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Vooraanzicht van het gezellige Cafe Ollie in Rotterdam Noord.

The ultimate guide of Rotterdam Noord

By Julia Den Outer
October 11, 2021

Rotterdam Noord is known for its beautiful, sought-after 1930s homes. By pure luck I also found an apartment in the green Savornin Lohmanlaan. This move is a good reason to explore Rotterdam Noord and to make a guide for the best places in Rotterdam Noord.

I found out that you have to search a bit in Rotterdam Noord to find the nice hotspots, not everything is necessarily next to each other. But I found some gems that I don’t want to withhold from you.


Great restaurants in Rotterdam Noord


Le Petitjean

Photo by our blogger @Marionro.cks.

I love to take a walk through Rotterdam Noord in the morning. Le Petitjean is a perfect destination for such a walk. Here you can get a cup of coffee and a fresh French pastry to start your day.

It is difficult to choose between all the stunning patisserie at Le Petitjean. You can choose from classic French pastries, such as eclairs and tartelettes. Also nice to know: the owner has been working in the Rotterdam hospitality industry for years and makes the pastries himself.


Zomerhofstraat 75, 3032 CK Rotterdam


De Kok & De Tuinman

De Kok & De Tuinman is one of my favourite hidden spots in Rotterdam Noord to have lunch. You don’t feel like you’re in the city at all, it feels like you’re in nature. The garden is a place where you can really relax on sunny days. But it is also wonderful to stay inside, for instance on colder, rainy days.

At De Kok & De Tuinman you can have lunch with a scone with clotted cream. They also have delicious soups and sandwiches. Can’t get enough? On Friday evening they serve a menu in Tables d’Hôtes concept. Each month they have a different theme to match the season. All the food is organic, locally sourced and made by the chef.


Koningsveldestraat 14, 3037 VS Rotterdam



I once celebrated my birthday at Tosca’s. I think it’s important that when you have something to celebrate, you can dine for a long time and feel at home. Tosca is the type of restaurant where you feel comfortable to sit for hours and drink lots of wine.

If you want to let loose, eat like the Italians do: start with anti-pasti, then a primi, secondi and of course end with a dolci and espresso. I’ve always been a fan of the Polpo.

Of course, with good food comes good drinks. For example, I started with a Negroni (not recommended on an empty stomach). Then you can choose a glass or bottle of wine with your dishes. At Tosca you are guaranteed a pleasant evening. One last tip: they also have a very cosy terrace.


1e Pijnackerstraat 120B, 3035 GW Rotterdam



Vooraanzicht van het gezellige Cafe Ollie in Rotterdam Noord.

Ollie is a place where it’s fun at every time of the day, whether you go for a coffee on a Wednesday afternoon or a beer on Friday evening. Many Northerners visit Ollie’s, so there is no shortage of real Rotterdammerts.

Ollie has plenty of choices in beers, wines and soft drinks. But highly recommended is the Caipirinha,it’s hard to stick to just one. At Ollie’s you are never alone, at least you always have the house dog to keep you company.


Rodenrijselaan 43A, 3037 XD Rotterdam


Sights to see in Rotterdam Noord



I came across the Pijnackerplein by accident when I went down a side street during a bike ride. On this square you imagine yourself in another time. I looked it up, and the Pijnackerplein dates from 1896! This makes it the oldest square in the Oude Noorden.

Around the square are all beautiful houses, you can see some French influences. I think the best part is the music dome in the middle. Occasionally events or festivals take place here, such as the Bluegrass festival.


Pijnackerplein 1, 3035 GB Rotterdam



Photo by our blogger @marionro.cks.

Back in the days the Randstadrail rode on the Hofbogen, nowadays it is mainly an eyecatcher in Noord. You walk from the Gordelweg alongside the hofbogen all the way to the center. Besides the fact that I think it’s a good-looking viaduct, there are also all kinds of nice places located underneath the arches.

You will come across coffee and lunch spots such as Coppie and Man met Bril Koffie. A little further on you’ll find Brewpub Reijngoud, where you can drink homemade beers. The place around the Zomerhofstraat is a very hip and happening part of Rotterdam Noord.

Since a few years there are more and more cosy bars. For example, in that same piece you also have Le Petitjean, MONO and Mooie Boules. This area is called ZOHO Rotterdam, hence the large ZOHO letters that are there.

Fun fact: those ZOHO letters are designed by Studio Bas Sala. The rain letters collect excess rainwater and thus relieve the sewer. The area around Zomerhofstraat is still in full development anyway, so there is a good chance that you’ll find something new every time.

A little further on you will find nice shops such as ‘s Zomers Bloemen and the record store Clone Records of the label of the same name. You can also find BIRD there, where I have had a lot of cool party’s.

What I think is an incredibly cool place is the park on the Hofbogen: the Luchtpark. It is always very quiet here, but you see Rotterdam from a completely different perspective. Gardens have been laid out and there are picnic tables where you can enjoy the view. Occasionally there are also events in the park, such as a musical or film festival.


Raampoortstraat 10, 3032 AH Rotterdam


Waterplein Benthemplein

Photo by Iris van den Broek.

You don’t just come across the Waterplein, because it is hidden between the high buildings of the Grafisch Lyceum and Zadkine. I happened to see it when I went to the gym at David Lloyd. The Waterplein was designed by the Urbanists to prevent flooding in the city.

In Rotterdam we have a lot of stone and concrete, which of course cannot absorb water. That is why places such as the Waterplein are so important: it collects excess water so that the streets and sewers do not flood. In addition, it is a place where skaters can always be found.

Do you already know these photogenic spots in Rotterdam Noord?


Simonsstraat, 3068 AV Rotterdam


Stay overnight in Rotterdam Noord

Stadscamping Rotterdam

If you want something different and dare to do it in this Dutch weather, camping in your own city is always an adventure. The city campsite is close to the Vroesenpark and a half-hour walk from Central Station. The Netherlands is of course unpredictable, so sleeping in a log cabin is a good option if you want to be sure of a dry night. You have 2 or 4 person log cabins.


Kanaalweg 84, 3041 JE Rotterdam


Cool shops in Rotterdam Noord


Kringloopwinkel Rotterdam

Een van de leukste kringloopwinkels in Rotterdam is toch wel Kringloopwinkel Rotterdam in Blijdorp.

My favourite thrift store is on Gordelweg. When you see a wonderfully kitsch Roman soldier outside, you’re in the right place. You walk into an organized chaos. Everything is on, under and next to each other. There are long tables with a lot of knick knacks on them. 

But that’s what I like about it, you really have to look hard. And believe me, there are many treasures to be found. I found beautiful leather gloves, champagne glasses and a Gucci corset. The chic Blijdorp residents know what the good stuff is, so expect some gems. They also know very well what’s valuable, so the prices are a bit higher than at other thrift stores.

Discover more cool thrift shops in Rotterdam!


Gordelweg 243, 3039 GD Rotterdam


Jouw Marktkraam

I always find something nice at Jouw Marktkraam. Here you have the idea of ​​a market, but without people watching whether you are going to buy something. Anyone can rent a booth here and sell their stuff, so you have something for everyone. I always find some nice clothes, records and vases there. Here you can browse the aisles in peace.


Zaagmolenkade 117, 3035 KD Rotterdam



At Pleur you feel like you are having tea with your fun aunt. You drink coffee and eat delicious cakes. The same place where you drink coffee is also the shop. So you sit on chairs that, if you don’t want to leave them there, just buy them. I also always like the story of the store: 2 sisters who buy second-hand furniture in France and have set up a shop here. I also once had a piece of cake that their grandmother makes at home! How cute is that!

In addition to the vintage finds of the girls from Pleur, it is also a concept store for local entrepreneurs. You will find nice cards, jewellery, clothes and pictures. I’ve found a lot of presents there.


Bergeselaan 219A, 3038 CG Rotterdam


Nature in Rotterdam Noord


Photo by Iris van den Broek.

The Vroesenpark is one of the most famous hotspots in Rotterdam Noord. Come here on a beautiful summer day and the large lawn is packed with groups of people. It sometimes seems like a festival, there is such a bustling atmosphere. Everyone brings a barbecue, or has pizzas delivered to their blanket.

Don’t want to be in the busy part? On the sides you have enough places where you can quietly read a book. The Vroesenpark is also a popular spot for all kinds of athletes. From yoga to running, you see it all.

If you don’t feel like carrying around a picnic blanket, the Vroesenpaviljoen is a good spot. You will find many hip mums with kids here, but it is also a good place to have a drink or lunch. I especially think it’s a nice place to have breakfast; What could be better than waking up with a cup of coffee in nature?


Stadhoudersweg 181, 3039 MC Rotterdam


De Rotte

Photo by Iris van den Broek.

Maybe not completely natural, but I always find the Rotte part near Noordplein a nice place. You sit here on the waterfront and at the same time you are close to the cosy Noordplein. Perhaps you can pick up a coffee at Lof der Zoetheid or TOM’s Coffee.


Zaagmolenkade, 3035 KD Rotterdam



Photo by Ossip van Duivenbode.

The Bergsingel is close to my house and when I take a walk to the Appie at Eudokiaplein I prefer to walk a little bit over the Bergsingel. The Bergsingel is a beautiful wide boardwalk with old buildings alongside it. I think it is also one of the most desirable places in Rotterdam Noord to live (if you can afford it).

I also like to sit on a picnic blanket when the weather’s nice. It is actually always quiet on the Bergsingel, a perfect spot to read a book.

There are a lot more great green spots in Rotterdam Noord!


Bergsingel, 3037 GA Rotterdam


Hopefully this guide to Rotterdam Noord will help you! Anyway, there are still a lot of cool places, but I hope you get some inspiration from here. Do you have any tips? Let me know!

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