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Instead of using public transportation or bicycles, it’s also possible to get a taxi in Rotterdam. This might not be the cheapest way of getting around, but it’s comfortable and quick. Ideal for a night out when there is no public transportation, or if some drinks are involved. In this post you can find some basic information about taxis in Rotterdam.


How to get a taxi in Rotterdam

It’s possible to stop a taxi on the streets of Rotterdam by raising your arm. Before you hail them, check whether the sign on the roof is lit up, because that means they are available. Especially at night there are plenty of taxis that wait at nightclubs and bars. It’s easy to recognize them by their blue license plate and sign on their rooftop.

If you cannot find a taxi on the street, there are also several taxi ranks in the city where you can find a taxi. Here you can lookup where there are taxi ranks in Rotterdam (in Dutch, sorry!).

Of course it’s also possible to call a taxi or make an online reservation. Below we provide the contact information of multiple taxi companies in Rotterdam.


Book a taxi online in Rotterdam

If you want to plan your taxi in advance, we recommend Sneleentaxi, which will pick you up and drop you off anywhere in the Netherlands for a good price. When booking, choose the time you want to be picked up and the location. Payment is easy online via iDEAL, credit card or PayPal. Ideal if you have to go to and from the airport or if a fun event is planned.

Book your taxi online via this link


Taxi companies in Rotterdam

There are quite some options for taxi’s in Rotterdam, including small and big taxi companies. Here is a list of taxi companies in Rotterdam, including their phone numbers:

  • Rotterdamse Taxi Centrale RTC
    010-462 60 60
  • Schiedam Taxi Centrale
    010-410 20 30
  • St Job Taxi
    010- 425 70 00
  • Stadstaxi Rotterdam
    010-818 28 23


Watertaxi in Rotterdam

If you’re looking for a unique type of transportation, we recommend the watertaxi. With the watertaxi you can travel across the waters, which is a unique way to explore Rotterdam. In Rotterdam there are 50 docks and 10 watertaxis. Of course it’s mostly a fun experience rather than a practical way of travel!

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