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Unique products from Rotterdam

By Kim Longwood
June 08, 2023

You want to have these unique products from Rotterdam, trust me! The products are not only unique, but also amazing.

During the corona pandemic, the emphasis was on ‘support your locals’ because entrepreneurs were struggling (and unfortunately sometimes still are). But isn’t that always better? Why not buy from that cool Rotterdam designer instead of H&M? Or drink a beer from your own city instead of the well-known worldly beer? 

Check out some amazing products from Rotterdam below. Great as a gift, or to buy for yourself (treat yo self!).

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. For more information please check our Disclosure page.


1. Book Habitat Rotterdam by Priscilla de Putter & Nicoline Rodenburg

Rotterdam is a lively city with many different cultures, disciplines and lifestyles. These come together beautifully to make what we know as home.

In the book Habitat Rotterdam you can read stories from Rotterdam makers. Think of interviews with Rotterdam designers, artists, architects, choreographers and writers. And in addition to the stories, admire portraits in the homes and studios of these makers.

The book is available in both Dutch and English.

Point of sale

The book is available online or in physical stores such as Donner.


2. WREEDFABRIEK poetry collection by Kim Longwood

Dichtbundel wreedfabriek Kim Longwood

Dichtbundel wreedfabriek Kim Longwood

On the advice of the editors, I personally should not miss this list. I had to blush for a moment, but then thought: yes, rightly so!

I’m from Rotterdam, I make things, like my debut poetry collection WREEDFABRIEK which came out in 2021. This fine book (if I do say so myself) consists of 70 raw, humorous and sometimes bawdy poems. I can absolutely recommend it, (haha).

Point of sale

Get a signed copy from Donner or buy the bundle from the publisher.


3. Kaapse Brouwers bier

Hip, colourful labels on fresh cans of craft beer, that is Kaapse Brouwers beer. In Rotterdam you are welcome for a beer in both Katendrecht and industrial West, but you can also buy this delicious beer for home and that’s what you want.

As Kaapse Brouwers themselves say, this is ‘the best Rotterdam beer in the world.’


Keilestraat 9f, 3029 BP Rotterdam
Nico Koomanskade 1025, 3072 LM Rotterdam


4. Jewelry from Monocraft

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, the studio of jewelry brand Monocrafft is open for visitors. This beautiful, industrial and at the same time old-fashioned feeling studio is home to the most beautiful gems.

And no, not literally jewels, because Monocrafft is tough. Think of silver and gold, coarse chains, thick bangles, sharp lines, hoops and circles and plates of precious metal that have been worked with a hammer.

This is stylish, this is raw, this is Rotterdam. Made with love by Merrel Laureij.


Insulindestraat 30, 3038 JA Rotterdam


5. Jewelry from Lisette Keyser

Lisette Keyser makes beautiful experimental rings, earrings and necklaces. She tries to apply traditional forging techniques in her designs in a contemporary way. For example, she recently entered the art of glass processing and makes beautiful combinations of silver and glass.

The organic shapes of her silver jewelry are combined with fine details such as pearls, charms and other items that she encounters on the second-hand market and shops. Each piece of jewelry is therefore completely unique.

Please note: you can only visit by appointment.


Coloniastraat 8, 3024 TB Rotterdam


6. Jewelry from Fleur Kassels

Fleur Kassels’ fine jewelry is exactly that: fine as hell!

Her beautiful creations exude luxury and match any outfit, regardless of style, because the designs are timeless. She works with precious metals that she processes by hand and the most beautiful pearls you will ever see.

Her studio is located in the cool De Wasserij building in Rotterdam Noord, a hub for creative makers.

Be sure to read Julia’s article to discover more Rotterdam jewelry designers.

Point of sale

Buy something cute by Fleur here.


7. Mode van Lovaeij

Plus size fashion for everyone, isn’t it wonderful? Lovaeij sells clothing in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL and XXXXL. And this is not a brand for wallflowers, no no. The items have colourful and striking prints, they are sexy and fit nicely around the body.

Lovaeij was founded by Lotte van Eijk from Rotterdam because she wanted to change the Dutch fashion image. She certainly succeeded! And also for affordable prices.

Point of sale

Get your cool outfit on the website of Lovaeij.


8. Bags by Bobbie Visser

Photo by Lieke van der Wel. Model: Kee van der Meer.

The bags by Rotterdam designer Bobbie Visser are colourful and sleek in design. Sharp angles and strict shapes, but in bright colours that are undoubtedly the eye-catcher of your outfit.

Bobbie has studied product design and shoe design and applies her knowledge in designing and making her stylish bags. My favourite is the Mini Virgin Milk.

Point of sale

Koop hier je nieuwe tassie.


9. Kunst van Maite Prince

Rotterdam illustrator Maite Prince draws colourful portraits of multicultural people from all over the world. Her work is full of life, detail and exudes joy.

Maite mainly draws inspiration from her surroundings, the people and animals she sees around her. She likes to portray women in a strong way, a kind of ode to their strength.


Check the Instagram of Maite Prince or read more on Rotterdam Illustrators.



Studio Verbaan consists of Jordi Verbaan and Solange Frankort. They make contemporary but timeless designs. These two reinforce each other: Jordi is an artisan woodworker and Solange is a conceptual artist.

Each design is handmade by Jordi from different types of wood. The works are minimalistic and made of wood. This gives a nice contrast. Often you are used to seeing these types of shapes only in white and other material.

The contrast between Jordi and Solange is also reflected in their designs: they are real works of art, but with a function. It is a mix between a piece of furniture, sculpture and object. It just depends on how and where you see the designs.

Studio Verbaan is located at the Keilewerf, an inspiring place with creative makers! Read more about the Keilewerf here.

Point of sale

Visit the website of Studio Verbaan.


11. Rotterdamse Maasstroompjes

Maasstroompjes have been around since 1934. They are old! At least the oldest recipe, they are still freshly baked every week.

The biscuits were invented by the Rotterdam confectioner G. Slob, who won the prize ‘The Rotterdam biscuit’. Maasstroompjes fell into oblivion due to the war, but the granddaughter of confectioner Slob put the biscuit back on the market in 2013.

It is a butter biscuit with a dash of almond paste. Have you ever tried it?

Discover even more Rotterdam delicacies!


Heemraadssingel 241, 3023 CD Rotterdam


Rotterdam is packed with humour, talent, creativity, bon vivants and stylish people. A good mix of cake slices if you ask me, that way you can enjoy the whole cake. Or something for everyone, depending on how you look at it. Which local Rotterdammer or Rotterdam company do you support?

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