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Bij the Harvest eet je Fast Flexitarian Food, met genoeg vega en vegan opties! Het is de ideale hotspot als je op zoek bent naar gezond, lekker en verantwoord eten.

12 Vegetarian restaurants in Rotterdam

By Mathilde Simon
March 09, 2020

Nowadays, eating vegetarian is not that difficult anymore. Most restaurants have a few veggie options on the menu, and luckily there are a lot of restaurants where meat-free food has even become the norm. Below we share 12 vegetarian restaurants in Rotterdam that we think are definitely worth a visit! Some of the restaurants are even completely vegan, with delicious plant-based dishes.

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1. Backyard

Bij Backyard kan je op elk moment van de dag terecht; ontbijt, lunch, diner of om een kopje koffie te drinken. Backyard gelooft in een duurzame toekomst en wil dat mensen leren dat plantaardig makkelijk en lekker kan zijn. Op hun menu staat: “Een plek waar iedereen heerlijk kan eten, ongeacht of je vegetariër, veganist of een vleeseter bent die op avontuur gaat.”

This hotspot has something for any time of the day; breakfast, lunch, dinner or to drink a cup of coffee. Backyard is plant based, but it is possible to order dairy as an add-on if you want. Backyard believes in a sustainable future and wants people to learn that eating plant based can be easy and delicious. On their menu it says: “A place where everyone can eat delicious food, whether you are a vegetarian, vegan or a meat eater going on an adventure.”

To get an idea of their menu, try a tasty burger, Tom Kha soup, fried rice (with a fried egg perhaps?) Or a ‘Mexican Fiesta’.


Korte Hoogstraat 14, 3011 GL Rotterdam


2. Spirit

To avoid food waste, they have applied a special concept at Spirit. Here you pay for breakfast, lunch or dinner based on the weight, instead of the dish. The food from the buffet is delicious and everything is 100% organic and 100% vegetarian. Here, you can be certain that everything you eat is healthy, seasonal and good for the environment.


Mariniersweg 9, 3011 NB Rotterdam


3. Vegan Junkfood Bar

De Vegan Junkfood Bar is de ideale plek als je op zoek bent naar goede vleesvervangers. Burgers, hotdogs, shoarma; noem maar op. En geloof me, je merkt echt geen verschil!

It may be an all-vegan restaurant instead of just vegetarian, but it should certainly not be missing from the list if you are looking for a tasty meat replacement. Are you craving a good burger, shoarma or hot dog? But is eating meat just not an option for you? At the Vegan Junkfood Bar they know how to imitate the dishes so well that even the meat eaters won’t notice the difference. Certainly the perfect place if you want to convince your friends or partner of how delicious vegetarian food can be.


Schiedamse Vest 144, 3011 BG Rotterdam


4. Leaf

Based on the Asian cuisine, they cook delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes at Leaf. Think spring rolls, chicken satay with peanut sauce, dumplings, Vietnamese Bún, different types of curries and tasty sticky rice with mango and coconut. Yum! The meat substitutes here are based on soy and really can’t be distinguished from real meat or fish.

At Leaf, they started a very nice initiative, in which you can help people who don’t have a lot of money. You can write on a heart the meal that you have bought, hang it on a board, and the person who doesn’t have a lot of money then picks a heart and eats for free. Leaf itself pays 10% of the meal.


Oostmolenwerf 19, 3011 TL Rotterdam


5. The Harvest

Bij the Harvest eet je Fast Flexitarian Food, met genoeg vega en vegan opties! Het is de ideale hotspot als je op zoek bent naar gezond, lekker en verantwoord eten.

Next to being almost entirely vegetarian, The Harvest is also very healthy! According to their four values – seasonal products, sustainability, nutritious and enjoyment – they cook local and delicious meals here.

You can make your own Harvest Bowl in just three simple steps: first you choose the basis of the dish, then two dishes from the greengrocer and finally you can choose a vegetarian dish or – for non-vegetarians – a piece of meat . There are also ready-made bowls to choose from!


Proveniersstraat 36a, 3033 CK Rotterdam


6. Atithi Indian restaurant

Most Indian dishes are 100% vegetarian. Vegetables, herbs and spices predominate in the Indian cuisine, so there are many tasty dishes for vegetarians. In Rotterdam there are a number of great Indian restaurants that are certainly worth a visit.

For instance, Atithi Indian restaurant. The restaurant is located in the center of Rotterdam, close to the Erasmus Bridge.

The menu features dishes from every corner of India. Try their veggie pakodas as a starter and the delicious Paneer Makhani as a main course. You’ll love it!


Vasteland 5a, 3011 BJ Rotterdam


7. Gare du Nord

A really unique concept; at Gare du Nord you eat in a (stationary) train compartment! It is a 100% vegan bio bistro and the food here is natural, super healthy and also sustainably grown. Although the restaurants is located in the middle of the city, it feels like an oasis of peace with its green environment.


Anthoniestraat 2, 3032 CP Rotterdam


8. Sugo Pizza

You may already know Sugo, because this restaurant is located at multiple locations in the Netherlands, namely in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht and of course in Rotterdam! At Sugo you can enjoy a pizza al taglio; a pizza variant that is baked on large rectangular plates and cut into long pieces. The good thing about Sugo is that there are just as many veggie options as options with meat. Maybe a pizza with caramelized onion and walnut, pesto and tomato or mushroom and truffle; sounds good right?


Aert van Nesstraat 20, 3012 CA Rotterdam

Westblaak 87, 3012 KG Rotterdam


9. SLA

Bij SLA kan je heel makkelijk een gezonde en lekkere bowl samenstellen. Kies je granen, toppings, dressing en verschillende add-ons. Natuurlijk kan je ook een van de bestaande bowls kiezen, zoals een Mexican Taco Bowl of een Hummus Avocado bowl!

SLA is the perfect place for tasty and rich salads, as it is an organic salad bar. In addition to the salads, you can also order seasoned juices and soups here. Everything is green, healthy and delicious. All SLA products are organic, plant-based and ideal for vegetarians.

Make sure to ready Evelien’s review of SLA as well!


Oude Binnenweg 150-a, 3012 JH Rotterdam


10. WES

Met de huisgemaakte verse gerechten bij WES Eettentje, geïnspireerd op de smaken van Tel Aviv, zit je hier als hummus-lover helemaal goed.

With their home-made dishes, inspired by the flavors of Tel Aviv, you are in the right place as a vegetarian and hummus lover.

For example, choose some bread with delicious spreads (hummus!), fries with garlic sauce, falafel balls and a tasty WES croquette. All perfect for sharing. Are you with a large group? Then choose a 2 or 3-course dinner and be surprised by the chef.


Benthuizerstraat 94a, 3035 CR Rotterdam


11. Bertmans

Bertmans may not be 100% vegetarian, but the options for vegetarians are endless. The products are fresh and of high quality and the starting point of the dishes is always that it should be surprising and nutritious. Soups, bowls, curries, burgers and a whole lot of vegetables is what you can expect at Bertmans.


Karel Doormanstraat 292, 3012 GP Rotterdam


12. Rozey

We love the concept of Rozey! This is the very first restaurant in the Netherlands where you can enjoy unlimited veggie and vegan dishes for a fixed price, all evening. On weekdays you can order anything you want for € 32.50; this applies to eating and drinking. At the weekend it costs € 37.50. You don’t have to worry that the quality doesn’t live up, because the dishes are well thought out and taste great!


Wijnhaven 85, 3011 WK Rotterdam


Bonus: In de keuken van Floris

Met een vast 8 of 9-gangenmenu, bereid in de open keuken, geniet je bij In de keuken van Floris van heerlijke voorgeselecteerde gerechten. Voor alle vegetariërs is er naast het ‘normale’ menu, ook een vegetarische versie.

It is a unique place where you start eating at a fixed time and where the dishes are predetermined by the restaurant. The fixed 8 or 9-course menu is prepared in the open kitchen, in the middle of the restaurant, so that everyone can follow the process closely. To ensure that everyone can enjoy a beautiful evening at Floris, you have the option to order the 8 or 9-course menu completely vegetarian.


Honingerdijk 259, 3063 AM Rotterdam


Those were our favorite restaurants where you can eat delicious vegetarian food in Rotterdam! Of course there are many more places that are not yet listed. Let us know if we have missed your favourite!


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