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What to do around the trendy Agniesebuurt

By Masha Che
October 14, 2022

The Agniesebuurt is the smallest district in Rotterdam. But don’t let its size fool you, because the area has a lot to offer. From tasty meals to fun nights out, one can find almost anything in this area. Buildings here are decorated with creative street art and around every corner there is a new hotspot to discover.

Below you can find the best things to do around de Agniesebuurt!


Try Korean street food at GoChu

Located just on the outskirts of de Agniesebuurt, the newly opened restaurant is already attracting locals who want to diversify their lunch choices. GoChu offers a variety of Korean street food for fair prices. The whole menu is halal and they also have a lot of vegetarian and extra spicy options.

Want something sweet yet filling? Go for a Chicken Corndog. If you are feeling quite hungry, Beef Bulgogi is also an excellent choice. The dish comes with Cheddar Cheese Fries on the side, which are my favourite! Besides, you can always choose one of four Korean Fried Chicken flavours – a classic Korean dish.


Insulindestraat 208, 3037 BK Rotterdam


Bike to COPPI Koffie & Fietsen

COPPI Koffie & Fietsen (Coffee and Cycling) is a cafe and a bike repair shop located under one roof. Here you can get both a refreshing cup of coffee and buy yourself some biking essentials. COPPI sells cycling glasses and kits both from their own brand and others. And of course you can ask them to fix your bicycle!

As for their menu, the cafe offers both breakfast and lunch options. COPPI has a wide selection of sandwiches as well as some pastries for breakfast and soups for lunch. If you are visiting with a friend or a partner you can always save money by ordering a lunch combo for two for €15, that includes soup and salad with bread.

Bergweg 316, 3032 BB Rotterdam


Get a cup of coffee at Man Met Bril Koffie

If you’re as nerdy about coffee as I am, you might also be the type to pay attention to the brands of beans cafes are using. Here in Rotterdam, Man Met bril Koffie would be one of the most popular ones, with their roastery located in the same space as the cafe of the same name.

The cafe offers a wide variety of drinks and foods and their coffee is expectedly excellent. It’s hard to recommend anything particular from the menu, since you wouldn’t be disappointed in any of the options. However, you should pay attention to Man Met Bril Koffie’s amazing morning deal, which includes an avocado toast, poached egg, orange juice, chia, croissant and black coffee for €6.66 before 10 a.m. and €9.99 after.

Vijverhofstraat 70, 3032 SN Rotterdam


Play boules and sing karaoke at Mooie Boules Rotterdam

Like a lot of places on this list, Mooie Boules is a very multi-faceted location. Here you can play board games, boule or ping pong, sing karaoke or simply have a drink at the food court. The central part of this space is a sand field for playing boule, decorated with beautiful fairy lights and greenery.

This is a perfect location for a get together with friends or a birthday party. Since a lot of people come in big groups, be sure to book the activity you want to do in advance on Mooie Boules’s website.

Vijverhofstraat 45, 3032 SB Rotterdam


Have brunch at Mecca Rotterdam

Mecca has to be my favourite brunch location in the area. All dishes are vegetarian, inspired by the Middle East, and they are absolutely delicious. I never met a person who didn’t like their Labneh & Eggs and the pitas are to die for (although you definitely have to ask for extra napkins when ordering those).

When it comes to drinks, one can always order a cup of coffee, but I usually go for a Dirty Kashmiri Chai, or if I’m not feeling like drinking caffeine – a Lychee Raspberry Smoothie.

If not for the food, Mecca is worth visiting for its atmosphere. The cafe has a bright summery interior and during warmer days it opens an outside terrace with a view on the water. Mecca has a few tables for bigger groups, but on the weekends you should definitely book these in advance, as the place gets busy.

Noordsingel 39, 3035 EJ Rotterdam


Party at MONO

If you’re planning a weekend night out with friends or a partner look no further than MONO. Cafe by day, turns into a club during weekend nights and let me tell you, it is absolutely worth a visit. The atmosphere is artsy and bohemian, with the club being filled by soft pink lights that make everything look just so much prettier.

MONO posts their weekly schedule on Tuesdays on Instagram, so you can have a few days to plan your visit. One of the club’s new initiatives you should keep an eye out is Homegrown. Its every edition will present emerging local artists, by giving them a night to perform. The fee is purposefully kept low, so that everyone could support the new artists, as all the money goes directly to them.

Want to learn more about clubbing in Rotterdam? Check out these cool dance spots in Rotterdam!

Vijverhofstraat 15, 3032 SB Rotterdam


Go for a drink at BIRD

BIRD is a restaurant, bar and a club all located one door from each other. This year they celebrate their 10th anniversary, so one can confidently say that BIRD stood its test of time.

The club is usually not too busy, so you can buy your ticket at the door. Although the same can’t be said about their restaurant, there it’s always better to book the table a little bit in advance.

BIRD’s menu mostly consists of pasta and pizza. If you’re not sure what to get, you can always go for the tasting menu for €37.50, which includes various small dishes selected by the chef.

Raampoortstraat 24, 3032 AH Rotterdam


Have a walk around Luchtsingel

If you go on Pinterest to find Rotterdam city guides, pictures of Luchtsingel would be on the cover of most of them. This modern bridge goes over train rails, a skate park, community garden and park Pompenburg.

This bridge could be considered a marker on a map, indicating the end of de Agniesebuurt. Built like a labyrinth, you can have a walk across it and see pretty much all of the district’s area from Luchtsingel’s height. Then, if you go down the bridge’s stairs you will also find a small trampoline, which is usually occupied by kids enjoying fresh air with their parents.

Luchtsingel, 3032 AE Rotterdam


Do you know any other cool places in the Agniesebuurt? Let me know!

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