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17x Unique date ideas for now

By Mathilde Simon
March 30, 2021

Are you looking for a creative and unique date idea for you and your lover? Dating is not that easy these times, but luckily you can get quite far with a little creativity.

Below we share fun active dates, initiatives by Rotterdam entrepreneurs and dates that are perfect if you do not know each other very well (yet).


1. Get started with a cocktailbox

If we can’t go to the cocktail bars, we’ll just bring the cocktails to us. Most bars have put together cool boxes, filled with their best cocktails. For example, buy a cocktail box from DoDo, where you can choose from the Pornstar Martini, Miss Saigon, Dodo Espresso, Old Fashioned or a Mix Box.

You can of course also get started with mixing the cocktails yourself. To make your favourite cocktails, check our article with cocktail recipes by Rotterdam bartenders.


2. Join a workout class

Buiten sporten in Rotterdam doe je bij The Social Club! Met een prachtig uitzicht over de Maas werk je hier in een groep aan een sterk en gezond lichaam.

For the fit junkies among us, it may be a fun idea to do something active together. You can of course go for a simoke run, but it is even more fun to join a class together.

For example, take part in a class at The Social Sportsclub. Are you not a member? You can just participate in a single class to see if it is something for you. You can also join several classes and make it a weekly outing.

For more fun sports clubs in Rotterdam that organize outdoor lessons, check Vladana’s article.


3. Coffee-to-go with a walk

Maybe a bit corny, but a great idea for a first date. Get a coffee from your favourite coffee shop and stroll through the city with your potential lover.

For example, get a coffee at Williams Canteen and walk along the Wijnhaven and the Maas. Another idea: a coffee at Bonza in Noord and follow the route of the Luchtsingel.


4. Picnic in sunny weather

Heerlijk picknicken in Rotterdam doe je in Het Park!

It might not happen a lot in The Netherlands, but when the sun is shining you have to make the most out of it and go outside. A great idea is then to organize a picnic.

But how do you put together such a picnic basket? Easy! Get tasty cheeses from the Rotterdam Cheese Shops, buy a fresh wine, get some fruit at one of the many Rotterdam markets and for dessert you get something at the tastiest pastry shops in Rotterdam.

Don’t forget to bring a something to sit on, cutlery, maybe some music and enjoy the sunbeams together.

Need inspiration for a nice picnic location? Read our article about picnicking in Rotterdam here!


5. Baking a cake together

De bekende Dudok appeltaart moet je een keer geproefd hebben.

Romantically kneading the dough together, decorating the cake and then eating it down to the last crumb. A super fun date, whether you’ve been together for years or have just met.

Because we are not all pastry chefs, you can simply order a nice Do-it-yourself box from Dudok. With this box you can make the tastiest apple pie in Rotterdam at home in your own kitchen!

Order the Dudok Apple Pie – Do it yourself box here.


6. Join the Healthy Walk Rotterdam

Entrepreneurs in Rotterdam are busy organizing fun city walks. And the best are the ones where you get tasty snacks of course!

For example, join the Healthy Walk Rotterdam. During this walk you follow a nice route through the city and make pit stops at various healthy cafes. The walk starts at Happy Food & Health on the Nieuwe Binnenweg, passes Laurensius, G’rilla Kitchen, Jack Bean and The Rumah. And of course you get a tasty bite everywhere.

When: 2 and 5 april 2021

Price: €25,-

Reservations: send an email to


7. Streetart tour

The buildings of Rotterdam are sometimes given a touch of colour And not just a touch, but true works of art.

Scattered throughout the city you will find huge murals painted by talented artists. So if you feel like taking a walk with your loved one, take a walk along these cool street art places in Rotterdam.


8. A visit to Kinderdijk

Captured by @marionro.cks

Especially now you might need a change of surroundings from time to time. Playing tourist in your own country could be a great solution. Fortunately, you don’t have to go far to see beautiful places.

Kinderdijk is located no less than 15 km from Rotterdam. A real attraction thanks to the 19 windmills from the 18th century. Did you know that Kinderdijk is even on the UNESCO World Heritage List?

Walk or cycle between the windmills and along the canals and relax in this beautiful area. To make your date extra fun, we recommend taking the waterbus to Kinderdijk!

Do you want to discover even more places around Rotterdam after this date? Then read our article with nice places near Rotterdam.


10. Discover the hidden gems of Rotterdam

Photo by our blogger Fatima @timavisual.

Is your lover a real Rotterdammer? Then it may be difficult to take him or her to a place that is still unknown to them.

Yet there are plenty of places in the city where people do not usually come, but are worth a visit.

For example, you have the viewpoint Lührs, which is beautiful during sunset. Or the historic Schoonoord garden, near the Euromast Park.

Check out our article with hidden places in Rotterdam and surprise your date with a new experience!


10. Book a duo massage

Now that the massage salons are open again, we should enjoy them. You can do that by taking yourself on a date, but it is also nice to book a duo massage with your lover.

This is possible, for example, at QoQo, a massage parlor with multiple locations in Rotterdam where they offer very nice relaxation massages.


11. Play tennis on public courts

For the lovers among us who like a bit of competition, there are public tennis courts where you can play some tennis for free.

In Crooswijk you have the Schuttersveld with two tennis courts, located next to a basketball and a football field. You can also play tennis at the Krajicek Playground at the Esch, with two tennis courts, a skating park and a soccer field.

The surface is made of stone, so wear good shoes. And maybe obvious, but don’t forget to bring a racket and tennis balls.


12. Take your camera out

De binnentuin van het Stadhuis is een van de mooie onontdekte plekken in Rotterdam.

Photo by our blogger

Do you and your lover share a passion for photography? Then make it a creative date! It is no news that Rotterdam is a beautiful photogenic city, filled with the most beautiful architecture that calls to be photographed. Therefore the ideal stage for your photography date.

For some inspiration with cool photography spots, you can read this article with instagrammable spots in Rotterdam. Ps. Don’t forget to tag us with #WeekendsinRotterdam on Instagram!


13. Organize your own beer tasting

Attending a tasting may not be possible, but why not just bring the tasting home?

Rotterdam has several great breweries that brew the best beers right here in our very own city. And to give these breweries a helping hand, a beer tasting with your (potential) partner could be a creative and fun date.

For example, check Brouwerij Noordt, where they regularly release new cool boxes, filled with different beers and other goodies. Another fun place is De Pelgrim City Brewery in Delfshaven, where they brew, among other things, delicious I.P.A., bock and steam beer.


14. Go skating together

Is the sun shining? Then go skating! Active dates are great fun and a little competition while skating makes the date a lot more exciting. Bring a backpack filled with some refreshing drinks and settle down on the grass when you need a break or a good conversation.

The route? The Kralingse Bos is perfect for this. A route that is not overly long, has a beautiful environment and has enough room to take a break from time to time.


15. Cross off the biggest highlights of Rotterdam from your list

Tijdens je bezoek aan Rotterdam mag een tripje naar de Markthal niet ontbreken. Hier proef je allemaal snacks, vanuit verschillende landen, terwijl je je ogen uitkijkt.

How much of Rotterdam have you actually seen? Every year thousands of tourists come to our city to admire the beautiful buildings, and for a good reason!

This is of course even more fun if your date is from another city but you’re from Rotterdam. Then give him/her a tour of the most beautiful city in the Netherlands and cross off the biggest highlights of Rotterdam from your bucket list.

Need inspiration? Check our article with the best sights in Rotterdam here.


16. Rent a sloop

Do you want to impress your date? And are you not afraid of being trapped together on a boat for a few hours? Then I advise you to rent a sloop and enjoy the water, the sun, music and a fresh drink together.

There are plenty of rental companies in Rotterdam where you can rent a sloop. Fortunately, you do not need a license for this. So rent a boat and float around on the Kralingse Plas or the Rotte!


17. DIY course meal from your favourite restaurant

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a star chef to match the dishes of your favourite restaurant at home. Many of the Rotterdam restaurants have a DIY box, filled with all the ingredients needed to prepare a tasty meal.

You can of course choose to work together with your date in the kitchen. But you can also surprise your date with a beautifully set table, candles and a fantastic meal.

For example, try the DIY 4 or 5 course box from the Zalmhuis, with vegetarian, meat and fish options. Very helpful: there is an instruction video in which the chef of the Zalmhuis explains how to prepare the courses!


These were some original date ideas for Rotterdam. Is there something that appeals to you? Or do you have even better ideas? Let us know in the comment!

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