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Margo Bazuin will write a guest blog for Weekends in Rotterdam every other month about her life in Rotterdam. She will write about her life in the city, hotspots, cool events and more. You can also follow her blog Hetismarg.


When I think of Rotterdam…

Then I think of wind. Somebody recently told me: in Rotterdam it’s always windy. Since then I’ve been paying more attention and damn, it sure is true. I live on the Kaap and it’s extra windy there. Also on the Kop van Zuid it’s never wind-free (especially that corner at Loetje, jeez!). But when I’m cycling on the Coolsingel, I’m also always cycling against the wind. Cursing, puffing, tears with mascara over your cheek: yes, in Rotterdam it’s always windy.

Then I think of the city that I suddenly fell in love with 7 years ago. I’m originally from the Hoeksche Waard and there you always had two sides: the people who went to Dordt and the people who went to Rotterdam. My parents are originally from Rotterdam, so it made sense that every Friday night I went to Rotjeknor to shop at H & M with my friends. But to actually live there? I’d never thought of that. But after spending an afternoon having drinks in the Oude Haven, I suddenly just felt it when I walked close to Villa Kakelbont (I miss the Villa!): I want to live here. I love this city. And so it happened.

Then I think of my first anti-squatting house on the Sophiakade. These houses are not even there anymore (are you getting old when your first home has been demolished years ago?). On the outskirts of Kralingen, where it was full of call houses and Turkish shops. That’s really Rotterdam to me.

I think of a city that’s never finished.

I think of a city that’s never finished. New residential towers, new tourist attractions: the most beautiful things are being build in Rotterdam. The modern architecture of our city was even discussed in the Times. You hate it or you love it: you can probably guess which side I’m on. I’m enjoying life to the fullest when I’m cycling over the Erasmus Bridge and take a glimpse of the view next to me (not for too long, because before you know it you are run over by a ghost rider).

But I also think of freedom; everything is possible and everything is allowed. Anonymity and yet a certain cosiness – everyday you see unknown faces in the same supermarket, though you still connect with your bus driver. I think of Ted Langenbach, who you can regularly spot in the Koopgoot or on the Meent, and I think of drinking beer in dark pubs. Or I think of the cute shops in the Pannekoekstraat and the music quiz in the Irish pub. I think of Radio Rijnmond, which I grew up with, and I think of all those new hotspots where I still want to go and have lunch.

So many fun things in my city, and not enough weekends!


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Margo Bazuin

Margo is guestblogger at Weekends in Rotterdam and also owner of her blog hetismarg.nl. Besides blogging, she works full time at an ICT bureau in Rotterdam. Here she designs and builds WordPress websites and designs corporate identities. She is also a semi-pro in CSS! Every other month you can read a new piece by her about her favourite city!

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