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Healthy guide: responsible food, sports & shopping in Rotterdam

By Kim Longwood
February 11, 2022

In this handy guide to responsible food, sports and shopping in Rotterdam, we discuss, per neighbourhood, where you can eat a healthy snack, work up a sweat (or relax) and can shop responsibly.

We all know that living a healthy life is trendy. But whether we are participating in the latest hip trend, or if we are simply a fan of being fit, if we prefer to walk this earth as long as possible or if we want to contribute to a better world… The fact that we opt for a ginger shot with a punch, buying organic groceries and pushing through an energising workout, is more than enough reason to be proud of ourselves. 

Discover all the great places in Rotterdam below where you walk out the door with a smile on your face!



Food: Mr. Salad

(Homemade) tasty salads, veggie wraps, smoothie bowls, colourful juices, pancakes with fruit, sugar-free brownies… and so on. You can order or pick up your favourite vitamin boost at Mr. Salad, from Wednesday until Sunday.


Pompenburg 638, 3011 AX Rotterdam


Sports: Balanzs

You can find one of the locations of Yogaschool Balanzs on the Mariniersweg in the centre of Rotterdam. Here they offer a lot of different yoga classes: 20 different yoga styles! From Hot Yoga to Yin Yoga and from Yoga Barre to Pilates.

You can try it out for free for 7 days at Balanzs. Super handy, so you know if the yoga school suits you before you register. All lessons are taught in English. Discover more great places for yoga in Rotterdam.


Mariniersweg 151, 3011 NK Rotterdam


Shopping: Markt Binnenrotte

De Binnenrotte Markt is echt de ideale plek om lokale groenten, fruit, leuke vintage items en nog veel meer te scoren! Deze markt kun je vinden bij de Rotterdamse Markthal!

Fresh fruit and vegetables for next to nothing? To score cheap groceries, you have go to the market on Tuesday and Saturday. The Rotterdam market is one of the cheapest in the Netherlands and also one of the largest.

We recommend that you bring enough shopping bags – or even a wheeled bag like the oldies do.

Check out all markets in Rotterdam.


Binnenrotte 101, 3011 HB Rotterdam


Shopping: Mystiek

Mystiek is a spiritual store, but not limited to spiritual people.

In addition to all kinds of incense and beautiful minerals and crystals, you can buy books about stress, nutrition and dreams. Mystiek supports a healthy lifestyle, encourages meditation and likes to help you really get in touch with your inner self.

Discover more great shops on the Witte de Withstraat.


Schiedamse Vest 79, 3012 BE Rotterdam



Food: Sappi Noord

Voor wie trek heeft in een lekker, gezond ontbijt is Sappi de uitkomst. Zij hebben naast de locatie in het centrum ook een fijne locatie op de Zwaanhals in Rotterdam Noord. 

Need more energy? Or do you want to cleanse your body? Sappi Noord offers detox juices that are not only good for you but also tasty. In addition, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a healthy lunch at this cute place. For example, feast on a tropical smoothie with pineapple or a smashed avocado sandwich.


Zwaanshals 299, 3035 KH Rotterdam


Sports: Studio MiraMira

Photo by Joey van Dijk.

There are many forms of yoga, including Hatha and Yin. At Studio MiraMira in Rotterdam North you can work on your postures and strength, as well as relax and release tension.

Owner and teacher Mira is not only an expert in the field of yoga, but also very nice and funny. A visit to this location will undoubtedly surprise you.


Zaagmolenstraat 94B, 3035 HE Rotterdam


Sports: Monk Bouldergym Rotterdam

Rock climbing, but indoors. That’s possible at Monk! This colourful venue has a bouldering hall, cafe and shop. There are DJs regularly playing records and in the summer Monk is not averse to a small party.


Ceintuurbaan 183, 3051 KC Rotterdam


Shopping: BOERgondisch Rotterdam

At this Rotterdam neighbourhood supermarket you can buy healthy products to enjoy, as well as local delicacies to spoil yourself and the people you love. From Wednesday until Saturday you can find fresh fruit and vegetables, bread from their own bakery, pastries without sugar and responsibly produced meat.


Zwaanshals 239A, 3036 KP Rotterdam



Food: Yam Thai

Here you can buy real Thai food, either to take away or to enjoy in the restaurant. At Yam Thai, the curries, rice dishes, fragrant soups and salads with seafood or fruit are not only an explosion of colour, extremely tasty and also affordable, the dishes are also healthy.


Straatweg 65, 3051 BD Rotterdam


Sports: BodyBase Studios

Did you know that BodyBase Studios has a location in Hillegersberg – named the ‘White Label’ studio? This stylish studio offers different types of sports classes, including Base Flow and Base Yoga. Classes are taught on unique machines designed by the owners of BodyBase Studios.


Bergse Dorpsstraat 46, 3054 GE Rotterdam


Shopping: BioKleiweg

At BioKleiweg you will find almost everything (according to the owners). We agree with them, thinking you’ll come a long way. You can find bread, vegetables, fruit, dairy, (vegan) cheese and breakfast cereals of high and sustainable quality at this store. But it doesn’t stop there. They also sell supplements, drugstore cosmetics and gluten-free products.


Kleiweg 125-A, 3051 GM Rotterdam



Food: Sajoer

Sajoer is a Rotterdam staple among people who love juices and smoothie bowls. Or a nice slice of cake. At Sajoer in Blijdorp you can buy cold pressed juices to detox for a week or you can stop by and sit down to enjoy a fruit-filled breakfast.


Statenweg 141D, 3039 HL Rotterdam


Sports: Van Maanenbad

Swimming in one of the most beautiful pools in Rotterdam is possible in the Van Maanenstraat. The indoor pool of the Van Maanenbad is reminiscent of a Wes Anderson movie and the outdoor pool is surrounded by grass and trees.

In addition to swimming laps, you can also participate in water aerobics here. And that’s way more intense than you probably think it is!


Van Maanenstraat 8, 3038 CZ Rotterdam


Shopping: Rechtstreex Blijdorp

In the heart of Blijdorp near Stadskwekerij De Kas you will find the Rotterdam location of Rechtstreex. The newsletter with the range of healthy and fresh products sold at the moment is sent every Saturday, so register via the Rechtstreex website if you want to know what you can order.


Van Beuningenstraat 22, 3039 WE Rotterdam



Food: Arzu West

De heerlijke carrotcake pancakes bij Arzu!

Pancakes! Stacks of flapjacks, hell yeah. Okay, Arzu also sells a lot of super sweet, incredibly tasty, guilty pleasure foodbars. But being ‘naughty’ every now and then is good for you too. Good for your head.
Would you rather go for a healthy option? Then you can order pancakes with spinach, an acai bowl, eggs with sun-dried tomatoes or a humus sandwich.


Middellandplein 30A, 3021 BV Rotterdam


Sports: Kompassie Yoga Studio

At the yoga studio of Kompassie you can do more than Hatha and/or Flow yoga. You can also try Infrared yoga and Aerial yoga. We especially recommend the Aerial lessons. During one of those lessons you will float above the ground, bound in cloths that hang from the ceiling, like some kind of amateur circus performer.


Achterhaven 152, 3024 RC Rotterdam


Sports: Bolder Neoliet

Work on your fitness, mental and physical strength and above all have fun while climbing up walls and around corners. At bouldergym Neoliet in Rotterdam, the doors are wide open, every single day of the week.


Keilestraat 7J, 3029 BP Rotterdam


Shopping: Ekoplaza

You can buy healthy, organic, gluten-free, vegetarian and sustainable groceries at Ekoplaza. From Monday until Friday, walk in for freshly baked bread, colourful fruits and vegetables, plant-based dairy products, fresh meals and much more.

Have you also read my article with the best vegan and fair trade shops in Rotterdam?


Nieuwe Binnenweg 236-242, 3021 GN Rotterdam



Food: Rolph’s Deli

Owners Rolph and Chantal dubbed their deli ‘the place to be for breakfast and lunch’. They are inspired by world cities such as London and New York, which is reflected in the interior.

The menu of Rolph’s Deli includes an extensive range of juices and smoothies, a ginger and beauty shot, a cashew breakfast bowl and a healthy bagel.


Otto Reuchlinweg 974, Rotterdam


Sports: Taste of Yoga

The Taste of Yoga studio is located at the Kop van Zuid. It’s a beautiful studio where corporate yoga and small group yoga sessions are given. You can also participate in outdoor yoga classes, which are organised every Sunday morning at the Rotterdamse Munt.

You will find Taste of Yoga in the South, where corporate yoga and small group yoga sessions are given during the spring and summer. The classes are outdoors. They take place every Sunday morning at the Rotterdamse Munt.


Rosestraat 200, 3071 AH Rotterdam


Shopping: Het Goed

Piekfijn in het centrum van Rotterdam is een kringloopwinkel met allemaal hebbedingetjes. Op de begane grond heb je meubels, maar ook electra, kleding, servies en meer. In de kelder heb je schilderijen, lijsten, fietsen en meubels. Op de bovenste etage heb je een hoop grote meubels, boeken en servies.

Responsible shopping also means choosing second-hand instead of new! Conscious shopping is good for your soul and in this case also for your wallet.

In Rotterdam you will find a lot of beautiful thrift shops. There are several branches of Het Goed in Rotterdam, including one in South. In this thrift department store you can find everything from furniture to clothing and from electrical appliances to books.

TIP: Did you know that you can also have items that you no longer need yourself at Het Goed? Cleaning your house often helps with getting some space in your head. So get started à la Marie Kondo and fill some bags with your stuff for Het Goed!


Kinderdijkstraat 49, 3076 JH Rotterdam



Food: Juffrouw van Zanten

At Juffrouw van Zanten, the lunch dishes are homemade and sustainable. Out of love for the earth, this fine catering business opts for as many organic and local products as possible. They choose products that have a minimal impact on the environment. And they always have a fresh juice to pair with your meal.


Lusthofstraat 27A, 3062 WB Rotterdam


Sports: Klimpark Fun Forest Rotterdam

Klimmen en klauteren in het fun forest van Rotterdam!

Nothing is better for your lungs than walking among the trees. Because of all the oxygen you breathe better and the greenery has a calming effect. Something with going back to our natural roots…

And what could be more fun than being active in nature? At Fun Forest Rotterdam you can climb through the trees of Het Kralingse Bos. In addition, Fun Forest also has water sports activities, such as supping and canoeing.


Langepad 71, 3062 CJ Rotterdam


Shopping: Ekoplaza

In the lively Lusthofstraat in Rotterdam Kralingen you will find another Ekoplaza. This location is just as nice as the supermarket in West. This supermarket is open every day and you can go there to buy healthy, organic, gluten-free, vegetarian and sustainable groceries.


Lusthofstraat 97, 3061 WL Rotterdam



Food: Coffee bar CROOS

At CROOS they love good food and drinks. Sometimes that means it’s healthy for the body, such as a salad with mackerel and kimchi, but sometimes that means it’s slightly less healthy for the body but more so healthy for the mind. For example: pancakes with banana, salted peanuts, chocolate and honey.

It simply depends on which of the two needs a little love… body or soul.


Exercitiestraat 2, 3034 RA Rotterdam


Food: Obst & Gemüse

Obst & Gemüse is a cosy living room restaurant serving organic, vegetarian and vegan dishes. Here, you can eat or pick up salads, warm vegetable dishes and (sugar-free) desserts.


Kerkhoflaan 145, 3034 TC Rotterdam


Sports: STRIDE 6FT8 Sport Performance

Do you like HIIT workouts or do you prefer to participate in bootcamp workouts? Either way, you’ll be in the right place when going to STRIDE 6FT8. They offer various classes, including Amrap and a total body workout. In addition, you are welcome for personal training in this 250m2 stylish and cool gym.


Paradijslaan 141, 3034 SK Rotterdam


Which locations in this guide do you love? Share your favourite healthy addresses with us, we more than like that. And it’s totally trendy if you do (even though that shouldn’t matter).

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