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The Prinses Theatre in Delfshaven has opened its doors again!

By Lisanne van Beurden
March 28, 2022

After 10 years of silence, the Prinses Theatre in Delfshaven was festively reopened on March 22. This is very special news. The Prinses Theatre is the oldest theatre in Rotterdam. Horeca duo catering duo Ernst Hoogenboom and Dennis Rens have bought the restored theatre to turn it into a multifunctional event location.


Festive opening

The festive opening was on March 22. Mayor Aboutaleb cut a ribbon on the podium and with that it was official! After this, the Rotterdam Gerard Cox recited a poem and this was followed by a pleasant evening with dinner, entertainment and cocktails from Dr. Rotterdam.


The oldest theatre in Rotterdam

The Prinses Theatre was built in 1913, making it the oldest theatre in Rotterdam. Originally the building was used as a cinema, eventually as a cinema and variety theatre.

The building has been completely renovated and modernized over the past 10 years, but nothing has changed about the rich history of the unique building.

There have also been special historical moments in the Prinses Theatre. For example, the American actress Jayne Mansfield promoted her film ‘The girl can’t help it’ in 1957 and Lee Towers was awarded the Wolfert van Borselen Medal in 2000.




Event venue and speakeasy cocktail bar

But what exactly can you expect from the renovated Prinses Theatre? It is a multifunctional event location where events and meetings can be organized from 20 to 850 guests. Think of meetings, trade fairs, company parties, drinks, dinners or weddings.

What makes the location of the Prinses Theatre extra special is that the theatre puts together a complete entertainment programme according to the client’s wishes. In addition, there is the exclusive option to book Dr. Rotterdam during an event, so the normally hidden cocktail bar opens its doors to provide guests with the tastiest cocktails.


Shows and more

But it won’t stop there. Horeca duo Ernst Hoogenboom and Dennis Rens also plan to organize performances, stand-up comedy and dinner shows in the Prinses Theatre in the future. We’ll have to be patient!



Stay informed!

Would you also like to visit the Prinses Theatre? We already have some fun things planned. On June 4, 2022, the kick-off of 30Love will take place at the Prinses Theatre, where various well-known names from Rotterdam will take place behind the turntables. The Prinses Theatre will also honour American actress Jayne Mansfield by hosting an annual gala dinner on her birthday (April 19).

Stay informed about all plans of the Prinses Theatre and visit their website!

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