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The best vintage route through Rotterdam

By Julia Den Outer
October 20, 2021

I love vintage stuff, especially vintage clothing, so that’s why I created a fun vintage route through Rotterdam with my favourite spots.

Isn’t it wonderful to scour the racks and take home a unique item? Finding something nice in a vintage store is always, I find, much more satisfying than picking up something in a regular store. In addition to that, vintage is better for the environment than fast fashion.

Enough reasons to check out the Rotterdam vintage shops! In Rotterdam, the good shops are spread across the city. I made a vintage route through Rotterdam (scroll all the way done for a link to the route in Google Maps) in which you immediately see a very large part of the city. Stop for a coffee along the way to recharge. Go for a walk or take the bike. In any case, bring enough bags to take your purchases with you!

Small tip: most shops are not open every day. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday you have the best chance to visit them all.


1. Firstserved Vintage

You can’t just knock on the door at Firstserved Vintage, you have to make an appointment to shop here. You can go on Thursday, Friday or Saturday and there are a maximum of three people. This way you have a real private shopping experience.

This way you can check out the clothes undisturbed. And believe me, they have some nice stuff here! Unique vintage items according to the latest trends. Beautiful mules, tops or leather boots with pointed heels, this is the place to be.


Benthemstraat 30, 3032 AA Rotterdam


2. The Swapshop

As we all know, fast fashion is not good for the environment and there is a lot of waste. The Swapshop responds to this: exchange your old clothes for other people’s gems. Bring old clothes, shoes or accessories (maximum 5 pieces) and the people at The Swapshop will see how much they are worth. They check whether your clothes are clean, the condition, the brand and the style. So you can probably imagine that something that is in fashion now is worth more than something that no one wears anymore.

When you have handed in your items and received ‘swaps’ for each item, you can take a look at the collection. Don’t see anything you like? The range of clothing changes quickly so who knows, you might see a dream jacket or dress next time. Your swaps remain valid indefinitely, so there’s no rush! You can use your swaps to get 50% discount on other handed in items.


Weena 70, 3012 CM Rotterdam



At SHOWROOM41 you will be amazed at the offer, you will see the most beautiful vintage clothing from brands such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Burberry or Thierry Mugler.

The pieces are a bit more expensive than, for example, those at a thrift store, but you have unique items of good quality here. You are sure to score a striking piece of clothing here that no one else has.

Also take a look at the sunglasses collection, then you can be sure that you will look glitzy.


Zaagmolenkade 43, 3035KA Rotterdam


4. Betje Krul Vintage

Not much further on you will find Betje Krul, a vintage store with men’s and women’s clothing. I always find a nice floral dress or a cool blouse here. This shop can therefore not be missed in the vintage route.

The style varies from the 50s to the 90s, so you can find whatever you like! You will find clothes for men and women here. Oh yeah, don’t forget to keep an eye on Instagram because every week you see new items there.


Zwaanshals 344, 3035 KS Rotterdam


5. Lily Scarlet

The garments at Lily Scarlet remind you of the glamorous Hollywood times. You’ll find vintage gems here that wouldn’t look out of place in a 50’s movie. At Lily Scarlet you will find vintage clothing and accessories from the 30s to the 60s.

In addition to vintage, you also have dresses that almost look vintage, but are not. These garments are designed after original patterns from the 40s and 50s. This still has the vintage vibe, for example you can score a beautiful swing dress.

It is also very nice that these self-made garments are also available in larger sizes. Fun fact: my sister bought her wedding dress here!


Zwaanshals 374, 3035 KT Rotterdam


6. Volle Kast

Volle Kast not only has clothes for yourself, but also for your child, nephew, or niece. You will find vintage for kids and women here. Quite unique because you don’t often find good vintage outfits for the little ones. Volle Kast has second-hand designer clothes from brands such as Isabel Marant, Dior or Prada. You can shop here for a look from shoes to jackets, so you can leave the shop in style.


Zwaanshals 329A, 3035KK Rotterdam


7. Von Deux – Vintage Design

I discovered Von Deux not so long ago, but I’m so glad I found this store! You will find unique vintage items. I am especially a fan of the beautiful bags and other accessories. They have very nice earrings and and berets.

Somehow I find that Von Deux exudes luxury. If you score your outfit here, you are guaranteed to look fashionable.


Goudsesingel 69, 3031 EE Rotterdam


8. Cheap Fashion

I have been coming to Cheap Fashion for years, I think it is well known among the Rotterdammers The good thing is that you can always find what you are looking for here. Levi’s pants? They have them. A fake fur coat? They are guaranteed to hang there in the winter. Super convenient if you know a little bit about what you want.

Of course you will also find plenty of unique items here, for example I found a white wool coat in which I feel like a little polar bear.


Meent 25, 3011 JB Rotterdam


9. Sweet Rebels

Sweet Rebels is een leuke vintage winkel op de Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam.

I first found out about Sweet Rebels because a friend of mine once wore an incredibly beautiful jumpsuit. It was a blue velvet jumpsuit with a low-cut neckline. Of course I immediately asked where it came from, she said from Sweet Rebels.

Sometimes you don’t know what to do with a vintage piece, or what to combine it with, but here you immediately get inspiration. The vintage pieces are styled in a contemporary way. You can see this clearly on Instagram, for example.


Schiedamse Vest 89B, 3012 BG Rotterdam


10. Episode

I used to go to Amsterdam especially for the Episode, but luckily we also have one. Here you will find a lot of vintage items. They have a huge collection of basically everything! Lots of skirts, pants, dresses, jackets you name it. The handy thing is that you will always find what you are looking for here. For example, I really wanted a checkered skirt, I was sure they had to have that at the Episode!


Witte de Withstraat 19 A, 3012 BL Rotterdam



I really love the styling in the store alone, but you’ll also find unique vintage items here. They have men’s and women’s clothing and good accessories too. So I often went here to get sunglasses. I once also put together an entire outfit for a wedding here. A pink long pleated skirt with a white top. You will therefore find complete outfits and beautiful unique items here.


Eendrachtsweg 55A, 3012 LE Rotterdam


12. De Plaatboef

Something different than clothing, but certainly no less fun. At De Plaatboef you can browse the store for that one unique record. Maybe one to set up at home, or maybe play in the club? De Plaatboef specializes in vinyl and has music from all kinds of genres.

Do you want old hardcore music or a hip-hop record? In any case, you will find something here that surprises you. I can spend hours here.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 81-A, 3014 GE Rotterdam


13. Vinnie Vintage

Vinnie Vintage is the place to be for vintage designer clothes. The shop has some uniquely selected vintage pieces. I recently saw that they had a real Burberry coat but also a pair of Gucci pumps. So you are guaranteed to find a beautiful item for your collection here.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 316A, 3021 GV Rotterdam


14. Hoboken Rotterdam

Hoboken is somewhat hidden in the beautiful Graaf Florisstraat. I always cycle by here when I have piano lessons and the shop always catches my eye. In addition to clothing, you will also find furniture and art here. The vintage clothing you find here is of good quality, such as an Italian pair of leather shoes. Even if you don’t buy anything here, looking around is fun. The works of art are also one-of-a-kind and worth to check out.


Graaf Florisstraat 22A, 3021 CH Rotterdam.


Want to see the route on a map? Be sure to click here.

I hope you found your new favorite second-hand item on this vintage route. Maybe a cool autumn coat or a nice necklace? Let me know what you managed to score. Do you know of any other nice places to check out?

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