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In augustus verandert Museumplein in een gezellige openlucht bioscoop, waarin ze negentien zomeravonden lang bijzondere films vertonen.

Unique summer tips for your sunny days in Rotterdam

By Kim Longwood
May 18, 2023

Looking for great summer tips in Rotterdam? The weather is nice, so that means doing fun things! But what exactly?

You want to go outside, because just like me you love nature, being among people or getting some exercise! 

I’ve listed these unique summer tips for you, because I’m sure it will make your week even more fun. Have fun with these great activities in our beautiful city of Rotterdam.

You will find even more inspiration in this article with summer activities in Rotterdam.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. For more information please check our Disclaimer page.


1. From Rotterdam to the beach

Rotterdam may not have a beautiful beach where you can swim, surf, sup or just bask in the sun, but luckily you can be in Hoek van Holland or The Hague within a short drive.

Smaller beaches such as Monster, Nesselande and the Maasvlakte can also be reached by car. But the metro to Hoek van Holland and the train to Den Haag HS followed by the tram to Scheveningen are fine for people who prefer to travel by public transport.

I myself love Scheveningen because there are good waves on ‘nice surf days’, there is a cosy atmosphere at beach bars such as The Shore and Hartbeach and the surf community is fun. You also have skate spots here such as a half pipe on the beach, a skate pool at Hartbeach and the boulevard.

If you rather go to Hoek van Holland and are looking for a nice chill spot, Pele Surfshack is a good option. They had some bad luck in their beautiful beach tent, because there was a fire. But thanks to their great team and support from their visitors, they are open again from today (May 18th) onwards!


Hoek van Holland


2. Outdoor swimming in Rotterdam

I just mentioned going to the beach (because that is the number one tip, let’s be honest), but if you also like a swimming pool, then check out the Van Maanenbad, Vereniging Kralings Zwembad, ‘t Zwarte Plasje and Havenspeeltuin.

My personal favourite is the Van Maanenbad in Blijdorp, pictured above, centrally located and with a gigantic lawn to chill out on after a swim.

Discover both indoor and outdoor pools in Rotterdam in my other list!


Van Maanenstraat 8, 3038 CZ Rotterdam


3. Flea markets in Rotterdam

Searching and browsing is possible at the many flea markets that are held in Rotterdam and the surrounding area. Every week there is a nice market somewhere with knick-knacks, vintage or antiques. On Meukisleuk you will find a full agenda with markets to visit, for example on the Heemraadsplein in Rotterdam, but also in Vlaardingen, Rijswijk and Delft.

There are also great curated markets such as the Swan Market and Vintage aan de Maas that take place (partly) outside. I like to visit these markets myself because there are Rotterdam entrepreneurs who love to sell their (homemade) stuff. I like to spend my money on that, something with support your locals…

For fresh vegetables, fruit, tasty nuts and cheese, cheap clothing and antique items, you can visit the Rotterdam Centre Market on Binnenrotte every Tuesday and Saturday. Here I like to buy healthy products to cook with that week, delicious!


Various locations, view the agendas in the links above.
Fruit and vegetables: Binnenrotte 101, 3011 HB Rotterdam


4. De Maaskantine

‘Beach, bar and BBQ’, that perfectly describes De Maaskantine. This super hip location located on De Maas in Kralingen East has been painted in all colours of the rainbow by Rotterdam artist Jelmer Konjo.

Besides the fact that De Maaskantine looks beautiful, it is also very fun. With nice weather you can sit here like a sun god at the water, eat delicious BBQ dishes inspired by the American coast and drink drinks until the sun goes down. That sounds like heaven on earth to me!

Tip: On June 3, they organize a great festival here: Maas Open Air. Via Weekends in Rotterdam we can give away tickets with a discount, check this article for the code.


Plantagelaan 2, 3063 NG Rotterdam


5. Open-air cinema this summer

In augustus verandert Museumplein in een gezellige openlucht bioscoop, waarin ze negentien zomeravonden lang bijzondere films vertonen.

Rotterdammers love films. At least, I love them. And my Rotterdam friends too. So it must be true, right? And what could be more fun than watching a film in the open air, when the temperature is pleasant and the city smells of flowers and plants?

There are several organizations that offer the open-air cinema experience, namely: Pleinbioscoop Rotterdam, Roffa Mon Amour, Galerie de Jaloezie and Open Air Cinema Garden of Bird.
Keep an eye on the websites for this summer’s current programming.


Various locations, view the agendas in the links above.


6. Skateboarding, roller skating or inline skating

Rotterdam is the skate city of the Netherlands and I am very proud of that. I skateboard, roller skate and longboard and I like to do this in my own town. The skate spots are top notch and the cycle paths are well maintained.

Unfortunately, some skate spots have been lost in recent years due to renovation plans by the municipality that do not take into account building new skate spots, but Rotterdam still has a lot of space and love for urban roller sports.

Skatepark Westblaak, above in the photo, is a great place for those who want to practice kicks and flips. This park was renovated in 2016. The 1200m2 concrete skate landscape was designed together with the users by Finnish designer Janne Saario.

Other places I recommend are: Skatebowl Soetendaalseplein on Soetendaalsestraat, Skatepark Schiebroek on Hazelaarweg and Skatepark Nesselande on Sicilyboulevard. Have fun skating!

In my other article you can read where in Rotterdam you can skate and buy skate gear!


Skatepark Westblaak: Westblaak 1, 3012 KC Rotterdam


7. Midget Golfbaan Parkhaven

This outdoor midget golf course has youth sentiment for me, because I used to often celebrate my children’s party here when it was my birthday.

I was very fanatical and almost always won, but when I think back I wonder if everyone let me win because I was the birthday boy. Anyway, this nostalgic activity is still fun to do and the location is surrounded by greenery, so it’s a great outing on a sunny day.

Book a round of mini golf in Rotterdam here!


Parkhaven 22, 3016 GM Rotterdam


8. Go to a festival in Rotterdam

During the day, in the sun, on the grass, dance the day away. Many a Rotterdammer blocks the agenda far in advance to do this all summer long. Because the Dutch in general are known to love festivals, more than any other people on the planet.

From Bevrijdingsfestival, Blijdorp Festival and North Sea Jazz to I Love Urban Outdoor and Crazy Sexy Cool, you will find all the festivals in a row in the agenda of Festival Fans, Uitagenda and Follow The Beat.


Various locations, view the agendas in the links above.


9. Adventure City Rotterdam

Do you love a bit of adrenaline while hanging on ropes or scrambling up walls? I really like climbing and could use a dose of happy hormones now and then, so what do I do? Well, going to Adventure City Rotterdam to throw myself off high things, of course.

Are you just such an adventurer and are you interested in this cool activity? Then be sure to try the outdoor area, especially nice on a sunny summer day.


Dorpslaan 428, 3084 LL Rotterdam


10. Going on a bike ride or cycling

Met de highlight fietstour van seeRotterdam brengt de gids je langs alle bezienswaardigheden van de stad. Je begint in het centrum, fietst naar de Coolsingel, de Willemsbrug, Erasmusbrug, over de Kop van Zuid en richting de Markthal. Ook de Kubuswoningen en de Oude Haven mogen natuurlijk niet worden overgeslagen. 

You see them often enough, those fast bike path devils. But you don’t necessarily have to be a cyclist or train for something.

Taking the bike out on a sunny day and taking a long ride along beautiful nature reserves is something everyone can do. Take your picnic basket and stop halfway for a Burgundian lunch, you’ve certainly earned it.

Where are you going to cycle? Check Komoot or Rotterdamse Dromers for the most beautiful routes.


Diverse locaties in Rotterdam en omstreken.


Hopefully you’re as excited about summer as I am now that you have these unique summer tips readily available. Put your flip flops on and go (to the beach, duh)! Have fun and don’t forget to bring sunscreen.

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