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30 Fun and productive things to do at home

By Lisanne van Beurden
March 28, 2020

Are you looking for fun things to do at home? In this article we share 30 things to do at home. Whether you’re looking for ways to stay productive at home or for ways to have fun at home. 

Of course we give some extra attention to initiatives by people from Rotterdam. So in this article you can find lots of tips to do at home, that will simultaneously help local companies. 

For instance, practice online yoga with a Rotterdam yoga instructor, visit a Rotterdam museum online, shop online at one of the many Rotterdam shops and follow an online writing course at a Rotterdam literary course center. In this article you can find enough inspiration for the coming weeks.

We will continue to update this article. So do you have a good tip for things to do while staying at home? Let us know in the comments below.


1. Take a yoga class online


Practice yoga with Malu Yoga

Stay zen by participating in the daily yoga classes of Malu Yoga for the next three weeks. Every day she shares a YouTube link to the new lesson via e-mail. Each lesson lasts between 45 and 60 minutes and is taught in English.

It is possible to watch the videos whenever it suits you. On some days, you can also follow the yoga class live via a private Instagram account.

Subscribe here and practice yoga with Malu Yoga!


Livestreams with Yogaground

You can visit Yogaground 7 days a week for all kinds of yoga classes. From Hot yoga to Flow Slow yoga and from Power Core to Flex. Now it is also possible to participate in various yoga classes online via their Instagram page @yogaground, their YouTube channel or via their App under online classes.

Send us an email or leave a comment if your yoga school is also busy with online classes, then we will add this to this list immediately.



2. Work out online with gyms in Rotterdam

The gyms in the Netherlands are also closed. Many Rotterdam gyms are getting creative with this current situation. A number of gyms in Rotterdam are now offering online classes or are currently setting things up online (for example via their Instagram page or website). Some of these include:

Send us an email or leave a comment if your gym is also offering online classes, then we will add it to this list.


3. Visit the museums in Rotterdam online

Instead of admiring art in a physical museum, there are also a number of options for doing this from home. Below we share the online initiatives of various Rotterdam museums and galleries.


View the digital collection of the Marines Museum

The Marines Museum has a digital collection with special places, events, persons and facts that deepen the understanding of the history of the Marine Corps. A good way to enjoy yourself and learn something.


Watch the live program at the Nieuwe Instituut

The Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam continues the activity program in digital form as much as possible. They have an online section on their website where you can view or listen to a varying selection from their online publications. Here they have an audio library and a digital collection.


Museum Boijmans van Beuningen

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen has started Boijmans Online. Here you can view 45,000 art objects from Boijmans, read their file catalogs and enjoy 360-degree virtual tours.

Through the tours you can still enjoy various exhibitions, such as ‘The collection as time machine’ and ‘The Design Collection’.

In addition, Instagram account of Boijmans is currently dominated by a contemporary experiment. Namely a drawing relay inspired by the Cadavre Exquis / Exquisite Corpse.


Kunsthal Rotterdam

The Kunsthal also offers great online initiatives. For example, they give us the opportunity to stay creative with the Kunsthal LIVE Masterclasses via their YouTube channel. In addition, they share all kinds of highlights and creative assignments via their Instagram and Facebook.


Nederlands Fotomuseum

The Nederlands Fotomuseum has also been closed due to the measures. That is why you can now visit the Nederlands Fotomuseum from your home!

Watch the series ‘Archive Dive’, in which Martijn van den Broek and restorer Katrin Pietsch extract special collection pieces from the main collections. In one minute they tell about the collection piece. You can also admire their collection online, take an online tour of the exhibition ‘Sterke verhalen uit de rijke collectie van het Nederlands Fotomuseum’ or  ‘Strong stories from the rich collection of the Nederlands Fotomuseum’ and more (most is in Dutch)!


Read our article with museums in Rotterdam that you can visit online for more great museums to visit from home!


4. Listen to a great podcast

While relaxing on the couch or while you’re cleaning up your house… Listening to a podcast is always possible and is a lot of fun. Also, it’s often super educational. Podcasts come in all shapes and sizes and are completely free! You can listen to podcasts via Spotify and iTunes. Below we tip some podcasts by and for people from Rotterdam.


Podcasts by people from Rotterdam (most of them in Dutch)


5. Listen to books in the LuisterBieb

You can listen to over 4,000 audiobooks through the Online Bibliotheek. Because now almost everyone has to stay inside, they have added an extra selection of beautiful audiobooks in the LuisterBieb. You can listen to this until April 6, even if you are not a member of the Library.

From Fantasy & Science Fiction and Thrillers to lectures on biology and nature, you can find anything in the LuisterBieb. Click here for the selection. What are you going to listen to?


6. Shop online at Rotterdam shops

Rotterdam stores are also working hard to adapt to this new situation. At the time of writing, stores in the Netherlands may remain open, but due to the circumstances, a lot of stores give the option to order their items online. And of course many stores already had this option available! Very handy if you stay at home these weeks.

Here are some great Rotterdam shops where you can shop online (via their Instagram stories or website):

Vintage shops Rotterdam:

  • Dearhunter
  • Vintage & Labels by Hendrikus
  • Rumba Vintage
  • Sweet Rebels
  • Lily Scarlet
  • Margootje Vintage
  • Betje Krul Vintage

Concept stores Rotterdam:

  • Unconventional Wardrobe
  • KEET
  • Hutspot
  • KKEC


7. Bestel de Louen Suprise Box

The store Louen exist nine years on Wednesday 1 April 2020! To celebrate this you can buy a great box online: the ‘Louen Surprise Box’. The box is filled with all kinds of beautiful fashion items. From high-quality basics and expensive eye-catchers (in all sizes), to the most beautiful jewelry and accessories.


8. Buy something from Weelde’s webshop

There are so many unique hotspots in our city, but one that really stands out is Weelde. This creative, utopian free state is a place where music, art, performance and food and drinks come together. It’s a place where both young and old can enjoy themselves.

Weelde is a place that must be preserved. Fortunately, they give you the opportunity to support them by purchasing something in their Weelde webshop. From beautiful merchandise and a ticket that gives you access to all WeeldeNachten of 2020, to your name in a prominent spot at Weelde.

9. Order food in Rotterdam

Wil jij een lekkere warme huisgemaakte maaltijd, zonder 'm zelf te maken? Breng dan een bezoek aan The Harvest, één van onze favoriete gezonde hotspots in Rotterdam en tevens erg betaalbaar. Hier gebruiken ze lokale en seizoensgebonden producten waarmee ze een heerlijk bordje voor je samenstellen.

Still want to feel as if you’re going out for dinner in Rotterdam? Then order from one of the local restaurants. Put on your best outfit, light some candles and put on some nice music. That way, you still have a cozy dinner at home with delicious dishes and you immediately support one of the restaurant owners.

It is always important to take good care of yourself, but in these times we can certainly use an extra health boost. Fortunately, there are still plenty of restaurants that deliver healthy dishes in Rotterdam. We have a list ready for you with hotspots that deliver healthy dishes at home.

TIP: if you prefer not be in contact with the delivery person, let them know when ordering. That way they can simply put the meal at your doorstep!


10. Order something sweet from Koekela

A fun way to surprise someone on their birthday is with a delicious pie from Koekela. And even if you don’t necessarily have something to celebrate, you can get something yummy. At the moment, the Koekela store is still open and you can get the best pies, biscuits and bars here. But ordering online is definitely also an option at Koekela.


11. Cook a special meal at home

Ken jij de Rotterdamse Marjolein van @veggiereceptjes al? Op haar Instagram deelt zij héérlijke vegetarische gerechten, die er ook nog eens goed uitzien. Om ervoor te zorgen koken een feestje wordt (en blijft), delen we hieronder twee van haar gerechten die ideaal zijn voor het diner.

Foto door Marjolein van @Veggiereceptjes

Besides the possibility to order good food online, this is also the time to experiment at home in the kitchen. For instance, check out these 8 tasty recipes by Rotterdammers. Breakfast, juices, inspiration for dinner and cocktails, the article contains lots of inspiration for food to make at home.

Or how about a real Rotterdam cookbook with not only Turkish pizza, “patatje oorlog” and the Rotterdam kapsalon, but many more special dishes from Rotterdam!

Writer Linda Roodenburg searched for chefs and cooks from different cultures who are praised in their own environment for their cookery. She describes their life and stories, the stores where they do their shopping and she noted down the recipes of their favorite dishes. Together with photographer Carel van Hees, she followed them before, during and after a special meal for family and friends.


12. Create your own high tea

Yoghurt Barn werkt dan misschien graag met biologische yoghurt en zuivel in het algemeen, maar ze willen ook graag iets bieden aan de mensen die liever geen zuivel eten. Om ook de vegan in Rotterdam mee te kunnen nemen in de wereld van (plantaardige) yoghurt, hebben ze onder andere een heerlijke Vegan High Tea samengesteld. Gevuld met natuurlijk Yoghurt Barn's heerlijke (soja) yoghurt, vegan kokosbrood, Sharp Sharp gebakjes, een wrap met avocado, broodjes met dips en nog meer. Ideaal voor plantaardige eters, mensen die niet zo lekker gaan op lactose, of mensen die graag bewust genieten! 

De Vegan High Tea bij Yoghurt Barn.

Of course it is so sad that we cannot visit one of the Rotterdam hotspots for a delicious high tea. But don’t let that stop you from having a high tea party at home!

Buy lots of delicious tea (of course, do not empty the entire supermarket shelf!) and get yourself a fancy teapot. Bake a tasty pie, delicious scones and the creamiest brownies. Combine it with tasty savory dishes such as wraps and sandwiches, set up the table nicely and there you have it: a cozy high tea at home.


13. Shake your own cocktails with recipes from Rotterdam bartenders

Een verfrissende klassieke cocktail, simpel maar héérlijk als deze in balans is met een mooie rum. Om het fris en fruitig te houden, deelt Chi-Ho hét recept voor de perfecte Daiquiri. 

The bars are closed and you can’t go out, so bring the party at home! Make the best cocktails at home with these recipes by various Rotterdam bartenders. The bartenders of Rumah, Williams Canteen, Calaboose, Amehoela, Botanero and Dr. were kind enough to share their recipes! Invite your friends digitally and you have yourself an online party. Which cocktail will you make?


14. Follow online courses to improve your skills


Follow an online writer’s course at The Writer’s Guide (to the Galaxy)

Do you love writing? Then use this time to develop your writing skills!

The Rotterdam literary course center The Writer’s Guide (to the Galaxy) shares a writing assignment from one of their teachers on their Instagram page every few days.

If you also want feedback on the text you have written, you can. For an amount of only € 25, – you will receive feedback by email from the teacher who wrote the assignment.


Follow an online Instagram course

Have you been wanting to boost your social media skills? Then follow the Masterclass Social Media voor Dummies: Hashtag University with Petra Kevenaar, the co-founder of Hashtag Junkies.

Petra tells what works and does not work in a 180-minute live stream. And not just about a single social platform, but based on years of experience on various social media platforms and the development of social media strategies. The world of social isn’t as intimidating as it seems! In three hours Petra prepares you for the online world where you have to go viral at least once.

Interested? The course costs € 175 excl. VAT. Send an email to and book your spot!


Take an online cooking class

Have you always wanted to improve your cooking skills? Then use the time now and take an online cooking course. There are plenty to be found online, from paid courses to free videos on YouTube. Now is the time to indulge in the kitchen and try some new dishes.


15. Order a Rotterdam gift

Even in times like this, people have their birthday or deserve to be put in the spotlight. Although you may not be able to congratulate them personally, it is still possible to send them a present.

Are you looking for a great gift for a Rotterdammer? Then read our article with perfect gifts for someone from Rotterdam with all kinds of great products. From beautiful books and puzzles to scented candles and pajamas. There is something for everyone! This way you are guaranteed to find the perfect gift and you can immediately buy it online.


16. Create your own spa at home

Als gediplomeerd massagetherapeute focust Madou zich volledig op het geven van de beste 'lijf' massages. Ook kan je hier een Balinese massage boeken, waarin het beste van de Indiase Ayurveda, de Chinese drukpunt en de Zweedse massage samenkomen. 

Lijf massage in Rotterdam.

Me-time, self-care, it has always been important, but during this crisis it is even more more significant to take great care of yourself. Since booking an appointment for a massage in Rotterdam isn’t possible right now, it is a great idea to create a spa at home. And big plus: it is a lot more affordable!

But how do you do that? Below are some tips for enjoying a spa day at home.


  • Turn off all digital devices for a while, so you can be sure that you will not be disturbed.
  • Put on a face and hair mask.
  • Take a warm bath or take a nice warm shower.
  • Use your favorite beauty products and scrub yourself clean from head to toe.
  • Apply the best body lotion you have.
  • Put on your softest bathrobe.
  • Light some candles and put on some peaceful music.
  • Read a good book or take a power nap.


17. Take a walk (and keep distance!)

Sometimes you really need some fresh air and a change of scenery. Very understandable! It is also very nice weather at the moment, so chances are you could really use a walk outside.

You can still get a breath of fresh air, according to RIVM. However, you must adhere to a number of rules: do not walk in a group (in Rotterdam you can only walk with two people on the street) and always keep distance from others (at least one and a half meters). So as long as you do this, a walk is definitely fine.

Please be aware: Fines are given to groups of three or more people who do not keep distance of a meter and a half.


18. Read a book about Rotterdam

Use this time to finally finish reading a book. Below we tip a number of books written by someone from Rotterdam or a Rotterdam enthusiast. From useful tips about Rotterdam places to the history of Rotterdam, there is something for everyone!


Habitat Rotterdam – Shaping City Life

The beautiful book ‘Habitat Rotterdam’ is available in both Dutch and English and shows stories from Rotterdam makers. Read the interviews with Rotterdam designers, artists, architects, choreographers and writers and admire portraits in their home and studio.

HTSPT City Guide: Rotterdam – 100 hotspots in Rotterdam

With this handy hotspot guide from HTSPT you can get inspiration for when you can eat out again. It is packed with beautiful restaurants, coffee bars, hotels / hostels and unique concept stores!

111 plekken in Rotterdam die je gezien moet hebben

The book ‘111 plekken in Rotterdam die je gezien moet hebben’, meaning “111 places in Rotterdam that you must have seen”, is about a journey of discovery in your own city. Rotterdam is more than Feyenoord, the new central station, the Erasmus Bridge or the Markthal. A must for the real Rotterdammer who wants to know every popular and hidden gem in Rotterdam. Very handy when you can finally go exploring again!

De kleine geschiedenis van Rotterdam voor Dummies

De kleine geschiedenis van Rotterdam voor Dummies or “The short history of Rotterdam for Dummies” offers a concise overview of the turbulent history of Rotterdam, birthplace of Erasmus, residence of Willem van Oranje and departure point of Admiral Piet Hein.

Wat zeggie? Azzie val dan leggie!

‘Wat zeggie? Azzie val dan leggie!’ is a book about the Rotterdam dialect. Prepositions, harbor slang, nicknames for people, nicknames for parts of Rotterdam and more are discussed in this book!

The 500 hidden secrets of Rotterdam

This English book about Rotterdam is a great gift for someone who has just moved to Rotterdam or for a Rotterdammer who would like to discover more of his own city. The book contains 500 places with beautiful photos and handy lists.

Rotterdam hooligan

Rotterdam Hooligan is about the battle between the hooligans of Feyenoord against rival groups of other football clubs. Certainly an interesting book and especially a good gift for the real Feyenoord fan!


19. Play fun boardgames


Play at home boxes by Mooie Boules

Playing games together at home. Always a fun way to spend time together!

Mooie Boules has a creative solution for people who do not have a collection of board games at home. Together with 999 Games they have a great deal to deliver the best games from 1 or 2 players to people’s homes. Order a Speelthuis boxes (play at home boxes) and you will also receive drinks and snacks with the games!

Check out the Speelthuis pakketten of Mooie Boules.


Rotterdam boardgame: Ports of Europe – Rotterdam

Did you know that there’s a real Rotterdam board game? In this haven or port game everyone plays an entrepreneur who transports the necessary raw materials from all parts of the world to the port of Rotterdam. The game contains all aspects of the harbor, such as sailing with ships, transshipment in the ports, the loading of raw materials and more.


20. Bingewatch a show on Netflix or Videoland

Normally you might feel quite useless if you spend a whole Saturday binge-watching Friends, now you can do that without a shred of guilt. In fact, a whole day on your couch is more responsible than organizing a boot camp with your friends. These are crazy times.

So choose a new series or a favorite classic, crawl under the softest blanket you have with the tastiest snacks you have and bingewatch away!


21. Check out Boncolor’s cheerful vlogs (only in Dutch)

Do you already know Bonnie of Boncolor? She has a YouTube channel where you can watch all kinds of cheerful, personal vlogs.

For example, she recently started the new series ‘Binnen bij Bon’, in which she shares what she is currently doing at home. From building a hut to Vietnamese cooking. This way you also get enough inspiration for fun activities at home!

Bonnie also has the great series ‘Kringloopkwartier’, in which she and a new guest have to find an outfit in a thrift store for each other within 15 minutes.

Check out the YouTube channel of Boncolor.


22. Watch the video’s by SOW RIJNMOND (only in Dutch)

Do you already know SOW Rijnmond? This is a new, creative media organization consisting of seven media talents with differing opinions on different topics. They come with in-depth, quirky content. By means of podcasts, articles, documentaries and reports, they show young people what is going on around them.

Check out the videos by SOW Rijnmond.


23. Watch Flikken Rotterdam

Are you tired of Netflix and looking for a Rotterdam series to follow? Then buy this DVD set from the exciting series Flikken Rotterdam.


24. Make awesome plans for when it is possible again

Omringd door het Kralingse bos, is deze plas dé plek waar de Rotterdammer heengaat tijdens een zomerse dag. Als de zon schijnt staat het vol met barbecuende mensen, spelende kinderen en vrienden die genieten van een drankje.

No one knows how long this will last, but one day this crisis will be over. And even though you do not know when you can finally leave the house again, it does not hurt to already think about the fun things you’ll do once we are there.

So make a fun list of local adventures that you can experience. From something as simple as visiting your favorite Rotterdam coffee place to shopping at the best vintage shops in Rotterdam. Below we share some useful articles that will come in handy when you can visit restaurants and go sightseeing in Rotterdam again.


These articles will already give you some inspiration!


25. Finally do those chores you never get around to

That drawer that is always so messy, that wall that you have wanted to paint bright green for years or those paintings that you would like to hang up, now is the time! Maybe you have video calls with your colleagues from 9 to 5 during the week, but on the weekends you can finally do the chores that you have been avoiding for years.


26. Finally bring structure to every aspect of your life

Are you always super busy in your “normal life” and is it all just a bit chaotic? Is your phone’s memory always full, is your mailbox always about to explode, and is your administration a complete mess? Now that you spend a lot of time at home, it is the perfect opportunity to add more structure to every possible aspect of your life.


27. Enter a 30 day challenge

There are plenty of fun challenges to take on now. It is a productive and fun way to start a new habit or to let go of an old one. Below are some examples of 30 day challenges to follow. You just have to search for it via Google and plenty of articles will come up explaining how it works!

  • 30 day yoga challenge
  • 30 day work-out challenge (plank, squat, burpees, HIIT, hardlopen, het bestaat allemaal)
  • 30 day happiness challenge
  • 30 day minimalism challenge
  • 30 day no shopping challenge
  • 30 day reading challenge


28. Get inspired on Pinterest

Are you not on Pinterest yet? This is a sort of visual search engine where you can get inspiration for absolutely everything. Delicious recipes, interior inspiration, DIY inspiration, workouts, beautiful destinations (to dream away) and more. Take a look around and who knows what fun you will encounter.

Do you already follow Weekends on Rotterdam on Pinterest?


29. Fix up your garden or balcony

With this lovely weather it is a bit disappointing that you can not sit on a terrace with a refreshing drink and some tasty snacks. Do you have a nice garden or a good balcony? Time to make these spots even better. Don’t have all the essentials for this? You can order almost everything online, so no excuses!


30. Create a photobook

All holiday photos since 2010 and all those baby photos of your child: you never do anything with it! Time to get a little creative and finally print it and put it together in a nice photo album.

There are also many online tools that make it a lot easier to make a great photo book with all your favorite photos. Below is a short list:


Those were fun things to do at home, especially for those in Rotterdam. Do you also have a good tip? Then share it in the comments below and we might include it in this article.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Check out our disclosure policy for more information. 

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