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15x The tastiest to-go snacks in Rotterdam

By Mathilde Simon
January 17, 2022

Are you exploring Rotterdam and do you fancy a tasty snack on the go? No problem. Scattered throughout the city, all kinds of nice cafes and restaurants offer the tastiest snacks, which are ideal for when you want to try and see all that Rotterdam has to offer.

Of course this includes a good cup of coffee, but also croquettes, juices, brownies and more. Read the best to-go snacks in Rotterdam below!


1. Super Crepe

Desire for Chinese food to-go? Super Crepe is the place you are looking for. It’s a street food restaurant where you can discover one of their specialties: the Chinese crepes (Jianbing). Super Crepe recently merged with Kampong Express. So now you can find them in Gouvernestraat.

Here you’ll find original salty crepes in all kinds of flavours. Delicious vegetarian options are available too. Our blogger Marion recommends the Veggie lover Jian Bing!


Kampong Express (Super Crepe), Gouvernestraat 2B, 3014 PN Rotterdam


2. Luxury fries at Tante Nel

At Tante Nel you don’t just get simple fries with mayonaise or a Mexicano. No, here they serve luxury snacks. This means fries with stew or with caviar and homemade sauce.

Do you want a snack but are you vegan? At Tante Nel they also have vegan croquettes and bitterballen, which are fried in a separate deep fryer.

Gotten hungry? Read about more luxury snack bars in Rotterdam here.


Pannekoekstraat 53, 3011 LC Rotterdam


3. A coffee and brownie at Jordy’s Bakery

The combination of a delicious cappuccino and creamy brownie is just heaven. Our tip? Next to your coffee at Jordy’s Bakery, order their cheesecake brownie, one of the best we’ve ever had!


Nieuwe Binnenweg 97A, 3014 GG Rotterdam
Nico Koomanskade, 3072 AN Rotterdam
Vlietlaan 52, 3061 DZ Rotterdam


4. A refreshing drink at the Soda Pop Shop

For a refreshing drink at one of the coolest places in Rotterdam, go to the Soda Pop Shop in the Fenix Food Factory.

Here you will be provided with both classic and experimental soft drinks, mocktails and cocktails. The Soda Pop Shop drinks not only look amazing and colourful, but each have unique flavours. And don’t be afraid to ask for help when making your decision – they can tell you all about the sodas!


Nico Koomanskade 1025, 3072 LM Rotterdam


5. Cooling down with ice cream from the IJssalon

Ben je op zoek naar een ijssalon in Rotterdam? Lees dan dit artikel met 16 plekken voor een heerlijk ijsje in Rotterdam! Onlangs is de nieuwe Ben & Jerry's scoop shop geopend aan de Witte de Withstraat, maar er zijn echt nog veel meer hotspots in Rotterdam die lekkere ijsjes verkopen, van classic schepijs tot cheat proof creaties! #Rotterdam #IJssalons #IJsRotterdam #Nederland #IjssalonsRotterdam

Ice cream can of course not be missing from this list, as it is the perfect snack for a sunny day.

One of the best places for ice cream in Rotterdam is de IJssalon. This place has even been awarded the best ice cream parlor in Rotterdam several times, as the flavours are so pure and delicious.

But, there are many more delicious places for ice cream. Check out our article with the best ice cream parlors in Rotterdam here.


Meent 69A, 3011 JD Rotterdam
DS Janscharpstraat 298, 3011 GZ Rotterdam
West-Kruiskade 60, 3014 AW Rotterdam


6. Turkish snacks at Ekmekci

Everything comes together in the Markthal. Flavours from all over the world gather in one of the most special buildings in Rotterdam. A good example of this is Ekmekci. Delicious Turkish snacks, prepared in front of you and easy for on the go.

For example, try one of the many different variations of the Gözleme. Not a light snack by the way, but definitely worth a try!


Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 298, 3011 GZ Rotterdam
Watermanweg 343, 3067 GA Rotterdam
Rotterdam Zuidplein, Zuidplein 646, 3083 BN Rotterdam


7. Het Kroket Loket

We stay in the Markthal for a bit longer, as this is the mecca for snacks in Rotterdam. Whether you are a tourist or have lived in the Netherlands all your life, a croquette truly never gets boring.

For a good croquette in Rotterdam, you can go to Het Kroket Loket. Here they sell croquettes with different fillings: Rotterdam cheese, shrimps, truffle mushrooms, spicy chicken, Indonesian rendang, tomato mozzarella pesto and of course the classic beef.


Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 298, Unit 90, 3011 GZ Rotterdam


8. A cup of Ketelbinkie coffee on Willemsplein

This mobile coffee bar is just what we need in these crazy times. Because at Willemsplein you can get delicious espresso, cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate or tea while being in the fresh air!

Also make sure to try their home made (big!) stroopwafel and enjoy this beautiful spot in Rotterdam.

Need more inspiration? Read our article with the best places for coffee in Rotterdam here.


Willemsplein 26, 3016 DR Rotterdam


9. Indulging with the Arzu Foodbars

Arzu is the place to be for the most famous food bars in Rotterdam. And it is not without reason that they are famous. These food bars are so tasty that we can’t get enough of them.

You probably know Arzu as one of the best places for pancakes in Rotterdam, but they might not be the best snack for on the go. Fortunately, their bars are! Think of flavours such as Peanutbar, Salted Caramel and Red Velvet.


Bergweg 209a, 3037 EJ Rotterdam
Middellandplein 30A, 3021 BV Rotterdam


10. A chai latte to-go at Anne & Max

One of our favourite places to get a chai latte is Anne & Max. We have tried them in many places, but we always come back to Anne & Max’s chai latte.

Are you not in the neighbourhood of Anne & Max? No worries. There are plenty of nice spots dotted around the city to enjoy this delicious autumn (we drink it all year round..) drink. Read our article with the best chai lattes in Rotterdam here.


Korte Hoogstraat 20, 3011 GL Rotterdam


11. A fresh juice at Sappi

Obviously we love a brownie and croquette from time to time, but we can’t deny the fact that our body needs some nourishing as well. That’s why we get our vitamin boost at Sappi.

This fresh, young business is located both in the center and on the bustling Zwaanshals in the north of Rotterdam. Green juices, smoothies and, for the die-hards, ginger shots. A good pick me up if you are low in your energy or want something for on the go!


Binnenwegplein 2, 3012 AK Rotterdam
Zwaanshals 299, 3035 KH Rotterdam


12. Great appetite at BroodjeQ

Slightly too big for a quick snack, but great to eat while you’re on the go and need something to fill you up!

The sandwiches from Broodje Q are real bangers and they are popular for good reason. For example, try a pulled chiQen sandwich, a vegan egg salad sandwich with coconut bacon or a gehaQtbal by Fibs sandwich. You’ll love it!


Schouwburgplein 52, 3012 CL Rotterdam


13. Sweet appetite at Koekela

When you want something sweet, Koekela is your go to stop. Upon entering, your eyes immediately fall on the displayed delicacies, each of which calls your name.

Of course you can opt for a piece of cake. But let’s face it, not the perfect on-the-go snack. The brownies, slices of cake and shortbreads on the other hand are perfect for this.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 79A, 3014 GE Rotterdam


14. French pastries at Le Petitjean

For that French patisserie feeling you go to Le Petitjean. Located in the north of Rotterdam, you will find delicious classic French pastries such as éclairs or the Paris-Brest here. In addition, they often come up with new creations, so repeated visits are definitely recommended!


15. Create your own Yoghurt Barn snack

For a healthy snack or a guilty pleasure: Yoghurt Barn is the solution. At Yoghurt Barn you choose your yoghurt snack however you want it, both the yoghurt base and the toppings. So you can make it as crazy as you want.

Can’t choose? They also have delicious specials, coffees, cakes and more.


Oude Binnenweg 117-119, 3012 JC Rotterdam


Bonus: buy a ticket for the tasty walk

De mooie Erasmus Brug en de Rotterdam in Rotterdam! Prachtige architectuur vind je zeker in Rotterdam.

Would you rather be surprised by all kinds of different restaurants? Buy a ticket for one of the many different tasty walks through Rotterdam. During a city walk you will pass all kinds of great cafes and restaurants where they offer you delicious snacks.


That’s it: our favourite to-go snacks in Rotterdam. Which one are you gonna try next? 

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