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The ultimate guide of Rotterdam West

By Julia Den Outer
November 12, 2021

Rotterdam West will always be special to me. I lived there until a few months ago and I think it is still one of the nicest parts of Rotterdam (I recently moved to the lovely Rotterdam Noord.

The West Side really shows everything Rotterdam has to offer. You have chic yuppie streets and working-class neighborhoods next to each other. I think that’s what makes it so much fun, it’s very diverse. I have wandered through the streets a lot and there was always something new to discover. In this article, I’ve picked a few of my favourite spots in Rotterdam West. Hope you like them!

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Great restaurants in Rotterdam West



Roast is een gezellige hotspot op Middellandplein in Rotterdam West. Hier kun je speciality koffie drinken, maar ook matcha lattes, chai lattes en ook heerlijke lunch gerechten. Hier zitten we gezellig bij Roast bij het raam, te kijken naar de regen.

When I lived in West I always liked to walk around the corner for a good coffee at Roast. At Roast you can sit in or pick up a coffee or some food. The interior is quiet and minimalistic, but that means you can really relax. I often picked up a flat white that I drank on a bench at the Heemraadssingel.

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Middellandplein 21B, 3021 BV Rotterdam



Rainaraï was around the corner from me and this spot caught my eye, because they always have a whole mountain of aubergines, pumpkins, artichokes or other vegetables outside. The terrace is especially lovely. You can relax on the nice, thick cushions beneath the plants and parasols. They call it an oasis themselves and I think that’s really on point.

You eat different dishes from the Algerian Nomadic cuisine at Raïnaraï. Think of lots of ras el hanout and fresh vegetables.

Oh yeah, I once had a fig with chocolate as a dessert here, how delicious is that.


1e Middellandstraat 134, 3021 BJ Rotterdam



You find Marseille on a corner on the Kruiskade, so you’ll have plenty to see when you’re eating there. You can taste the southern French atmosphere in both the food and the ambiance. You can eat oysters, half lobsters, pulpo or poussin. Of course you can compliment this food with a good natural wine. I can really dine here for ages and pretend I’m a God in (South) France.

It is also nice to get a some breakfast here. They have fresh baguettes and croissants, but also delicious French patisserie. You can actually visit Marseille all day long, a lunch or drink is always a good idea here.


1e Middellandstraat 16B, 3014 BD Rotterdam


Rijke en de Wit

On drizzly Sundays I like to hang out in old fashioned bars (or on Friday evenings of course). Rijke en de Wit is one of them. Get yourself a nice red wine or a draft beer. The cafe is located along the Heemraadssingel, so it’s great to sit and gaze outside on an autumn day.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 332-A, 3023 ER Rotterdam


Sights to see in Rotterdam West



Photo by Esther Kokmeijer.

Veerhaven is a part of Rotterdam that I always forget. When you walk here you feel for a moment as if you are walking in another century. The grand mansions here are not seen everywhere in Rotterdam and are definitely worth a look. In the Veerhaven you will find sailing boats and yachts heaving on the Maas. Some people even live in those boats!

Besides the fact that it is nice to hang out on a bench in the Veerhaven, you also have plenty of cozy restaurants. You can enjoy a drink at Grand-Café Loos or dine at Louise, Petit Restaurant. The Wereldmuseum is also located around the corner in a beautiful stately building. I definitely recommend to visit an exhibition there.



Bij KINO kijk je naar arthouse films, blockbusters en de klassiekers. Daarnaast hebben ze een gezellig restaurant waar je lekker kunt eten. Ideaal voor een avondje uit.

Kino is my favourite movie theater of all time. I recently got a Cineville pass so I like going to the cinema a lot. At Kino you have everything you need, you can just go there and immerse yourself in the movie. Or make it a real date and first have a drink of wine in the lobby.

In Kino you will find arthouse films or blockbusters, but you can also check out a good old classic. In addition, the whole cinema also looks very stylish. Check out the cool carpets in all the halls, don’t they remind you of a movie?


Gouvernestraat 129-133, 3014 PM Rotterdam


Historic Delfshaven

Historisch Delfshaven is een mooi gebied in Rotterdam. Bewonder de jachthaven met mooie oude hoge herenhuizen en leuke cafetjes.

Historic Delfshaven is the only place in Rotterdam that resembles other old Dutch cities. It’s one of the few pieces that hasn’t been bombed. This makes it popular with tourists, but I also really enjoy walking around it myself.

One of my favourite places to visit in Oud Delfshaven is Stadsbrouwerij De Pelgrim. De Pelgrim is a beer brewery, so you can drink real Rotterdam beers here. The whole tasting room looks like you would imagine a 17th century tasting room.

Tip from me: order a tasting of beers so that you can taste all the Rotterdam beers.


Voorhaven 16, 3024 RM Rotterdam


Streetart M4H

Photo by Iris van den Broek.

The M4H area is one of the places in Rotterdam that is in full development. You have the coolest places and more and more are added. But you shouldn’t wait too long, because before you know it there will be new housing and the raw character will be gone.

This area was the setting for the POW! WOW! Festival. This festival focuses on street art and invites all kinds of national and international artists to create cool murals. You can still see these all around you. If you don’t feel like wandering around on your own, use the Rewriters App. Here you’ll find a guide to street art in Rotterdam, so you know exactly where to go and what you are looking at.

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Stay overnight in Rotterdam West


Culture Campsite

Of course you won’t spend the night in a boring place in Rotterdam. In Rotterdam you sleep in a work of art! On the site of the Kroon (a creative breeding ground) you will find a number of cool architectural objects. These small houses are made of sustainable materials by different designers.

Each object has its own story. For example, sleep in an old cattle feed silo converted into a caravan. Or maybe you’d rather sleep in a transformed container for once? You can choose which cool object you sleep in, make sure you read the stories.

Check out these unique hotels in Rotterdam.


Schiehavenweg 12, 3024 ED Rotterdam



Imagine waking up with a view over the most beautiful city Rotterdam. That is possible in the Euromast! It is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion. Pop some champagne in your jacuzzi, or get up extra early to watch the sunrise. You know one thing for sure: you’ve never slept somewhere so special.

Book a room in the Euromast.


Parkhaven 20, 3016 GM Rotterdam



A Rotterdam hotel in a prime location and therefore highly recommended. Supernova is located opposite my old house, on the ‘s Gravendijkwal. Around the corner you will find the Kruiskade and the Binnenweg. This is therefore the ideal base for a visit to Rotterdam.

I think the atmosphere at Supernova is very pleasant. The decor is very homey and you feel right at home. I also recommend to get some food or adrink at the Library Lounge. Also check out the shop where you will find many souvenirs from Rotterdam designers.

Book a room in the Supernova hotel.


‘s-Gravendijkwal 68, 3014 EG Rotterdam


Cool shops in Rotterdam West


Voorlopig Rotterdam

Voorlopig is a shop with a rich selection of gifts, for others or for yourself. This concept store has things like books, jewelry, baby clothes or bags. I actually always buy a card there which are works of art in themselves. The collection often changes so you can always browse around again.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 165, 3014 GK Rotterdam


NICHE Flowershop

This store is really a piece of art in itself. A color explosion overwhelms you as you cross the doorstep. They make special bouquets that you won’t find anywhere else. They say that the store is in Caribbean style and you notice that immediately when you step inside. You will also find beautiful vases and plants at the store.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 235A, 3021 GC Rotterdam


Wijnwinkel FOU

I love wine and I really enjoy trying new flavors. At FOU you can buy delicious wines (until late at night!). Think of rosé, red, red sparkling, orange or well, basically anything you want. I myself like natural wines (a real Millenial eh) but they have everything in their wine assortment of 300 wines.

Besides the fact that FOU is a shop, you can also enjoy wine in the wine bar. That is of course extra fun, because then you can go completely wild with tasting. The staff will of course also help you choose your perfect wine. Can’t really choose? Then book the wine tasting.

Last but not least: have a bite to eat at FOU. Owner sommelier Sigurd Snoeys has worked in Michelin restaurants so you know to expect good things. Naturally, the snacks go perfectly with the wines, or vice versa.


2e Middellandstraat 4c, 3021 BL Rotterdam


Nature in Rotterdam West


Het Park

Het Park (The Park) is my favourite park to hang out. It is nice to read a book there, but also to have a barbecue with friends. It’s actually quite a big park and I like to walk along the Maas afterwards and enjoy the view.

Also a tip: get an iced coffee or a snack at Parqiet or Dudok in the Park. Perfect if you want to indulge in luxury instead of lying on a rug. I’ve also seen several weddings held in these places, which shows how romantic and cute Het Park is.


Baden Powelllaan 2, 3016 GJ Rotterdam


Historische Tuin Schoonoord

Een verborgen parel dichtbij Het Park in Rotterdam: Historische tuin Schoonoord Rotterdam.

Historische Tuin Schoonoord (Historic Garden Schoonoord) feels like a little secret. You enter through an old-fashioned gate into a green oasis. This is such a nice place to walk around or listen to a podcast in peace and dream away.

My favourite spot is the part by the pond with lilies, where you can quietly settle down on a bench. You will find all kinds of special plant species in Schoonoord. Thanks to the combination of the site and planting, it is therefore a protected national monument.


Kievitslaan 8, 3016 CG Rotterdam



When I still lived in West I walked endlessly around the Heemraadssingel. It is always pleasantly busy on the benches or on the grass. Along the canal are beautiful houses – my dream houses – which are also wonderful to gaze at while walking. Just imagine yourself living there.

On both sides of the canal you will find cozy cafes and restaurants. For example, on the corner of the Nieuwe Binnenweg you have the cafe Bakeliet. Drink a good beer here and listen to the records being played. Another recommendation is Mrs. van Zanten. I have often had lunch here and it is also nice if you bring your kid or niece.

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The nice thing about Rotterdam West is that there is always something new to experience. Do you have any more cool tips? Be sure to let me know!

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