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Bij Mr. NonNo hebben ze allemaal lekkere (vegan) ontbijtgerechten. Op het menu staan ook een hoop lekkere pannenkoekjes!

9 Vegan friendly breakfast spots in Rotterdam

By Lisanne van Beurden
April 30, 2019

It’s great to see that Rotterdam is becoming more and more vegan friendly. Next to hotspots that serve vegan afternoon teas, there are also plenty of vegan friendly breakfast spots in Rotterdam.

Most great breakfast places in our city have vegan options on their menu, such delicious plant-based bowls, waffles, pancakes and toast!

In this article you can find 8 vegan friendly breakfast spots in Rotterdam. Whether you’re a vegan or not, these hotspots are definitely worth a try, and so are their vegan dishes. Enjoy!


1. Backyard

At this plant-based, vegan-friendly restaurant you can order (vegan) breakfast until 16:00. At Backyard, they believe in a sustainable future in which plant-based food plays the leading role. Here you can enjoy a delicious breakfast with locally roasted coffee, overnight oats, green smoothie bowls, acai bowls, avocado toast and many more delicious options.

Or go for the Breakfast for Champs between 9 and 11:30 am with avocado toast, mini granola yogurt and fruit, banana bread, fresh orange juice and a cappuccino or tea. Yum!


Korte Hoogstraat 14, 3011 GL Rotterdam


2. Sappi Noord

Next to their location in the city center, Sappi also has a great location on the Zwaanhals in Rotterdam Noord.

On the menu you can find various vegan options. For instance, choose the vegan hummus sandwich, the smashed avocado toast or the açaí bowl.

Sappi would not be Sappi without the well-known healthy juices. From the green power juice with avocado, lime, spinach and green apple to the hangover killer with carrot, ginger, pineapple and apple. Here you can get the vitamin boost that you really need! Prefer a tea or coffee? Of course this is possible too!


Zwaanhals 299, 3035 KH Rotterdam

3. Healthful

Het ontbijt bij Healthful is heel de dag te bestellen. Een paar opties zijn bijvoorbeeld de vegan Pancakemania, de Rose Garden en de Pink Dragon bowl. Liever een belegd broodje? Dat kan ook, zo hebben ze hier een klassieke avocado toast, maar dan met bijzondere toppings: kimchi en granaatappel. 
Healthful offers meals that you can enjoy without feeling guilty. The menu is full of juices, smoothies and health shots.

Breakfast can be ordered here all day. A few options are the vegan Pancakemania, the Rose Garden and the Pink Dragon bowl. Do you prefer a sandwich? That is also possible. For instance, they serve a classic avocado toast here, but with special toppings: kimchi and pomegranate.


Spaansepoort 77, 3011 MN Rotterdam

4. Lilith

At Lilith you can get lots of colourful, vegan options, such as the pictured smoothie bowl and matcha drinks!
This Instagrammable and unique hotspot in Rotterdam is one of the best breakfast spots in our city. They have some excellent plant-based options, such as their yellow bowl with mango, pineapple, banana and tumeric, topped with fresh fruit and homemade granola, or their green bowl with pineapple, spinach, matcha and banana, topped with fresh fruit, homemade granola and grated coconut.

Most of the dishes on Lilith’s menu are also available completely vegan, such as their famous American pancakes. Just ask the staff!


Nieuwe Binnenweg 125 H, 3014 GJ Rotterdam


5. SUE

Most of the local people in Rotterdam know SUE for their “sweet without sugar” bites, which are delicious treats that are sugar free, gluten free, lactose free and vegan.

But SUE offers more than these guilt free sweets! At SUE you can also get a good cup of coffee or tea, juices and a delicious vegan breakfast. On their breakfast menu you’ll find all sorts of delicious dishes, such as waffles, smoothie bowls and French toast. I’m sure you’ll love it!


Karel Doormanstraat 372-374, 3012 GR Rotterdam


6. Mr. NonNo

Mr. NonNo is an amazing place where everyone can feel at home. This laid-back food and coffee bar is excellent if you’re looking for a vegan breakfast spot. On their menu you can find delicious vegan pancakes, vegan breakfast bowls and vegan toast! Furthermore, they also serve lots of smoothies and juices that are 100% vegan. Perfect for that lazy Sunday afternoon.


Middellandplein 18A, 3021 BT Rotterdam


7. Coffeelicious

Coffeelicious has vegan options as well, such as the granola bowl!

Coffeelicious is a cosy hotspot that is perfect for breakfast or brunch. It’s really easy to pick out a vegan dish here, as their menu made a separate vegan section. They have some great options, such as the Avocado Lover with homemade beet hummus or the Buddha Belly, which are avocado’s filled with strawberry salsa, served with vegan soda bread. If you’re really craving something sweet, order their banana pancakes or their coconut yoghurt with homemade granola, fresh fruit and agave syrup.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 174, 3015 BJ Rotterdam


8. Arzu

Arzu is known by many locals because of their famous pancakes. Luckily it’s possible to get a lot of their pancakes completely vegan friendly as well, such as the Berry Banana, Forest Fruit, Strawberry, Apple Pie, the Pixie Dust and the savoury Humus pancakes.

Next to pancakes there are also plenty of other vegan breakfast dishes, such as their Acai Bowl, Mango Bowl, Roasted Aubergine toast and their Humus toast… Just to name a few. Plenty of vegan options to choose from at Arzu!


Bergweg 209A, 3037 EJ Rotterdam


9. Bertmans

Lekker ontbijten bij Bertmans in Rotterdam Noord! Geniet van heerlijke vegan pancakes!
Bertmans is a healthy hotspot that tries to create delicious, nutritious meals made from pure and seasonal ingredients. They currently have two locations: one in Rotterdam Noord and one in the center of the city. The one in Noord is a lot more cosy and personal, while the one in the center is a lot bigger. Both hotspots have plenty of vegan friendly breakfast dishes but the menu does vary in options a bit.


Zaagmolenkade 15, 3035 KA Rotterdam


Hopefully you’ve found a great hotspot for a vegan friendly breakfast in Rotterdam. Is there a hotspot in Rotterdam that should definitely be on this list? Let us know in the comments below! 

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