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Voor een overnachting in Rotterdam is een airbnb een ideale oplossing. Lees hier onze favoriete airbnb's in Rotterdam en omgeving!

12 Unique Airbnbs in and around Rotterdam

By Lisanne van Beurden
June 23, 2020

Are you looking for a home away from home in Rotterdam? Then booking an Airbnb is a good idea. What makes Airbnb extra fun is that you often come across special accommodations in unique locations. In this article I share 12 unique Airbnbs in Rotterdam and surrounding areas. 

Think of a cozy houseboat, a beautiful apartment in the middle of the city with a lush garden or a Tiny House just outside the city.

Below you can find Airbnbs that are very useful for people who like to explore the city from early in the morning till late at night and there are also enough options for people who just want to escape the city and find a place in nature or in a town close to Rotterdam. 

Disclaimer: As an Airbnb Associate, I earn when you book through one of the links below. For more information please check our Disclosure page.


1. Houseboat in the harbor

Rotterdam is internationally known as a port city where dozens of ships enter every day. So a unique experience that really suits Rotterdam is sleeping on a boat!

For example, on Airbnb you have this historic houseboat Veinard, which means ‘lucky’. This houseboat is located in a quiet spot in the heart of Rotterdam, namely in the Leuvehaven.

The colorful space is light and made with love and attention to detail. You have the whole boat to yourself. This is almost 40 meters long and five meters wide and can sometimes move a bit due to the waves.

Location: Leuvehaven
Check prices and availability: Woonboot Veinard


2. A Cube house

The Cube Houses in Rotterdam are of course very special because all houses are tilted at an angle of 45 degrees. It is possible to take a look in one of the Cube Houses by visiting the Kijk-Kubus, a showroom of one of the houses.

But it is even more fun to spend the night in one of the Cube Houses. Not only is it very special to stay in a Cube House, it is also located in a very central location in Rotterdam.

For example, stay in this Luxury Cube House. This stylishly furnished apartment has been renovated and is fully equipped with everything you need. There are two bedrooms, a modern kitchen and a luxurious bathroom. In addition, the living room on the first floor offers a beautiful 360-degree view of Rotterdam.

Location: Blaak
Check prices and availability: Luxe Kubuswoning


3. The Wikkelboat

Rotterdam is the ideal place for a city trip. It is rich in architecture, history, art and has lots of fun hotspots. But how can we make your weekend extra special? Below we share the most remarkable hotels in Rotterdam for an unforgettable stay in Rotterdam!
It is multifunctional, durable and super tiny: the Wikkelboat. Located within walking distance of the center you have your own oasis on the water. Ideal if you want to travel environmentally conscious and are looking for something extra special. After all, Rotterdam is a port city that must be discovered!

Location: Wijnhaven
Check prices and availability: de Wikkelboat


4. The romantic Captain’s Cabin

Are you looking for a romantic Airbnb in Rotterdam? Then the Captain’s Cabin might be the perfect accommodation for you! Located in the Maritime District in the heart of Rotterdam, it has all the necessities on board.

From the wheelhouse you have a view over the high-rise and old harbors. Through a hatch in the floor you can go to the bedroom and living room with kitchenette and bathroom. On the stern of the ship you have your own terrace with a sofa and two lounge chairs. In addition, you can use the Jacuzzi and the electric dinghy for a fee.

Location: Maritiem District
Check prices and availability: Captain’s Cabin


5. House on Noordereiland

Staying on an island? Of course that is also possible in Rotterdam! This Airbnb is located in a beautiful  house and is on the edge of Noordereiland, a unique location in Rotterdam.

The Airbnb consists of a bedroom, roof terrace and living room. On the roof terrace you can enjoy breakfast and the beautiful view of the city. In addition, it is also possible to rent the front room with two extra beds.
Noordereiland is a very nice location to stay. It is a quiet neighborhood, yet in no time you can be in the center of the city.

Location: Noordereiland
Check prices and availability: Kadepand Noordereiland


6. Penthouse Prison

Penthouse Prison does offer a very special experience in Rotterdam. Here you can voluntarily spend the night in a prison!

Above the Heilige Boontjes in Rotterdam is an old cell complex of the former police station. In total there are six cells, four of which have comfortable beds, the prison cell is still intact. In addition, a cell has been used as a toilet and as a communal lounge room.

During your stay you have access to the kitchen and shower on the fourth floor, which you share with other guests. In addition, you can go to the unique roof terrace with a view of the Rotterdam skyline.

Location: Eendrachtsplein
Check prices and availability: Penthouse Prison


7. Bed & Breakfast Walenburg

In Bed & Breakfast Walenburg you sleep in a house from 1917 on the Walenburgerweg. The location of this beautiful Airbnb is ideal, you will be in the city center in no time with all kinds of restaurants and cultural attractions.

In this Airbnb you have the whole apartment to yourself, with a private bathroom, kitchen and the best part: your own lush garden. Despite the central location, you can completely relax here. It is a nice oasis in the city!

Location: Rotterdam Noord
Check prices and availability: In Bed & Breakfast Walenburg


8. Bed & Bike The Gardenhouse

At Bed & Bike The Gardenhouse you sleep in a charming guest house in the hosts’ backyard. The only thing that is shared with the hosts is the garden, other than that the place is all yours.

This special Airbnb is located near the Rotte, Kralingse Plas and the Lage Bergse Bos. On the ground floor of the garden house there is a sitting area with TV, a dining area and a kitchenette. If you walk up the stairs to the open attic you arrive at the bedroom with a double bed.
Also nice; there are two bicycles that you can use for free to explore the area.

Location: Terbregge
Check prices and availability: Bed & Bike The Gardenhouse


9. Cozy apartment in the city center

Do you prefer to stay in the city center? Then take a look at this beautiful apartment in the city center of Rotterdam. It is a ten-minute walk from Rotterdam central and five minutes from the Koopgoot. The street is filled with nice restaurants, cafes and shops.

With this Airbnb you have the entire house with your own bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen and a nice balcony. On the balcony you can enjoy the sun until 6:00 PM in the summer.

Location: Rotterdam-West
Check prices and availability: centraal appartement in Rotterdam


10. Tiny House on the waterfront

Stay in this beautiful Tiny House on the Schie! Within six minutes you are in the center of Delft and within ten minutes in Rotterdam.
The Airbnb comes with a nice terrace, a lovely place to spend the balmy summer evenings. In addition, the Airbnb has a kitchen, bathroom and garden. In total you have 140 square meters of deck and garden!

Location: Delft
Check prices and availabilityWaterfront Tiny House


11. Tiny Gardenhouse

Another Tiny House, because admit it: you want to sleep in it, don’t you? In this case it is a cute house in the garden next to the home of the hosts.
The Airbnb has three bedrooms, its own kitchen and a private bathroom with shower. It is located 15 kilometers from Rotterdam. A unique selling point of this Airbnb is the lush garden!

Also nice: on Sundays the garden is open as tea house Het Houten Huis. As a visitor you can drink a cup of coffee or tea and something sweet on the side. Check the Facebook page of Theehuis Het Houten Huis for more information.

Location: Heinenoord
Check prices and availability: Tuinhuisje


12. Luxurious villa

This is of course a very special accommodation. This luxurious villa is located on its own private estate, called ‘Het Buitenland’, on the edge of Heerjansdam.

You will not be short of anything during your stay here. Enjoy all the luxurious amenities in this lovely villa. In addition, you also have a nice view of nature.

Location: Heerjansdam
Check prices and availability: Luxueuze villawoning op landgoed


With this listicle with unique Airbnbs you have a lot of inspiration for a weekend away in or near Rotterdam. Whether you are a Rotterdammer looking for a beautiful staycation or if you are a tourist visiting this beautiful port city for the first time. I wish you a pleasant stay!

Still haven’t found what you are looking for? Check out these unique hotels and these hostels in Rotterdam!

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  • Great post! I’d love to visit Rotterdam one day. I’m definitely going to save this to look back on some great airbnbs. 🙂

  • How do I find out if these places are available? I click on them and it takes me to a list of international b and b ‘s
    We are looking for a bnb with own bathroom! Near to Rotterdam ahoy for 5 – 8 th June 2023

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