything here, from beautiful summer dresses, skirts, sweaters and sneakers to kimonos, party dresses and glitter tops.

If you have a fun theme party, then Cheap Fashion might also have the outfit for you. Downstairs they often have all sorts of party costumes.

TIP: On their creative Instagram they always share the best outfit combinations from their own collection. So keep an eye on their page if they have anything you like!

Meent 25, 3011 JB Rotterdam


4. Very Cherry

At the unique Very Cherry they sell Vintage Inspired Fashion. Very Cherry has been a specialist in vintage fashion since 2004. The basement of the store is the studio for wholesale customers, which is where the own collection of Very Cherry is shown. Upstairs there are also a lot of nice items for sale. Highly recommended for vintage lovers!

Botersloot 52A, 3011 HJ Rotterdam


5. Vidi Vici

If you visit Very Cherry, you can immediately stop by Vidi Vici!
At Vidi Vici you can find affordable vintage clothing with many clothes and accessories. In the store you will find a lot of sunglasses, leather gloves, caps, jewelry and more! In addition, they also offer a small collection of their own design.

Botersloot 38A, 3011 HH Rotterdam


6. Episode

Another store that you can’t miss as a vintage enthusiast is Episode. You can find this vintage chainstore in many large cities.

Years ago, Episode had a branch on the Oude Binnenweg in Rotterdam and it broke the hearts of many vintage lovers when it suddenly closed its doors. But luckily Episode made a comeback in our city in 2017 on the Witte de Withstraat. And with a bigger store too!

What kind of goodies can you find at Episode? Just like with Cheap Fashion, really everything. Cool shirts, blouses, Levi jeans, sports jackets, sunglasses, sneakers… and this list can go on and on.

Happy (vintage) shopping!

Witte de Withstraat 19 A, 3012 BL Rotterdam


7. Vintage & Labels by Hendrikus

Op de Pannekoekstraat vind je de design vintage winkel Vintage & Labels by Hendrikus. Op eerst oogopslag een klein winkeltje, gevuld met unieke design items. Bij binnenkomst zie je links en rechts op kleur geselecteerde kledingstukken hangen, die eigenaar Hendrikus persoonlijk heeft geselecteerd. Achterin de winkel vind je een trap die naar de kelder leidt, waar je wordt verrast met rekken vol unieke pareltjes.
At first glance a small shop on the Pannekoekstraat, filled with unique design items.

Upon entering you immediately see the unique items, displayed by color, which the owner Hendrikus has personally selected. At the back of the store you will find a staircase that leads to the basement, where you will be surprised with racks full of unique gems.

Items from labels such as Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Céline, Thierry Mugler, Moschino, all in beautiful condition.

Pannekoekstraat 35A, 3011 LC Rotterdam


8. Sweet Rebels

Sweet Rebels can be found opposite the Episode, in a corner next to Supermercado. Because the store is a bit hidden, it took a while for me to notice it!

At Sweet Rebels they have many beautiful second-hand clothing items, but also vintage designer items. The clothes are all selected on style, quality and comfort. The perfect store to find unique kind items!

Schiedamse Vest 89B, 3012 BG Rotterdam


9. De Garage Vintage Interieur

Do you need something to spice up your interior? Then you should take a look at De Garage Interieur in Kralingen. Here you will find everything you need: tables, lamps, baskets, vases, pots, all kinds of art and more. And the prices are really very affordable!

Oostzeedijk Beneden 13, 3062 VJ Rotterdam


10. Sister Moon

You will find the fun boutique Sister Moon on a colorful corner on the Nieuwe Binnenweg. This store has been around since 1993 and is a true household name among vintage enthusiasts in our city.

Are you looking for beautiful items from the 80s? Then Sister Moon is the store for you. Here they sell everything for an original (party) outfit. Shoes, accessories and beautiful clothing items. In addition, they often sell tickets here for fun parties in Rotterdam.

Nieuwe Binnenweg 89-B, 3014 GE Rotterdam


11. Ruby Lee and the Vintage Factory

Ruby Lee and the Vintage Factory is a very nice vintage store in Rotterdam. Here you can find beautiful vintage items of clothing and all kinds of accessories, such as shoes, bags and gloves.

Nieuwe Binnenweg 255A, 3021 GD Rotterdam


12. Rumba Vintage and Beans

Rumba is een vintage-store slash koffietent met koffie van Manhattan Coffee Roasters. Bij deze unieke vintage winkel in Rotterdam kun je allerlei mooie items scoren.

Rumba is a great vintage store in Rotterdam Noord. All items have been carefully selected for quality and it shows. Here you can find cute bags, jewelry, beautiful suits, jackets, dresses and more! Rumba is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for good vintage finds!

Be sure to also check out their adjoined coffee place, because in addition to that you can go to Rumba for a good shopping session, you can also get a cup of coffee made from Manhatten Coffee Roasters beans, and a bite to eat. Ideal if you need to recharge after a day of second-hand shopping.

Benthuizerstraat 33a, 3036 CB Rotterdam


13. Pleur Rotterdam

Pleur Rotterdam is a vintage store/concept store in Rotterdam Noord, where you can also drink a good cup of coffee and have breakfast or lunch. As a vintage lover you can come here for beautiful vintage furniture. They only have amazing retro finds. Couches, lamps, vases, tables and much more!

Bergselaan 291A, 3038 CG Rotterdam


14. Lily Scarlet

And then we arrive at the Zwaanhals. In this beautiful street in the North of Rotterdam you can find several amazing vintage stores. Such as the lovely Lily Scarlet shop. What once started as a web store has grown into a physical store.

Do you love clothing from the 40s and 50s? Then this is the vintage shop for you. The collection is super diverse. Buy the most beautiful hats, shoes, bags, jewelry, gloves, vintage blouses and much more here.

Zwaanshals 374, 3035 KT Rotterdam


15. Vintage Oudstijl Rotterdam

If you are looking for beautiful vintage furniture, then you’ll love Oudstijl on the Zwaanshals. Especially if you love retro closets, lamps and chairs from the 50s and 60s. The showroom alone is worth a visit and a true inspiration for your own home decor.

Every week they have new vintage furniture in their Rotterdam store.

Zwaanshals 494, 3035 KS Rotterdam


16. Ding & Dingen

At this cute little store called Ding & Dingen (meaning Thing and Things), you can get all kinds of beautiful second hand items. The store offers gorgeous clothes made of second hand material and vintage items from the 50s and 70s. Really worth a visit if you’e at the Zwaanhals!

Zwaanshals 508, 3035KS Rotterdam


17. Betje Krul Vintage

At Betje Krul Vintage you can find unique items from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s! What once started as a pop-up store is now here to stay! Every item at Betje Krul is carefully chosen based on the authenticity and quality. Here you can really find a lot of cool, unique clothing items!

Zwaanshals 344, 3035 KS Rotterdam


18. Showroom 41

Showroom 41 is a unique vintage store. In addition to selling unique items here, vintage and their own line, it is also a barber shop and makeup bar. Every item of clothing, shoe and accessory has been checked down to the last detail and cared for and, if necessary, repaired.

Zaagmolenkade 43, 3035 KA Rotterdam


19. Jouw Marktkraam

Do you have a lot of items that you would like to sell, vintage or new? Or do you make beautiful things yourself? Then you can rent a stall at Jouw Marktkraam in Rotterdam Noord and the store will sell it for you!

At Jouw Marktkraam you can also score a lot of beautiful things, from vintage clothing and jewellery to furniture, decoration and toys.

Zaagmolenkade 117, 3035 KD Rotterdam


20. Margootje Vintage

Margootje Vintage has also had a shop on the Zwaanhals for years. Unfortunately the store is closed, but fortunately she still sells her vintage gems on her Instagram page @margootje_vintage.

On her page Margootje sells the nicest items of clothing from the 60s to the 90s. From (flower) dresses and blouses to cardigans and jackets!


21. Oniomania

If you are looking for nice items for your home, such as a special vase, lamps or a beautiful new coffee table or chair, then you should take a look at the Instagram page of @oniomania.nl.


Hope you enjoy these 21 vintage stores in Rotterdam. Do you love vintage too? Then share your favourite vintage stores in the comments below!

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