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Op een regenachtige dag in Rotterdam zijn er nog genoeg leuke dingen die je kan uitvoeren. In deze post delen we leuke uitjes in Rotterdam tijdens een regenachtige dag

20 Things to do on a rainy day in Rotterdam

By Lisanne van Beurden
March 05, 2020

There is a big chance that you will experience at least one rainy day in Rotterdam. Unfortunately the weather in The Netherlands can be quite unpredictable and we often have four seasons in a day. Most Dutch people are used to the weather and are equipped with a good umbrella and rain coat. You’ll be surprised to still see many locals riding their bikes outside on the worst rainy day you have ever witnessed.

Don’t feel like getting wet? We understand. But, don’t let a very rainy day hold you back from doing anything fun. In this article we list 20 things to do on a rainy day in Rotterdam.

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1. Visit a museum for a cultural experience

This first tip is quite obvious. But, there is no better time to visit a museum in Rotterdam than on a rainy day. Luckily, Rotterdam has lots of cool museums. We recommend a visit to the Kunsthal or Museum Rotterdam to see one of their current exhibitions or explore their permanent collection.

Museum Rotterdam’s main location is in the Timmerhuis, right in the center. The name says it all, but Museum Rotterdam is the museum of our city. In this museum you can admire historical pieces that together with new works tell the story of our city and its inhabitants, from the settlement on the Rotte to a modern metropolis.

Of course there are much more museums to visit in our city! For instance, check out these museums in Rotterdam for a day full of arts and culture.


2. Visit the Maritime Museum

Een activiteit die leuk is voor alle leeftijden. Het Maritiem Museum Rotterdam bevindt zich in één van de grootste en oudste museumhavens van Nederland en hier leer je meer over het verleden én heden van de Rotterdamse haven. Met tentoonstellingen, activiteiten en een collectie aan historische schepen en kranen ben je hier wel even zoet. Ideaal voor bijvoorbeeld een regenachtige dag of als je op pad bent met kinderen. 


A fun museum to visit is the Maritime Museum Rotterdam. This museum is located in one of the largest and oldest museum ports in the Netherlands and here you can learn more about the past and present of the port of Rotterdam. With exhibitions, activities and a collection of historic ships and cranes, you’ll be here for a while.

Ideal for a rainy day and/or when you are visiting with children.


3. Have a peek inside the Kijk-Kubus

A visit to the Kijk-Kubus is a great thing to do on a rainy day in Rotterdam. In the Kijk-Kubus you get a glimpse what a Cube House looks like from the inside.

Rotterdam is known worldwide for its architecture. This is partly due to the iconic Cube Houses. So rain or shine, you must visit the Cube Houses!

TIP: To really have the full experience of living in a Cube house, you can also decide to stay at Stayokay Rotterdam Cube Hostel, which is a hostel in one of the cubes. Stayokay Rotterdam Cube Hostel offers private rooms for up to 6 people, as well as mixed, male and female dorms.

Book your room here or check out this post for more hostels in Rotterdam.


4. Go to the Markthal for fresh and varied food

Tijdens je bezoek aan Rotterdam mag een tripje naar de Markthal niet ontbreken. Hier proef je allemaal snacks, vanuit verschillende landen, terwijl je je ogen uitkijkt.

Raining or not, if you’re a tourist in Rotterdam you should visit the iconic Markthal. Luckily, the Markthal in Rotterdam is the first covered market in the Netherlands, so an excellent place to hide from the rain!

At the Markthal you will find fresh and varied food. In total there are around 90 stalls, 20 shops and restaurants. If you aren’t looking for anything to eat, drink or buy, we still recommend you to visit this already iconic place. The Markthal is a pretty cool building; from both the outside and inside.


5. Visit the Foodhallen on Kop van Zuid

De Foodhallen bevindt zich in het prachtig monumentaal Pakhuismeesteren op de Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam. Hier kun je eten halen bij vijftien food stands.

The Foodhallen is located in the beautiful monumental Pakhuismeesteren on the Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam. Here you can get food at 15 different food stands.

In addition to local food, there is also a central bar that serves Rotterdam drinks, such as Kaapse Brouwers and Bobby’s Gin from Schiedam. Ideal for a snack and a drink!


Regularly there are fun events organized in the Foodhallen. Check our calendar for fun events in Rotterdam!


6. Have a cup of coffee at a cosy hotspot

Nothing better than reading a book and drinking some tea or coffee during a rainy day in Rotterdam. There are plenty of cozy places in Rotterdam that you can choose from! Harvest Coffee Brewers is a great option.

The owners of Harvest Coffee Brewers used to work in Melbourne, where making coffee is considered a true art. With their obtained experience and skills, they returned to Rotterdam to set up a coffee bar as they know them in Melbourne: with delicious food and the perfect cup of coffee.

A great place to spend a rainy day in Rotterdam. Be sure to also check out these great coffee places in Rotterdam.


7. Enjoy a cosy high tea, high wine or beer tasting

Heerlijke high tea bij de Bakkerswinkel! Ben je gek op zoet? Dan moet je deze high tea zeker uitproberen.

High tea at the Bakkerswinkel.

Tasting delicious tea, wine or beer in combination with tasty bites. No need for beautiful weather to enjoy good food and drinks! A high tea is perfect for a rainy day in Rotterdam. Or what did you think about a wine- or beer tasting!

Are you going for a tasty high tea with unlimited cups of tea and sweet treats such as scones, pies and chocolate? Or for a high wine with tasty savory snacks and delicious wines?

Another possibility is a beer tasting in Rotterdam. Something different than a simple beer in the local pub. During a beer tasting you can taste special beers and enjoy snacks.

All three are perfect ways to spend a rainy day in the city!


8. Go shopping and stay dry

In Rotterdam we are quite prepared for the rain. For instance, at the Lijnbaan and Koopgoot you can shop without having to walk in the rain, because there is a roofed area next to the shops.

If you want to stay completely dry, we recommend to shop at one of the shopping malls such as Alexandrium or Zuidplein.

Rotterdam is an excellent city for vintage shopping as well. And be sure to check out Olivia’s article about gift shops in Rotterdam.


9. Play all kinds of games at POING

Een echte arcadehal met klassieke flipperkasten, karaoke en een klassiek dansmachine! Bij POING kun je allerlei leuke spellen spelen, maar ook een drankje doen of iets lekkers bestellen uit hun Aziatische keuken. Het is een super leuke hotspot waar je gezellig met vrienden kan bijkletsen. 

A real arcade hall with classic pinball machines, karaoke and a classic dance machine! At POING you can play all kinds of fun games, but also have a drink and order something tasty from their Asian kitchen. It’s a great hotspot where you can catch up with friends and have a fun time together.

During a rainy day in Rotterdam, POING is an ideal place to hide from the bad weather and play fun games until late at night.


10. Play a game of lawn bowling at Mooie Boules

Je kunt Mooie Boules vinden in een karakteristieke metaal fabriek in het opkomende ZOHO. De fabriek is helemaal omgetoverd tot Frans dorpsplein. Lokale restaurants serveren signature dishes en de bar schenkt een breed assortiment aan wijn, speciaal- en lokaal bier. Echt een ideale plek voor een (na)middag of avondje gezelligheid met vrienden!

Beautiful Boules is an indoor food hall. Ideal for hiding from the rain! It is also a unique hotspot, because it is the very first Rotterdam food hall where you can also play a game of lawn bowling.

You can find Mooie Boules in a characteristic metal factory in the emerging ZOHO area. The factory has been completely transformed into a French village square. Local restaurants serve signature dishes and the bar serves a wide range of wine, specialty and local beer. Mooie Boules is a perfect spot for fun with friends!


11. Enjoy a movie at a local cinema

The perfect time to visit one of the local cinemas in Rotterdam! We have some cool smaller cinema houses, such as Cinema, Lantaren Venster and KINO. At KINO you can also hang out at the bar and grab a bite to eat.

Of course there is also the option to go to Pathé and watch one of the current blockbusters. But the local cinemas just have a bit more character.


12. Have a swim at a pool

Luckily Rotterdam has a wide variety of indoor pools! Having a swim indoor is a great way to stay active when it’s cold and rainy outside. There are swimming pools with fun recreational sections for children, but also pools that include saunas and steam cabins.

You can find a list of all the pools here (only in Dutch).


13. Enjoy the view from the Euromast

Genieten van het uitzicht op het terras van de Euromast is ideaal als de zon schijnt. Vanwege de heldere lucht kan je namelijk kilometers in de verte kijken! Wij raden aan om tijdens zonsondergang te gaan, om te zien hoe de gouden zonnestralen de stad verlichten.

The Euromast is an absolute must visit in Rotterdam. With 185 meters it’s the highest building of the Netherlands. There are plenty of reasons to go to the Euromast on a rainy day.

For instance, you can enjoy the view from the inside while enjoying (hot) drinks and good food. At 112 meters high you can enjoy a panoramic view, but unfortunately it’s not a covered area. Luckily, if you brave the rain with an umbrella you can quickly go to the Euroscoop. With the Euroscoop you can go to the highest point of the Euromast in a nice and dry rotating cabin.

TIP: Here you can already get your ticket for the Euromast.


14. Explore the waters with the watertaxi

Foto door @maarten_see_hooijmeijer.

It may sound strange to go on the water on a rainy day in Rotterdam, but during the watertaxi ride you’re actually indoors!

The watertaxi is a form of public transport, but a hundred times more fun! Book a ride on the website or order a taxi by phone and get dropped off at one of the 50 locations in the city. A nice way to see Rotterdam from the water and also an adventure, because the taxis can ride over the waves pretty quickly.

In addition to the practical function of the water taxi, you can also book it in combination with a tour. With this Rotterdam tour Rotterdamse tour you visit De Rotterdam, the Cube Houses, the Markthal and you get to ride the watertaxi!


15. Join the Splash tour

Het lijkt misschien op een normale bustour, die je langs de meest bijzondere plekjes van Rotterdam brengt, maar dat is niet het enige! Tijdens de tour neemt de bus letterlijk een duik in de Maas. De bus vaart verder en laat je de stad vanaf het water zien. Je kan hier een kaartje kopen om mee te gaan met de deze knalgele varende bus. 

It may look like a normal bus tour, that will take you to the most special places in Rotterdam. But that is not the only thing! During the tour, the bus literally takes a dip in the Maas. The bus sails further and shows you the city from the water.

Buy a ticket here to hop on this bright yellow sailing bus.


16. Get on board for a boat trip in Rotterdam

De beste manier om Rotterdam te ervaren is natuurlijk door middel van een rondvaart. Want geloof ons: vanaf het water ziet Rotterdam er weer heel anders uit! Vaar onder de Erasmusbrug en de Willemsbrug door, bekijk de verschillende havens, zie waar vroeger de Holland-Amerika Lijn vertrok en ervaar Rotterdams unieke karakter. 


The best way to experience Rotterdam is of course by taking a boat trip. Because believe us: from the water, Rotterdam looks very different! Sail under the Erasmus Bridge and the Willems Bridge, view the various ports, see where the Holland-America Line once left and experience Rotterdam’s unique character.

We recommend this tour for a quiet 1-hour cruise, which covers all the highlights of Rotterdam. It’s possible to sit on top of the deck, but you can also sit indoors to take shelter from the rain.


17. Exciting times at one of the Escape Rooms in Rotterdam

Houden jij en je vrienden wel van wat spanning en sensatie? Ga dan samen naar een van de vele Escape Rooms in Rotterdam. Zoals bijvoorbeeld Live Escape. Hier heb je drie verschillende kamers: The Safe House, Lab13 en The Boiler Room.


Do you and your friends love adventure? Then a visit to one of the Escape Rooms in Rotterdam is a great idea. For instance, you can visit Live Escape. Here you have three rooms: The Safe House, Lab13 and The Boiler Room.

At The Safe House, you and your friends unexpectedly witnessed a murder in the Rotterdam Underworld. In anticipation of the court case, in which you are the most important witnesses, you will be placed in a Safe House. But is it really safe?

In LAB13, horrible experiments were done by Russians. According to local residents, the lab is still being used. You must do the first exploration…

In The Boilerroom, your group enters a largely burned-down apartment to find Sophie. Once inside you will find out what has happened in the apartment and that Sophie is not the only one who has disappeared without a trace. Will you be able to find Sophie before you get caught?

Read Mathilde’s article for more fun Escape Rooms in Rotterdam!


18. Enjoy a day of beauty & wellness in Rotterdam

In Hillegersberg vind je de prachtige salon van Weleda City Spa, waar je naast gezichtsbehandelingen terecht kan voor een welverdiende massage. Kies voor een holistische ontspanningsmassage, een stevige sportmassage, een hot stone massage voor een betere doorbloeding of een sport arrangement speciaal voor een belangrijke wedstrijd. Allemaal uitgevoerd met hun 100% natuurlijke producten.

Being completely pampered is of course the best way to spend a rainy day in Rotterdam. Book a relaxing massage at one of these massage spots in Rotterdam (like Weleda City Spa), let your nails shine again at one of these nail salons in Rotterdam or go to a spa for a day.

Another way to pamper yourself is to make an appointment at The Glambar in Rotterdam Noord. Here they will make your hair and face beautiful. And all while enjoying a drink and a cake.


19. Go on the Rotterdam hop on, hop off bus

Are you in Rotterdam for the first time and do you want to see as much as possible? Then a hop-on hop-off is more convenient than you think. With a 24- or 28-hour ticket you can get in and out wherever and whenever you want.

Of course it is best to discover Rotterdam on foot or by bike, but during a rainy day it is nice that you can hide from the rain in a bus and warm up. Then to brave the rain again with your umbrella and still admire all the sights of Rotterdam!


20. Ice-skating at the Rotterdam ice rink

In December, January and February you can visit the Rotterdam Schaatsbaan (ice rink) in Kralingen. Chocolate milk, mulled wine, a Unox sandwich and wrapped in a thick coat. That is the real winter feeling! A super fun (winter or rainy day) outing in Rotterdam with your friends.


And that are the 20 things to do on a rainy day in Rotterdam. Again, don’t let rain ruin your fun in our city and make the most out of it. 🙂


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