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Tijdens je bezoek aan Rotterdam mag een tripje naar de Markthal niet ontbreken. Hier proef je allemaal snacks, vanuit verschillende landen, terwijl je je ogen uitkijkt.

70 Fun things to do in Rotterdam

By Lisanne van Beurden
January 31, 2022

Looking for things to do in Rotterdam? You’ve come to the right place! In this article you can find the best things to do in Rotterdam, from popular sight seeing spots to lesser known places in our city and with lots of inspiration for fun hangout spots, art, architecture, food and drinks!

Most people only think of Amsterdam when they hear about the Netherlands, but Rotterdam is actually the second biggest city in this tiny country. And it’s completely different from Amsterdam and most cities in the Netherlands.

Did you know that Rotterdam was bombed during the Second World War? Immediately after the bombing, Rotterdam began rebuilding the city. Because of this, Rotterdam has a lot of unique, modern architecture. But there’s more to this city. Expect lots of street art, museums, art galeries, hotspots, fun events and more.

Below you can find fun things to do in Rotterdam. In the article we’ve linked to lots of other useful articles for your stay in our city. Enjoy! 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. For more information please check our Disclaimer page. 


1. The Euromast

Genieten van het uitzicht op het terras van de Euromast is ideaal als de zon schijnt. Vanwege de heldere lucht kan je namelijk kilometers in de verte kijken! Wij raden aan om tijdens zonsondergang te gaan, om te zien hoe de gouden zonnestralen de stad verlichten.

If you’re a first-time visitor to Rotterdam, I definitely recommend a visit to the Euromast for a panoramic view of the city. The Euromast, with its 185 meters, is the highest building of the Netherlands.

The Euromast is part of the World Federations of Great Towers (WFGT): the 37 most beautiful and highest towers of the world, such as the Burj Khalifa, the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building.

Not only can you enjoy the beautiful view over Rotterdam, it’s also possible to book a table and have a delicious dinner or just get some drinks. Also with a view of our city, of course!

TIP: Here you can already buy your ticket to go on top of the Euromast!


2. The Cube Houses

You just can’t skip the iconic Cube Houses during a visit to Rotterdam! These famous houses, designed by architect Piet Blom, are all built at 45 degrees.

Are you wondering how anyone can live in such a place? Then be sure to pay a visit to the Kijk-Kubus, which is basically a show room of one of the houses.

To really have the full experience of living in a Cube house, you can also decide to stay at Stayokay Rotterdam Cube Hostel, which is a hostel in one of the Cube houses. Or rent a luxurious Cube house entirely for yourself via Airbnb.


3. The Markthal

Tijdens je bezoek aan Rotterdam mag een tripje naar de Markthal niet ontbreken. Hier proef je allemaal snacks, vanuit verschillende landen, terwijl je je ogen uitkijkt.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Rotterdam is definitely the iconic Markthal. This unique architectural structure serves as both an office building, housing and a marketplace.

With over 40 food vendors that sell all sorts of international food and drinks, it’s definitely one of the highlights for most tourists.

There are several tours that will introduce you to typical Dutch food. For instance, this 2-hour walking tour with multiple snack breaks.

TIP: During the construction of the Markthal, many historical items were found in the ground of the site during the excavation. It’s possible to admire those items at the escalators in the middle of the Markthal, and it’s called De Tijdtrap – which means the time stairs.


4. Rotterdam Central Station

Photo by our blogger Fatima @timavisual.

Another perfect example of how unique the architecture is in Rotterdam is Rotterdam Central Station. This relatively new building, which opened up in 2014, has a unique triangular shape that points toward the sky.

Locals also call Rotterdam Central Station with the nickname ‘Kapsalon’, naming it after one of the local fast food dishes that comes in a aluminium box.

There’s a big chance that you’ll visit Rotterdam Central Station, as this station connects to many destinations in the Netherlands and international destinations as well. If you’re not planning on travelling to Rotterdam with the train, then I definitely still recommend a visit and check out the commute at this unique location.


5. The Erasmus bridge

Foto door Menno Verheij @roffalove.

The Erasmus bridge is yet another iconic structure in Rotterdam. It’s just not possible to skip it, and there’s a high chance you’ll run into it it whether you’re planning on checking it out or not.

The bridge connects the Kop van Zuid with the center of the city. This beautiful bridge, nicknamed the Swan due to its large mast that resembles the neck of a swan, is ever so photogenic. So be sure to take lots of photos!

Another great idea is to have a walk over the bridge to the Kop van Zuid to explore this area.


6. De Rotterdam

De Rotterdam is een van de iconische gebouwen in onze stad. Hier zie je het gebouw vanaf de Erasmusbrug.

This huge building can’t be missed. The Rotterdam is located on the Wilhelminapier in our city, right next to the Erasmus bridge. In no time after it was built it became one of the most iconic buildings of our city.

In De Rotterdam you can find homes, offices, restaurants, a hotel and a parking garage. Because the building has so many functions, it can also be seen as a vertical city.

Discover our city with this tour, it takes you to De Rotterdam, Cube Houses, Watertaxi and the Markthal.

TIP: Do you want to enjoy the view over our city from De Rotterdam during your stay in Rotterdam? Then book a room at Nhow! Later in this article you can find more info about this unique hotel.


7. De Hef

De indrukwekkende Hef vanuit het "Ons Park" op Noordereiland.

The Koningshaven Bridge, better known as De Hef, has been out of use since 1993. Before that it was a bridge with a train track and therefore very important for train traffic. The railway bridge has been replaced by a tunnel in the Maas.

Today it remains an iconic bridge and a sight worth seeing in Rotterdam. The monumental bridge connects Noordereiland to the South of Rotterdam and every now and then the bridge still drops down.


8. The Luchtsingel

The Luchtsingel connects the center of Rotterdam with Rotterdam North. This unique bright yellow structure is a 390 meters pedestrian bridge. It’s completely free to visit!

From the Schieblock, where you can find Annabel, Biergarten and the DakAkker, you can walk to Pompenburg and Hofplein station. Here you’ll find various restaurants and shops.


9. The Recycled Park

The Recycled Park, Floating Pavilion and Bobbing Forest can be found close to each other, so it’s easy to visit them together.

The Recycled Park collects the plastic litter that comes the Nieuwe Maas to the North Sea. It’s a great initiative to stop, or at least minimise, the pollution of the North Sea.

The plastic litter that is collected is used to make building blocks that are used as floating platforms, creating a new green area in our city.

So not only does it look cool, the Recycled Park is also of great value to our city!


10. The Witte Huis

Het Witte Huis or the White House – don’t confuse it with the White House in Washington, is a remarkable building in the so called Oude Haven or Old Port. This building was once the highest building of Europe with its 43 meters. Nowadays, that’s kind of hard to imagine!

Do you love historical spots? Then be sure to stroll around Oude Haven, a great area for a bit of history in Rotterdam, and admire this beautiful building!

TIP: Learn more about the history of Rotterdam in a playful manner with this fun exploration game! During this exciting game you take on the role of a spy that tries to safe Rotterdam of an apocalyptic bombing during the World War II.


11. Schielandshuis

The Schielandshuis is located in the middle of the center, hidden between modern high-rise buildings. If you walk out of the Korte Hoogstraat you will encounter this beautiful building.

This renovated historic building was built when the Coolsingel was still a canal. It has experienced a lot in the many years it existed, such as the bombing of Rotterdam, which it miraculously survived.

Today the building is an office for tenants with a big heart for Rotterdam. Think of Rotterdam Partners, Rotterdam Expat Center, Atlas van Stolk and Sinfonia Rotterdam.

In the garden of the Schielandshuis you can find the Rotterdam Tourist Information. Handy for your visit to Rotterdam!


12. Veerhaven

Photo by @marionro.cks.

Visit the Veerhaven in the Scheepvaartkwartier, a picturesque part of Rotterdam with a rich history. The ferry service used to go from here to Katendrecht, hence the name Veer (meaning ferry) haven.

Nowadays historic sailing ships moor here, which you can admire while walking. Walk past the stately mansions and you will find yourself back in the rich shipping history of Rotterdam. Also discover the many nice cafes and restaurants in this area and enjoy good food and drinks!


13. Historic Delfshaven

After you’ve explored some of the modern architecture in Rotterdam, you might crave a bit of history. Even though most of Rotterdam was bombed during WWII, there are still spots that have survived the bombing.

One area that remained untouched is Delfshaven. Especially Historic Delfshaven is worth a visit, the oldest part of Rotterdam and a beautiful yacht marina. It was a very important part of our city, as it was the departure point from which the Pilgrim Fathers sailed for America.

Now it’s a beautiful historic spot in Rotterdam, where you can admire traditional houses and historic buildings.

TIP: Do you want to learn more about the Rotterdam history and WWII? Then this WOII private day tour might be something for you!


14. The Distilleerketel in Delfshaven

De historische Distilleerketel in Rotterdam

The historic Distilleerketel in Delfshaven was still in use until 1922. Eventually, the corn miller’s trade died out and the mill fell into disrepair.

Eventually, the mill was bought by Stichting Stadsherstel Historisch Rotterdam and the national monument was completely restored.

Since 1984, the still has been restored to its full glory. The best part is that the mill grinds grain again in a traditional way and it supplies flour to local bakers!

TIP: Are you curious how the mill looks from the inside? You can make an appointment and visit it (there is an entrance fee).


15. Stay on the Wikkelboat

Rotterdam is de ideale plek voor een stedentrip. Het is rijk aan architectuur, historie, kunst en heel veel leuke hotspots. Maar hoe maak je jouw weekend nou ?xtra bijzonder? Hieronder delen wij de meest bijzondere hotels in Rotterdam om te overnachten.

This unique hotel is multifunctional, sustainable and super tiny. The Wikkelboat is located within walking distance of the center and at the same time it is your own peaceful oasis on the water. Ideal if you want to travel environmentally conscious and are looking for something extra special. After all, Rotterdam is a port city, so an overnight stay on water is essential!

The first two Wikkelboats can be found in the Rotterdam Wijnhaven. Since the summer of 2021, four new Wikkelboats have been added in the Rijnhaven, next to the Floating Office Rotterdam. Awesome!

Book a night on the Wikkelboat here.


16. Stay at Nhow

Rotterdam is de ideale plek voor een stedentrip. Het is rijk aan architectuur, historie, kunst en heel veel leuke hotspots. Maar hoe maak je jouw weekend nou ?xtra bijzonder? Hieronder delen wij de meest bijzondere hotels in Rotterdam om te overnachten.

Hopefully you’ll spend more than just one day in Rotterdam! If you’re spending a couple of nights, make sure to make your time here extra special with a unique hotel.

One of our favourite hotels is definitely Nhow. During your stay here you’ll feel as if you’re in New York City instead of Rotterdam. With a view of the Erasmus Bridge and the Skyline of Rotterdam you not only get to see a beautiful sunset, you’ll see Rotterdam getting up in the early morning.

Book your stay at Nhow here or check out more unique hotels in Rotterdam.


17. Spend the night in prison

Are you looking for a unique Airbnb in Rotterdam? Then Penthouse Prison might be something for you. Here you can voluntarily spend the night in a prison!

Above the Heilige Boontjes in Rotterdam is an old cell complex of the former police station. In total there are six cells, four of which have comfortable beds, the prison cell is still intact. In addition, a cell has been used as a toilet and as a communal lounge room.

During your stay you have access to the kitchen and shower on the fourth floor, which you share with other guests. In addition, you can go to the unique roof terrace with a view of the Rotterdam skyline.


18. Spend a night at the unique Culture Campsite

Dit is een van de slaapopbjecten bij Culture Campsite.

Camping in the city? That’s definitely possible in Rotterdam! At the Culture Campsite in Delfshaven, you sleep in art objects made from already existing material. The 12 objects can accommodate 24 guests who are looking for a unique experience. Just like the ‘rooms’, you will find the toilet and shower in a sustainable art object.

The Campsite also offers a hot tub and a place for food: a nice terrace and a place where guests can cook. A truly unique experience, in which visitors, art, architecture and sustainability come together.

Check out these hidden spots in Rotterdam for more hidden spots! Perfect if you want to escape from the crowds or you just want to see a side of Rotterdam that goes beyond modern architecture.


19. Remastered Experience

Onder de Erasmusbrug vind je de unieke Remastered Experience, waar je een wordt met kunst en muziek. Toffe projecties brengen je naar een wereld geïnspireerd door Oude Hollandse Meesters.

Visit the newest interactive experience in Rotterdam: Remastered. In this attraction you will be taken on an audiovisual journey for an hour and you become one with the art.

Walk under a waterfall, go on an adventure with the unearthly creatures of Hieronymus Bosch, learn to time travel and surround yourself with paintings by Dutch Old Masters such as Van Gogh and Mondriaan. Each time you enter a new world and you don’t know what to expect.

Read more about this unique new attraction in our city and buy your entrance ticket here!


20. Join the splash tour

Het lijkt misschien op een normale bustour, die je langs de meest bijzondere plekjes van Rotterdam brengt, maar dat is niet het enige! Tijdens de tour neemt de bus letterlijk een duik in de Maas. De bus vaart verder en laat je de stad vanaf het water zien. Je kan hier een kaartje kopen om mee te gaan met de deze knalgele varende bus. 

It may look like a normal bus tour, that will take you to the most special places in Rotterdam. But that is not the only thing! During the tour, the bus literally takes a dip in the Maas. The bus sails further and shows you the city from the water.

TIP: Buy your ticket for the splash tour here.


21. Experience Virtual Reality at Zero Latency VR

Experience virtual reality in Rotterdam! For instance, you can do this at Zero Latency VR. Here you can experience the most advanced free-roam virtual reality with two to eight people at the same time. Free-roam VR means that you can move and walk around freely, in this case in a gigantic hall of 200 square meters.

Together with your team, you fight against zombies, space robots or discover a fantasy world. A fun and exciting way to work on team building. A fun activity with your friends!


22. A sporty outing at Padelife

Are you looking for a sporty outing in Rotterdam? What about a game of padel!? The popularity of this originally Mexican sport is growing so fast that former tennis halls are rapidly being converted into padel centres throughout the country.

And the same counts for Rotterdam, or at least close to our city. In the autumn of 2021 an indoor padel centre opened at the Rottemeren! Padelife has new panorama padel courts and sleek glass walls. There is also a contemporary restaurant, a shop and a lounge to relax after your game.


23. Book a flying lesson

Uitzicht vanuit een klein vliegtuigje. De prachtige skyline van Rotterdam met de Erasmusbrug en Noordereiland en Kop van Zuid van bovenaf.

Have you always wanted to admire Rotterdam from above? Your dream can come true! At Rotterdam The Hague Airport you can board a small plane and then fly over the city and admire it from the air.

For example, book a flying lesson or a sightseeing flight via Sand Air. Together with an experienced pilot you will fly over Rotterdam. Wave to all our icons: the Erasmus Bridge, Euromast and the Market Hall. A really special experience!


24. Rotterdam Highlight Bike Tour

Met de highlight fietstour van seeRotterdam brengt de gids je langs alle bezienswaardigheden van de stad. Je begint in het centrum, fietst naar de Coolsingel, de Willemsbrug, Erasmusbrug, over de Kop van Zuid en richting de Markthal. Ook de Kubuswoningen en de Oude Haven mogen natuurlijk niet worden overgeslagen. 

A fun and typical Dutch way to explore the highlights of Rotterdam is by bike! Because Dutch people love to bike. We bike to work, get groceries with it and take the children to school.

If you are a tourist in the Netherlands you will also notice that you see bicycles and designated paths everywhere. Thanks to all those cycle paths, you as a cyclist can drive around as safely as possible!

To get the real Dutch feeling as a tourist, cycling in Rotterdam should not be missing on your bucket list.

With the highlight bike tour of seeRotterdam, the guide will take you to all the sights of the city. You start in the center, cycle to the Coolsingel, the Willemsbrug, Erasmusbrug, over the Kop van Zuid and towards the Markthal. Of course, the Cube Houses and the Oude Haven should not be skipped either.

Would you like to experience this tour for yourself? Then check out the website of See Rotterdam.


25. Shopping in the Koopgoot

Rotterdam is an excellent destination for shopaholics. For instance, the Lijnbaan is full of amazing shops. The best part is that there aren’t any cars allowed, so you can walk around carefree.

Another very famous shopping street is the Koopgoot. The official name is the Beurstraverse. Koopgoot is a nickname and roughly translates as Shopping Gutter – if you haven’t noticed already, Rotterdam is fond of giving nicknames!

You won’t find any cars in the Koopgoot, just like on the Lijnbaan. In the Koopgoot you will find large retail chains such as the Hema, H&M, Zara, Lush and Douglas.

The Koopgoot has been the heart of the shopping center of Rotterdam for over 20 years now. During that time, it has won many awards! Definitely visit the Koopgoot for a unique shopping experience in Rotterdam.


26. Guilt free shopping at an eco-friendly store

Gimsel is een geweldige ecologische supermarkt in Rotterdam waar je biologische voeding en cosmetica kunt kopen.

Gimsel in the Groene Passage. Photo by @marionro.cks.

If sustainability is of importance to you, then it is definitely worth a visit to one of the sustainable stores in Rotterdam.

For example, Gimsel is a great eco-friendly supermarket in Rotterdam where you can buy organic food and cosmetics. You will also find everything you need to make your own household products, such as detergent. A good choice if you think zero-waste is important and want to avoid harmful products for the environment and yourself.

Be sure to also check out these eco-friendly stores in Rotterdam.


27. Discover cool vintage shops

The Dearhunter vintage shop.

From the centre in Rotterdam and Kralingen, to Rotterdam Noord, there are really a lot of shops that sell all kinds of beautiful vintage items.

For example, you have Dearhunter, located in a gorgeous building on the Eendrachtsweg in the Witte de Withkwartier. The store is nicely decorated with beautiful fitting rooms, cool mannequins and interesting props.

At Dearhunter they always select the most beautiful clothing, shoes, bags, sunglasses, hats and jewelry. Discover even more great vintage shops in Rotterdam!


28. Get your fruit and veggies on the Binnenrotte market

De Binnenrotte Markt is echt de ideale plek om lokale groenten, fruit, leuke vintage items en nog veel meer te scoren! Deze markt kun je vinden bij de Rotterdamse Markthal!

Every Tuesday and Saturday you can find more than 300 stalls on the Binnenrotte. At this huge Rotterdam market you can buy everything: from daily groceries and flowers to (second-hand) clothing and furniture.

Because this market is next to the Blaak metro and train station, it is very easy to reach.


29. Buy jewelry from local jewelry designers

Photo from jewelry designer Lynn Somers.

Of course you prefer to buy everything locally. If you are looking for a special piece of jewelry, it is nice to purchase it from a local jewelry designer.

Julia already recommended the best jewelery designers from Rotterdam. These designers create and design their own jewelry. This is real craftsmanship and that’s why it’s extra cool that we have such talents in this small town. Supporting your locals is always more fun than buying something from a big chain.


30. Sunbathing at Kralingse Plas

Feel like escaping the busy city? Kralingse Plas is another great option. Here you can lay on the grass by the water and enjoy a picnic with friends.

If the weather is really good, you can even decide to go for a swim! Be sure to check to check if the water is safe to enter. Sometimes the quality of the water isn’t good enough, especially when it’s really hot.

Kralingse Plas is surrounded by the Kralingse Bos. So if you feel like going for a walk, it’s an excellent place to do so.


31. Rent a sloop on the Kralingse Plas

Omringd door het Kralingse bos, is deze plas dé plek waar de Rotterdammer heengaat tijdens een zomerse dag. Als de zon schijnt staat het vol met barbecuende mensen, spelende kinderen en vrienden die genieten van een drankje.

Surrounded by the Kralingse Bos, this lake is the place where the Rotterdammer goes during a summer day. When the sun shines it is full of people barbecuing, children playing and friends enjoying a drink. Our tip is to rent a boat and float around on the Kralingse Plas.

A quick Google search and you will find several places where you can rent a boat!

Be sure to also check out these activities for a summer day in Rotterdam.


32. Discover the Heemtuin in the Kralingse Bos

The beautiful Heemtuin is hidden in the middle of the Kralingse Bos. Here you will find all kinds of plants, trees and shrubs.

Walk across the narrow jetty through all the greenery and eventually you will arrive at the Kralingse Plas and you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the skyline of Rotterdam.

Looking for more off the beaten track places? Then read Marion’s article with 24 non-touristy spots in Rotterdam.


33. Take the Watertaxi

Foto door @maarten_see_hooijmeijer.

Explore the Maas and go in one of the many watertaxi’s in Rotterdam. It is a form of public transport, but a hundred times more fun! The fast watertaxi’s bring you to more than 50 locations in Rotterdam and Schiedam.

It’s possible to go to one of the docks and grab a watertaxi there or request one beforehand. A nice way to see Rotterdam from the water and also an adventure, because the watertaxis can ride over the waves pretty quickly.

In addition to the practical function of the water taxi, you can also book it in combination with a tour. For example, this walking tour with an architect that takes you to iconic buildings, such as the Markthal and Cube houses, and on board of a watertaxi!

Check out our article with fun water activities in Rotterdam!


34. Get a tour of the port

Als grootste havenstad van Europa, maakt de haven een belangrijk deel uit van Rotterdam. Het zorgt voor 385.000 directe en indirecte banen bij bedrijven in Nederland en strekt zich uit over een lengte van maar liefst 40 kilometer. Uniek in z'n soort en daarom een essentiële bezichtiging tijdens je bezoek aan Rotterdam.

As the largest port city in Europe, the port is an important part of Rotterdam. It provides 385,000 direct and indirect jobs at companies in the Netherlands and extends over a length of no less than 40 kilometers. Unique in its kind and therefore an essential part during your visit to Rotterdam.

With this haven cruise you will be part of the traffic around the harbor, view the shipyard, the dock and the modern handling of thousands of containers.

It is also nice to explore the harbor through a bicycle tour. With this port bike tour, you drive through the center, board (by bike) for a 30-minute boat trip and then go ashore to see all aspects of the port.


35. Float around in a HotTug

Een varende hot tub: hoe leuk is dat?! De HotTug is een elektrisch aangedreven boot waarin je tijdens je boottocht warm wordt gehouden door een hout gestookte kachel. Hiermee vaar je voor minimaal twee uur door de kanalen van Rotterdam en een vaarbewijs is niet nodig. Super leuk om met je vrienden te doen!

We already talked about renting a boat on the Kralingse Plas, but this is also a great idea for a warm summer day. A HotTug is an electrically powered sailing hot tub that takes you through the canals of Rotterdam. Put on your swimsuit, have a drink, put on some music and enjoy!


36. DakAkker

We’ve already mentioned the view from the Euromast, the highest observation tower in the Netherlands. But our city has so much more viewpoints to offer. From green rooftops where fruit and vegetables are grown to cozy office terraces, there are many unique rooftops in Rotterdam that offer a great view!

DakAkker is another great viewpoint in Rotterdam. It looks like a green courtyard, but then 20 meters in the air. In addition, it’s the first green rooftop in the Netherlands where fruit and vegetables are grown and honey bees are kept. Be sure to also check out the restaurant Teds All Day Brunch for delicious food and drinks!

Be sure to read Fatima’s article with hidden rooftops in Rotterdam.


37. Walk over the Maasboulevard

It’s always a beautiful sight to witness the gorgeous skyline of Rotterdam from the Maasboulevard! It doesn’t matter how often you may have seen it, each time you’ll marvel at the impressive skyline of our city.

Take some time and stroll along the Maas. Sit down, take some photos and watch the boats that move across the water.

Be sure to also check out our article with great places for a walk in Rotterdam!


38. Het Park

Rotterdam offers a lot of lush gardens and parks. Vroesenpark, Kralingse Bos or Het Park located at the Euromast.

Het Park is a great option, with the beautiful Euromast as a backdrop and plenty of room to find a serene spot for yourself. Take your own picnic with you and a big blanket, and you’ll have a lovely day.

Don’t feel like laying in the grass? Another wonderful option is visiting Parkcafé Parqiet. Here you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and drinks. Parqiet is located in the former carriage house and together with Dudok in the Park, is one of the few spots in the Park to enjoy a drink and food.


39. Museumpark

At the grounds of Boijmans van Beuningen: currently closed

There are a lot of museums that are worth a visit in Rotterdam. Around Museum Park you will find many famous museums where you can visit amazing exhibitions.

Just to name a few: Museum Boijmans van Beuningen (unfortunately it is closed for seven years from 2019!), Het Nieuwe Instituut, Chabot Museum, Villa Sonneveld, Natural History Museum and De Kunsthal. These are all located near each other at Museumpark.


40. Depot Boijmans van Beuningen

The new Boijmans van Beuningen Depot is finally open. Due to the mirrored exterior and extraordinary architecture, it is already an iconic building in Rotterdam.

The Boijmans van Beuningen Depot is the first depot in the world to offer public access to a complete collection. Here we can browse between 151,000 art objects and watch the conservation and restoration of art. In addition, visitors and residents can go to the roof garden with restaurant, which is accessible for free, to enjoy the view over Rotterdam.


41. Visit the Maritime Museum

Een activiteit die leuk is voor alle leeftijden. Het Maritiem Museum Rotterdam bevindt zich in één van de grootste en oudste museumhavens van Nederland en hier leer je meer over het verleden én heden van de Rotterdamse haven. Met tentoonstellingen, activiteiten en een collectie aan historische schepen en kranen ben je hier wel even zoet. Ideaal voor bijvoorbeeld een regenachtige dag of als je op pad bent met kinderen. 

Photo by Theo de Man

A fun museum to visit, that isn’t located in the Museumpark, is the Maritime Museum Rotterdam. This museum is located in one of the largest and oldest museum ports in the Netherlands and here you can learn more about the past and present of the port of Rotterdam. With exhibitions, activities and a collection of historic ships and cranes, you’ll be here for a while.

Ideal for a rainy day in Rotterdam and/or when you are visiting Rotterdam with children.

TIP: buy your ticket for the Maritime Museum in advance.


42. Discover Miniworld Rotterdam

Miniworld Rotterdam is a super fun place for a day out with your kids in Rotterdam. It is an indoor miniature world of Rotterdam with everything you can imagine. Here the kids discover the world in miniature size, a unique way to get to know the metropolis of Rotterdam better.

Expect over 650 square meters with Rotterdam polder landscapes, modern and historical architecture and of course the port of Europe. Everything is surprisingly detailed. Really a top place for a family outing in Rotterdam!

TIP: Already get your ticket for Miniworld Rotterdam!


43. Pannenkoekenboot

If you are looking for the real Dutch experience with the family, you should go with the “Pannenkoekenboot” or Pancake Boat. In addition to tasting the typical Dutch pancakes, you will explore Rotterdam with a boat trip on the Maas. A super fun children’s activity, but secretly also fun (and delicious of course) for the grown ups.

Be sure of a spot on the Pancake Boat via this link!


44. Kids Marina

Een leuk dagje uit met de kinderen in Rotterdam: dat kan bij Kids Marina!

Kidsmarina is a super fun water attraction in Rotterdam. Children can feel like a captain as soon as they get on one of the children’s boats. The great thing is that at Kidsmarina they immediately gain insight into the port and its functions and vehicles. So it’s an educational and fun day out in Rotterdam!

The kids can easily drive the model boats themselves and the boats are powered by electric motors. A boat trip takes 15 minutes from sailing to mooring.


45. A day trip to Kinderdijk from Rotterdam

Ga een dagje naar Kinderdijk vanuit Rotterdam!

Do you have a whole day? Then visit Kinderdijk. It may not be in Rotterdam, but it is easy to visit from our city. Did you know that you can take the Waterbus from Rotterdam to Kinderdijk? It only takes 30 minutes.

Kinderdijk, with its 19 windmills, has been a world-famous UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. Tourists from all over the world come here to admire the beautiful windmills. The ingenious system of mill and ground has kept the grounds of Kinderdijk dry for centuries.

TIP: Already buy yourself the Kinderdijk ticket, which includes entrance to two Dutch mills and a boat tour through the village.


46. Visit a cool place near Rotterdam

Photo by @Marionro.cks

If you’ve seen enough of Rotterdam, it’s always possible to visit a cool city or spot that is close to Rotterdam. For instance, Delft is only 15 minutes by train from Rotterdam.

Check out Marion’s article with great places to visit near Rotterdam.


47. Calaboose

If you’re looking for a fun night out in Rotterdam, then it’s a great idea to visit one of the hotspots that offer delicious cocktails. There are plenty of great hotspots in Rotterdam that create the most unique drinks and it often comes with some delicious snacks.

Calaboose, located in Kralingen, is a great place for cocktails. Especially on beautiful sunny days it’s a top choice, because of the spacious terrace where there’s enough seating for large groups. In addition to a cocktail, try one of the Indonesian dishes from the menu, such as the saté or gado gado. A fun night is guaranteed!

Discover these amazing terraces in Rotterdam and these restaurants with a garden in Rotterdam.


48. Dutch Dukes

Photo by Wendy van Bree.

In the middle of the bustling Witte de Withstraat you can find the first English gastropub in Rotterdam: Dutch Dukes. The hotspot wants to introduce the city to the casual British pub atmosphere.

You will be welcomed here by the smell of typical English dishes, such as fish & chips and steak & guiness pie, but you can also opt for appetizers such as avocado fries and beetroot ‘bitterballen’.

The high-quality dishes are freshly prepared daily, the drinks menu is filled with British beers, ciders and gin tonics, of course. But in addition to the food and drinks menu, the interior is also as you would expect from a gastropub. With a burgundy, oak and brass colour palette and stained glass, it will feel like you’re in London for a moment.

Read more about this English gastropub.


49. Pub crawl through Rotterdam

According to our blogger Julia, there is nothing better than hanging out in a pub. This is possible in the evening, in the afternoon, during the week and at the weekend. Actually, a pub feels a bit like a living room. You can have a relaxed drink and play games. You might be lucky and there’s a good old pub quiz.

So, if you want to discover even more fun pubs in our city, a pub crawl through Rotterdam is a good idea!


50. Harvest Coffee Brewers

Bij Harvest Coffee Brewers kun je ontbijten, brunchen of lunchen met een prachtig uitzicht over een klein haventje in Rotterdam. Het terrasje is klein, dus er is niet altijd plek, maar binnen zit je ook hartstikke gezellig.

The owners of Harvest Coffee Brewers used to work in Melbourne, where making coffee is considered a true art. With their obtained experience and skills, they returned to Rotterdam to set up a coffee bar as they know them in Melbourne: with delicious food and the perfect cup of coffee. In our opinion, their mission has certainly been successful.

At Harvest Coffee Brewers you enjoy sitting by the water, drinking a really good cup of coffee and eating delicious avocado toast, eggs benedict or any of their other delicious dishes.

Check out more coffee spots in Rotterdam!


51. Breakfast in Rotterdam HQ

Koffie tentjes in Rotterdam zijn er genoeg. Maar dat maakt het kiezen juist zo lastig! Wij helpen je graag en zetten daarom hieronder onze 10 favoriete plekjes op een rij. Leuke, knusse plekjes in Rotterdam om even bij te komen tijdens een typisch Nederlandse, regenachtige dag of juist in het zonnetje op het terras. Maak je klaar voor 10 leuke koffie plekken in Rotterdam!?

Rotterdam is a real foodie paradise and there are a lot of great hotspots for breakfast and lunch. So be sure to schedule enough time for a big breakfast or brunch at least one morning in our city and pick one of the best spots to enjoy a big breakfast. You’ll find plenty of vegan options in our city too!

A great hotspot to have breakfast in Rotterdam is, what a surprise, Breakfast in Rotterdam HQ! It’s located in a second-hand store full of furniture, plants and more. Everything in their breakfast shop is also for sale. So if you happen to sit in a nice chair, you can take it with you after you ate!

These breakfast spots in Rotterdam are our favourite options and these are our favourite lunch spots in Rotterdam.

For even more inspiration, be sure to check out the Instagram account Breakfast in Rotterdam. Yes, the Instagram account is run by the owners of Breakfast in Rotterdam HQ!


52. Go to one of the Escape Rooms

Houden jij en je vrienden wel van wat spanning en sensatie? Ga dan samen naar een van de vele Escape Rooms in Rotterdam. Zoals bijvoorbeeld Live Escape. Hier heb je drie verschillende kamers: The Safe House, Lab13 en The Boiler Room.

Foto door Live Escape in Rotterdam

Do you and your friends love adventure? Then a visit to one of the Escape Rooms in Rotterdam is a great idea. For instance, you can visit Live Escape. Here you have three rooms: The Safe House, Lab13 and The Boiler Room.

At The Safe House, you and your friends unexpectedly witnessed a murder in the Rotterdam Underworld. In anticipation of the court case, in which you are the most important witnesses, you will be placed in a Safe House. But is it really safe?

In LAB13, horrible experiments were done by Russians. According to local residents, the lab is still being used. You must do the first exploration…

In The Boilerroom, your group enters a largely burned-down apartment to find Sophie. Once inside you will find out what has happened in the apartment and that Sophie is not the only one who has disappeared without a trace. Will you be able to find Sophie before you get caught?

Read Mathilde’s article for more fun Escape Rooms in Rotterdam!


53. Play games at POING

Bij de arcade hal POING in Rotterdam speel je spelletjes zoals Airhockey, Pacman en Dance Dance Revolution.

A real arcade hall with classic pinball machines, karaoke and a classic dance machine! At POING you can play all kinds of fun games, but also have a drink and order something tasty from their Asian kitchen. It’s a unique hotspot where you can catch up with friends and have a fun time together.

POING often organizes fun parties during the weekends!


54. Mooie Boules

Mooie Boules is the first food hal in Rotterdam where you can play jeu de boules (lawn bowling).

You can find this hotspot in an old metal factory in the emerging ZOHO area.

The old factory has been completely transformed into a typical French village square. Local restaurants will serve signature dishes and the bar will serve a wide range of wine, special- and local beers. Of course all in combination with a game of lawn bowling.


55. Team building during a pub quiz

Gezellige pubquiz bij Weena!

How well is your general knowledge? Time to test it during a pub quiz! Grab a drink and make sure to work together as a team.

Where can you take a pub quiz in Rotterdam? One hotspot where you can enjoy a pub quiz with friends is Weena Rotterdam. Here they organise a pub quiz every Tuesday night from 8:30 pm to 11:00 pm.

Check these 3 nice places for a pub quiz in Rotterdam.


56. Have dinner at one of the best restaurants in the city

Amarone. Photo by Adinda de Boer.

As Rotterdam is such a great place for foodies, with food from anywhere in this world, you should definitely try out one of the highest-rated restaurants in the city!

Next to many affordable restaurants, there are also a lot of fancy restaurants that have amazing food, topnotch service and impressive interiors.

If you’re looking for restaurants in our city that go the extra mile, be sure to check out these best restaurants in Rotterdam or these amazing restaurants in Rotterdam.


57. Lührs Viewpoint

Photo by our blogger Fatima @timavisual.

Lührs Viewpoint is a 40-meter high hill, something you don’t easily find in Rotterdam. This makes it a special place to watch the sunset in our city.

You will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Rotterdam skyline and, if the sky is clear, the skyline of The Hague! You escape the busy city and enjoy the nature, while the sun slowly hides behind the horizon.

Other great places to watch the sunset is from the Euromast for a panoramic view or visit the Kralingse Plas for a serene spot to really enjoy the sunset.

Check out this article with beautiful sunset spots in Rotterdam!


58. Courtyard City Hall Rotterdam

De binnentuin van het Stadhuis is een van de mooie onontdekte plekken in Rotterdam.

Photo by our blogger

The city hall is one of the few buildings in the center of Rotterdam that is still standing after the bombing in the Second World War. It’s also a building that most people have only admired from the outside.

Walk in and you will see that the city hall is a large square building with an intimate inner garden in the middle. The historic architecture and appearance of the courtyard almost make you forget that you are in Rotterdam. The fountain, statues and beautiful flowers such as roses and hydrangeas make the inner garden of Rotterdam City Hall an oasis of peace in the middle of the city.


59. Witte de Withstraat

Witte de Withstraat staat bekend als de culturele straat van Rotterdam en vormt samen met Museumpark het culturele hart van Rotterdam. Deze artistieke straat mag niet worden overgeslagen tijdens jouw bezoek, en de straat is vol met leuke cafés, winkels, kunstgalerijen en restaurants.

Witte de Withstraat is also known as Rotterdam’s cultural street and together with Museum Park it’s the cultural heart of Rotterdam. This artistic street shouldn’t be skipped during your visit, and it’s filled with nice cafes, shops, art galleries and restaurants.

There are also several accommodations on and around Witte de Withstraat, which means you’re in the middle of the cultural center of our city.

Julia shares fun hotspots on and around Witte de Withstraat, so that you are sure you’re not missing a thing.


60. Nieuwe Binnenweg

The Nieuwe Binnenweg is another great street to have drinks with friends. It’s a typical street in Rotterdam with a great vibe. You’ll find a couple of popular, local bars here, such as Rotown, Bar3 and Stalles.

If you love beer, you should most definitely go to Boudewijn, a Belgian beer café. There are over 24 tap baars and more than 200 bottled beers. Hungry?

Order some sides with your beers, such as fries, bitterballen, mussels and more!


61. Kabouter buttplug

Locals call this kind of weird statue Kabouter Buttplug, but the official name is actually Santa Claus by Paul McCarthy. The statue is Santa Claus with a Christmas tree and is supposed to represent the consumption culture. But, as you can see, Santa Claus looks to be holding on to something else than a christmas tree…

There has been a lot of discussion around Kabouter Buttplug, and it has been dragged around to various spots in the city because of its sexual image.

Finally, the statue has found its place at Eendrachtsplein and the streets wouldn’t be the same without Santa Claus.


62. The Hofbogen

Deze mooie gevel van Man Met Bril Koffie is bedekt met street art door I Am Eelco.

If you’re visiting the Luchtsingel, you might as well cross over to the North of Rotterdam. This neighbourhood has changed a lot in the recent years. Instead of sexshops and snackbars, you can now find lots of vintage stores, art galeries and cosy lunchrooms.

The Hofbogen, located at the border of the Oude Noorden, are definitely worth a visit. In this unique structure you’ll find lots of creative hotspots: Clone Records, BIRD, FG Food Labs and more. Around the Hofbogen you’ll also find lots of street art.


63. Admire the street art all across Rotterdam

Street art door Telmo Miel & Smug in Afrikaanderwijk.

In Rotterdam, there’s actually no need to spend money to enjoy art, because there is plenty of art to explore on the streets. If you’re a street art lover, you’ll definitely love our city.

Next to well-known spots, such as the street art around the Hofbogen by Opperclaes that changes four times a year, there are also lesser known spots in our city where you can find street art. This makes it so fun to roam around our city and find pieces of art in unexpected places.

Want to discover more cool murals in Rotterdam? Then check out our article about cool street art in Rotterdam!


64. The Rotterdam Art Ride project

Rotterdam Art Ride (ROAR) is an art project whereby 18 pillars under the metro line of Rijnhaven are painted by an international group of artists from all over Europe. The goal of this great art project is to make visual art accessible to a wide audience and to inspire residents on a daily basis.

The Rotterdam Art Ride can be found under the metro line between stations Rijnhaven and Maashaven in the South of Rotterdam.

Be sure to check out their website for more information about the project and its contributing artists!


65. Eiland van Brienenoord

If you’ve been to Rotterdam a few times already and feel like skipping the popular sights and see more of our city, be sure to explore more of the lesser known parts of Rotterdam. One of them is the Eiland of Brienenoord (Island of Brienenoord), located right below the Van Brienenoord Bridge.

As soon as you set foot on the island you discover a beautiful piece of nature where you can walk peacefully. You will not find many people on this island.

On the path you will find wooded areas, grass fields, small pools, open waters and a nature playground. In addition, there are 40 different bird species, plants and butterflies that live in the nature reserve. Perhaps the most surprising habitants are the Scottish Highlanders who roam around and graze the grass all year round.


66. Weelde

There are so many unique hotspots in our city, but one that really stands out is Weelde. This creative, utopian free stat is a place where music, art, performance and food and drinks come together. It’s a place where both young and old can enjoy themselves.

There’s a lunchroom, restaurant, bar, garden, a big shed and a huge greenhouse. So whether you’re looking for a serene spot for a bite to eat or really want to party, both is possible at Weelde.


67. Take the metro

The metro in Rotterdam is actually a great and easy way to travel around. Besides that it’s functional, there are actually some pretty cool stations in our city.

For instance, Wilhelminaplein (pictured above), Marconiplein and Blaak. It may sound a bit weird to call a subway station a place of interest, but these are pretty photogenic places and reflect our raw city quite well!

If you want to learn how to use the public transport in our city, be sure to check out this article with information on how to use public transportation.

TIP: Already buy a one day ticket for public transportation in Rotterdam


68. Enjoy a classic in Cinerama

There’s a big chance that you’ll visit Rotterdam on a rainy day. Don’t let it spoil your fun!

One of the things to do on a rainy day in our city, is visiting one of the cinema’s. Whether you want to watch the latest blockbuster or an arthouse film and classics, it’s all possible.

You can visit Cinerama, located at Westblaak, for that old skool movie experience. Both the exterior and interior of Cinerama is fantastic.

Another great option is KINO. It’s also possible to have dinner and drinks here, perfect before you go watch that old classic film.


69. Visit one of the many events that take place in Rotterdam

Of course everything is a bit different right now, but usually there are lots of fun events planned in Rotterdam and there’s something for everyone. From the free annual festival Metropolis and the annual theaterfestival De Parade to the city mediation and international yoga day.

Be sure to check out our calender to see if there’s anything fun to attend while you’re visiting our city!


70. Van Nelle Fabriek

Photo by our blogger

De Van Nelle Fabriek is a remarkable building made of concrete, steel and glass. It’s an event location, office building and museum. There’s a chance that during your visit in Rotterdam that there’s a event organised in this building. Van Nelle Fabriek is an excellent spot to take photos!


Hopefully you’ve got enough inspiration for things to do in Rotterdam after reading this article! Have an amazing time in our city, and be sure to follow us on Instagram @WeekendsinRotterdam and tag your photos in Rotterdam with #WeekendsinRotterdam


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