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29 Unique hotspots in Rotterdam

By Lisanne van Beurden
August 17, 2021

Fortunately there are a lot of unique hotspots in Rotterdam that distinguish themselves from other restaurants, bars and shops. Great if you want to eat at a unique restaurant or have a drink at a special place.

In this list we share a number of places in Rotterdam that are certainly worth a visit, from a creative utopian free state to a playful arcade hall and from special vegan restaurants to trendy cocktailbars. With these unique hotspots in Rotterdam you have plenty of fun things to do in our city!

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1. Weelde and Club Sandwich

On the outskirts of the city, you’ll find a beautiful city farm. A creative, utopian free state: Weelde.

At Weelde music, theater, art, performance and food & drinks come together. It’s a place for both young and old, a place you can visit both during the day and at night for great adventures and little joys. Here you can find a lunchroom, restaurant, bar, garden, a big shed and huge greenhouse. So it’s a restaurant, party location and cultural meeting place in one.

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to De Zure Bom, but a new gem has replaced it: Club Sandwich. This cute spot is located on the grounds of Weelde. Visit this new hotspot for breakfast, lunch and drinks. The menu includes, among others: tasty sandwiches, a fried egg with waffles, and various snacks.

Don’t wait too long to visit them, because this is Weelde’s last year.

Marconistraat 39, 3029 AG Rotterdam


2. Keilecafe

Keilecafe is een permanent festival in Rotterdam West. Kom hier samen met vrienden, geniet van een drankje, houtoven-pizza's en muziek! Een heerlijke plek waar je heel de dag terecht kan.

Keilecafe is located near Weelde, in the M4H area in Rotterdam West. It’s great place to chill and enjoy drinks, woodoven pizzas and music. There is always a casual atmosphere, so you can easily forget that you in busy Rotterdam.

Keilecafe calls itself a permanent festival where you can celebrate life and dance away the day and night.


Vierhavensstraat 46, 3029 BG Rotterdam


3. Vessel11

Het achterdek van Vessel11. Een super leuk terras om op te zitten!

Looking for something a bit different? Then we recommend a visit to Vessel11! The restaurant is actually a red lightship docked in the city center of Rotterdam. Here you can enjoy typical British pub food, with a seasonal and modern twist.

On their deck they have a great terrace, where you can have a drink and a bite to eat. But also ashore next to the boat they have tables where you can take a seat and enjoy the sun (if it’s shining).

TIP: Vessel11 is also a good choice on a rainy day. In the back of the boat you are dry because of the roofed area! Also read our article with covered terraces in Rotterdam for even more options for bad weather days.

Wijnhaven 101, 3011 WN Rotterdam


4. Studio Unfolded

Photographer Sophia van den Hoek, known from Instagram account @un_fold_ed, has her own studio on the Nieuwe Binnenweg. It is a shop, coffee place, event location and creative agency. A super fun creative place with a great vibe and minimalistic style.

On a sunny day you can take a seat in their lovely garden (if you want with a parasol against the sun) and enjoy an (ice) coffee, chai latte or homemade iced tea. Delicious!

Nieuwe Binnenweg 305A, 3021 GH Rotterdam



A real arcade hall with classic pinball machines, karaoke and a classic dance machine! At POING you can play all kinds of fun games, but also have a drink and order something tasty from their Asian kitchen. It’s a great hotspot where you can catch up with friends and have a fun time together.

In addition to POING, there are lots of other great places to go for a nice afternoon or evening. For inspiration we recommend our article with fun activities in Rotterdam with your friends!

Schiekade 201, 3013 BR Rotterdam


6. Mooie Boules

Mooie Boules is a very unique hotspot, as it’s the first food hal in Rotterdam where you can play jeu de boules (lawn bowling).

You can find this hotspot in an old metal factory in the emerging ZOHO area. The old factory has been completely transformed into a typical French village square.

Local restaurants will serve signature dishes and the bar will serve a wide range of wine, special- and local beers. Of course all in combination with a game of lawn bowling.

Vijverhofstraat 45, 3032 SB Rotterdam


7. GaleriAAA by Mangiare

GaleriAAA by Mangiare is a restaurant with a very cool concept – it is a collaboration with artist collective AAAFresh123, so you can eat delicious Italian food while surrounded by all kinds of artworks.

In addition, the studio and the art gallery are connected to each other, so you can easily have a look at the art during your evening. GaleriAAA by Mangiare does not work with a fixed card, so you are always in for a wonderful surprise!

Fancy a pizza, pasta or lasagna? Then read our article with the best Italian restaurants in Rotterdam!

Zaagmolenkade 124, 3035 KD Rotterdam


8. Madam Chen

Heerlijke sushi bij Madam Chen in Rotterdam.

This hotspot in Rotterdam is the place for you if you’re looking for a fun night out with friends. Here you can order Asian streetfood bites and try all kinds of tasty cocktails. But what makes this place stand out is the fact that you can sing karaoke. There are various rooms that can be rented with your friends for a night full of karaoke, food and drinks!

If you’re not that fond of karaoke, Madam Chen is still worth a visit. You can go here for lunch, diner and when the sun is out, take a seat on their terrace for some drinks and snacks.

Kolk 50B, 3011 MD Rotterdam


9. Botanero

Botanero is an awesome bar where you can spend the entire evening, whilst enjoying delicious cocktails and snacks. Following a Latin American example, every cocktail comes with a bite, the so-called botana. The idea behind it is simple. If you just keep on eating, the hangover will not be that bad the next day!

Classic cocktails, such as the Frozen Margarita, Dark & Stormy and the Pornstar Martini, are served with a surprising twist. Most ingredients, such as rhubarb sorbet and even the vodka and ginger beer, are made in the bar.

So with every cocktail you get a delicious botana. In total, Botanero serves four different bites in one evening, such as beetroot with avocado cream and habanero or an avocado soup with kaffir oil. They regularly change the bites, so you keep on getting surprised!

Check out more cool cocktailbars in Rotterdam!

Mariniersweg 55, 3011 NE Rotterdam


10. Calaboose

Calaboose, located in Kralingen, is a great place for cocktails and snacks. What makes this hotspot stand out is the spacious garden where there’s enough seating for large groups.

In addition to a cocktail, try one of the Indonesian dishes from the menu, such as the saté or gado gado. A fun night is guaranteed!

Oudedijk 273, 3061 AK Rotterdam


11. De Harmonie Restaurant 23

De Harmonie Restaurant 23 is a very special restaurant where you can choose from the seasonal a la carte dishes or opt for the four, five or 23 (!) course menu. For chef Marco Somer, nature is a constant source of inspiration and you can really taste that in his culinary dishes.

When the sun shines, you can sit in their lovely garden!

This restaurant is definitely perfect for a very special date. If you’re planning a dinner for a special occassion, be sure to also check out these romantic restaurants in Rotterdam.


Westersingel 95, 3015 LC Rotterdam


12. Raïnaraï

Rainaraï can be found on the Middellandplein in Rotterdam-West. There are beautiful rugs and cushions on the sofas and because the terrace is surrounded by tropical trees, it feels a bit like you are in an oasis. It is a wonderful place to have a drink or have an extensive dinner.

Order a nice beer or a glass of wine and enjoy an Algerian pizza from the wood oven or one of the Nomadic dishes. Delicious!

Check out these spots in Rotterdam West.


1e Middellandstraat 134, 3021 BJ Rotterdam


13. Rumba

Rumba is een vintage-store slash koffietent met koffie van Manhattan Coffee Roasters. Bij deze unieke vintage winkel in Rotterdam kun je allerlei mooie items scoren.

Rumba is a vintage store slash coffee hotspot with coffee from Manhattan Coffee Roasters. You can score all kinds of beautiful items at this unique vintage shop in Rotterdam.

All items have been carefully selected for quality and it shows. Here you can find cute bags, jewelry, beautiful suits, jackets, dresses and more! Rumba is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for good vintage finds!

Be sure to also check out their adjoined coffee place, because in addition to that you can go to Rumba for a good shopping session, you can also get a cup of coffee made from Manhatten Coffee Roasters beans, and a bite to eat. Ideal if you need to recharge after a day of second-hand shopping.

Benthuizerstraat 33B, 3036 CB Rotterdam


14. Rozey

At Rozey you can eat unlimited vegetarian and vegan dishes, including drinks, for €32,50 (€37,50 euros during the weekends).

It’s definitely a unique concept, since Rozey is the first restaurant in the Netherlands where you can eat unlimited vegetarian and vegan meals for a fixed price.

The menu is filled with various dishes, all without any meat. Vegetarian burgers and fries, but also lesser known dishes, such as carpaccio made of beet, pulled jackfruit and Kentucky fried cauliflower.
Looking for more cool hotspots where you can eat vegan? Then read this article with the best vegan restaurants in Rotterdam!

Wijnhaven 85, 3011 WK Rotterdam


15. Vegan Junk Food Bar

The Vegan Junk Food Bar is a place where vegans and non-vegans can eat 100% plant-based snacks. Expect a colourful interior and creative, tasty vegan snacks. They serve vegan junk food dishes, such as the Original VJFB burgers, flash fries with vegan dipping sauces, velvet cakes and so on.

Schiedamse Vest 144, 3011 BG Rotterdam


16. De Maaskantine

A great terrace on the waterside? Then you should visit De Maaskantine! Here you can enjoy tasty BBQ dishes and refreshing drinks.

The menu features dishes with Cajun/Creole influences. Think of dishes such as the Cajun twister fries, loaded fries, corn on the cob, and the O.G. vegan burger, to name a few.

Just having a drink at the Maaskantine is also possible of course. In collaboration with The Rumah, the cocktail menu is filled with their delicious mixes, such as the Soupe du Jour and I’m a Flamingo.


Plantagelaan 2, 3063 NG Rotterdam


17. Pele Surf Shack

Heerlijke limonades bij Pele Surfshack in Hoek van Holland. Bij deze vegan strandtent kun je heerlijke vegan gerechten en snacks eten!
Pele Surf Shack is the first plant-based beach place in the Netherlands. Even though it’s not in the center of our city, it’s well worth to travel to the Hoek van Holland and try out one of their amazing dishes and taste their great coffee. And this all while you’re enjoying a sunny day at the beach!

Pele Surf Shack will be open the whole summer, seven days a week. During the winter they will be open in the weekends.

Rechtestraat 24, 3151 HN Hoek van Holland


18. Streetfood by Han

After the success of UMAMI by Han, Red Chilli and restaurant Zeng, it was time for a new concept from the Han Group: Streetfood by Han. You can find this hotspot in a unique location, namely in the iconic Markthal, above the Wah Nam Hong, a supermarket specialised in products for Asian cuisine.

Guests will be able to order unique, healthy and delicious dishes that are a great alternative for fastfood. Expect innovative dishes from the Asian Fusion Kitchen of high quality, with a focus on health. This is exactly what Han is known for, but Streetfood by Han is a lot more casual than the other restaurants.

Verlengde Nieuwstraat, 3011 GM Rotterdam (Markthal)


19. ss Rotterdam

Dineren op een schip is natuurlijk al een unieke ervaring, zeker in een havenstad als Rotterdam. Het ss Rotterdam heeft gevaren over de hele wereld en is nu aangemeerd op Katendrecht, waar het open is voor bezoekers en nu dus een echte hotspot in Rotterdam is. Zodra je op dit bijzondere Rotterdamse schip stapt voelt het alsof je teruggaat in de tijd.

Dining on a ship definitely belongs in the category of a unique experience, certainly in a port city such as Rotterdam. The ss Rotterdam has sailed all over the world and is now docked at Katendrecht, where it is open to visitors. As soon as you set foot on this special Rotterdam ship, it feels like you are going back in time.

On the ss Rotterdam you can find the Lido grill restaurant on the Promenade Deck. Here you can sit inside or outside on the terrace. At Lido you can go for a grilled piece of meat, fish and vegetables with, for example, a special beer.

3e Katendrechtse Hoofd 25, 3072 AM Rotterdam


20. Healthy Pairing at UMAMI

A unique hotspot because of its surprising kitchen. At UMAMI – which is also the name of the fifth basic flavor in addition to sweet, sour, salty and bitter – you dine according to the social dining principle and it is really about the experience, completely according to Chinese culture.

You can order the Health Pairing here, in which the ingredients of the served drinks not only enhance the flavors of the dishes, but also give your health a boost. The chosen tea or mocktails have all kinds of health benefits, entirely in accordance with the health philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

A very special experience if you want to become acquainted with Chinese cuisine and enjoy Asian fusion!

Binnenrotte 140, 3011 HC Rotterdam


21. Afternoon tea at Shanghai Papa

A high tea is already a unique experience, but at Shanghai Papa it is even more special! Here they serve a Bao of choice, 5 dim sums, 4 sweets and a whole lot of tea; all designed by their pastry chef with ingredients such as ginger, green tea and sesame. That is something different than scones and apple pie, right?

Want to know about all the other afternoon teas in Rotterdam? Read our article with the best places for a high tea in Rotterdam!

Botersloot 24-28, 3011 HG Rotterdam


22. Teds All Day Brunch

A restaurant with a garden on a roof? Of course we have that in Rotterdam! Located on the top floor of the Schieblock, you will find Teds Place.

At Teds you not only enjoy the delicious brunch dishes and drinks, but of course also the view over our city and the beautiful roof garden where it is located.

It’s a perfect spot for hungover Sunday brunch dates. But of course you can come here every day. It does not matter whether you order a fresh mint tea or Espresso Martini. At Teds, you can get what you want, whenever you want!

Furthermore, the dishes here are delicious. Think Eggs Florentine, vegan French toast and side dishes such as the Waffle Fries with Parmesan cheese and truffle mayonnaise. Really delicious!

Also read Fatima’s article with 5 hidden roofs in Rotterdam.

Schiekade 189, 3013 BR Rotterdam


23. Aloha

Located in the subtropical swimming pool of Tropicana, you will find the low waste food bar Aloha.

In addition to the location (you can clearly see the remains of the swimming pool), the method of cooking here is innovative and unique. They combat food wastage in a creative way. For example, they bake the leaves of the lemon plant as a seasoning for the peanuts and they make the Aloha Bitterballen with oyster mushrooms, which are grown in the same building on coffee grounds.

Maasboulevard 100, 3063 NS Rotterdam


24. Parqiet

De zon schijnt en gelukkig zijn er in Rotterdam genoeg plekken om ervan te genieten! Wij delen daarom de beste terrassen - m?t een goed uitzicht - in Rotterdam om een hapje te eten of een drankje te drinken.

Located in the former carriage house in the Park, Parqiet is an ideal place to escape the bustle of the city. The front garden of this beautiful building is the park next to the Euromast, where they have placed beach chairs and tables so that you can enjoy a snack or drink in the sun. Think of tasty French toast, flat bread, grilled cheese sandwiches and snacks.

It’s the perfect place for a sunny day in Rotterdam!

Baden Powellaan 20, 3016 GJ Rotterdam


25. A la plancha

Pop-up restaurant A La Plancha is open again this summer on Noordereiland. There is more space on the quays and more diverse distribution points for food and drinks.

This year A La Plancha is working with several local entrepreneurs who are struggling because of the current measures. In addition to culinary products, this also includes local cultural initiatives, so that visitors to A La Plancha & Amigos are with art, culture and music whilst enjoying a delicious meal.

Maaskade 74, 3071 NC Rotterdam


26. Soufflé Café

Foto door Cristien Louers.

One of the most popular Instagrammable hotspots in Rotterdam has to be Soufflé Café on Mariniersweg. Here they serve light Japanese soufflé pancakes! These pancakes are already a hit in New York and London, but now they are also available in our own beloved Rotterdam.


Mariniersweg 80A, 3011 NT Rotterdam


27. Wine bar Walsjérôt

A unique hotspot that wine lovers should not miss: Wine bar Walsjérôt in Blijdorp. Whether you are just a casual wine drinker or a real wine connoisseur, with a choice of more than 70 wines you are in the right place!

The unique concept of Walsjérôt works as follows: upon arrival you put an amount of your choice on a card. With this card you can then go to the tap wall. Yes, you heard that right: this bar has a wall where you can pour your own wine!

After you have chosen the wine, hold your card for the wine taps and choose from a sip, a whole glass or half a glass and tap the wine you want yourself! Tasting is encouraged at Walsjérôt.

Each wine is provided with a card with a description of the grape variety, origin and taste.

Read more about great wine bars in Rotterdam.


Bentinckplein 5, 3039 KL Rotterdam


28. Fontein Rooftop

Vanaf het dakterras van Fontein heb je een prachtig uitzicht over het centrum van de stad!

This beautiful hotspot is named after the Hofplein fountain in front of it. At Fontein you can relax on their lovely terrace, but since this summer they also opened up their rooftop bar!

From the Fontein Rooftop on the tenth floor you have a beautiful 360-degree view of the Hofplein and many iconic Rotterdam buildings. You can even see so far that you can see The Hague!

Here you can enjoy the view with a drink and in the indoor restaurant you can dine extensively.


Hofplein 19, 3032 AC Rotterdam


29. Restaurant en club BIT(TER)

In this building on the Keileweg in Rotterdam West, a former brothel, a techno club and restaurant in one will in September 2021.

You can already visit the restaurant. When the neon letters BITTER are on, you know that you can come here for good food. According to Bitter, their cuisine is all about confusion, hence the term “Confusion Kitchen”. They serve a menu with unexpected flavor combination. When you visit Bitter you can expect the unexpected.

They serve a three or four course menu with vegetarian, vegan, meat or fish options. Pair your food with a carefully selected wine pairing.

In Club BIT, located in the area behind the restaurant, you can dance the night away to electronic music. The 24-hour permit has already been received. The team behind Club BIT promises that there will be a club night at least twice a week, on Friday and Saturday.


Keileweg 10, 3029 BS Rotterdam


And that were the unique hotspots in Rotterdam! Looking for more inspiration? Check our Instagram page to stay up to date with all the new hotspots in Rotterdam.

Do you have a tip for a fun, unique restaurant in our city? Just let us know in the comments below!


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  • I have moved to Rotterdam like 4 months ago and this post is amazing. I am still figuring out where to go and what to do since i have only been working but this is an awesome post to save for myself.

    • How exciting that you just moved to Rotterdam! Hopefully this and other posts on our website will help you settle down in Rotterdam!

  • I’m adding Poing and Calaboose to my list of things to do when I go to Rotterdam!!

  • We visited Rotterdam a few weeks ago, but it seems like we missed a few amazing spots. Time to go back later this year! We did have dinner at Vessel11 and absolutely loved it, such a cute spot.

    • Hi Roxanne, great to hear that you loved Vessel11! Definitely come back soon to try more amazing spots in our city. 🙂

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