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The best vegan and fair trade shops in Rotterdam

By Kim Longwood
November 22, 2021

Rotterdam knows how to keep their hands squeaky clean with organic soap, all the while contributing to a better planet. There are countless plant-based lunchrooms and restaurants to be found from West to East and North to South. But it doesn’t stop there!

Supermarkets are packed with vegan and fair trade products. There are also clothing stores, interior stores and gift shops with a range of responsible items.

We have listed the best vegan and fair trade shops in Rotterdam for you.


Vegan and fair trade gifts in Rotterdam


Vegan chocolate from De Bonte Koe

De Bonte Koe is an indispensable shop in Rotterdam. Every choco-freak has tasted a bonbon or chocolate bar from this luxurious chocolate shop.

But did you know that you can also go to De Bonte Koe for vegan delicacies? During the fall and winter they sell vegan truffle chocolate kruidnoten and chocolate letters.

You’re also in the right place if you fancy a vegan chocolate bar, for example in the flavours caramel seaweed, grand cru or dark chocolate. On top of that, the (chocolate) truffle raisins are also vegan!


Nieuwe Binnenweg 112, 3015 BE


Vegan skin- and haircare from The Body Shop

There’s nothing better than pampering yourself. You are guaranteed to make someone you care about happy with a delicious vegan body butter, a bottle of vegan shampoo, cruelty-free make-up or face masks without animal additives.

In addition, the packaging of The Body Shop certainly does not look out of place in the bathroom and bedroom.


Beurstraverse 116, 3011 AM


Fairtrade clothing from Natur-el

Natur-el is a clothing store for women, men and children located in the Zwaanshals in Rotterdam Noord. All products are honest and sustainable, organic and fair. In addition to clothing, they sell zero waste products for the bathroom, such as shampoo bars.


Zwaanshals 376, 3035 KT


Vegan and fairtrade supermarkets in Rotterdam



Gimsel is een geweldige ecologische supermarkt in Rotterdam waar je biologische voeding en cosmetica kunt kopen.

Gimsel in the Groene Passage. Photo by @marionro.cks

De Groene Passage located along the Mariniersweg is an ecological, organic, sustainable, fair trade, vega(n) and responsible shop/restaurant/academy hub that is a favourite among many environmentally friendly Rotterdammers. You will find supermarket Gimsel in this iconic location.

You can buy natural food and cosmetics at the Gimsel supermarket. Think of organic bread, vegetables, fruit, cheese, fish, meat substitutes and more, but also ready-made products such as peanut butter, crackers and cookies.


Mariniersweg 9, 3011 NB



Ekoplaza is an organic supermarket chain whose mission is to support people in a healthy, organic lifestyle.

They sell vegan cheese, ice cream, yogurt, meat substitutes, cookies, chocolate, mayonnaise and more. They also have fair trade honey, nuts, chocolate, tea, sweet spreads, beer, crackers and more.


Lusthofstraat 97, 3061 WL
Nieuwe Binnenweg 236-242, 3021 GN
Bergse Dorpsstraat 92, 3054 GG


Vegan and fairtrade stores in Rotterdam


Van Binnen (De Groene Passage)

Do you want to live naturally? You can! Van Binnen sells a whole range of fair trade home products. Transforming your interior into a responsible living space is easy with the sofas, tables, bed textiles and home accessories from Van Binnen.


Mariniersweg 1, 3011 NB


Wereldwinkel (De Groene Passage)

Fairtrade gift shop Wereldwinkel in De Groene Passage in Rotterdam sells the most beautiful world gifts that are made according to age-old traditions. Think of hand-woven baskets from Senegal or items made from recycled glass, sustainable wood, reed or responsible plastic.


Mariniersweg 9, 3011 NB


WAAR Rotterdam

WAAR is a gift shop with products that are produced in a sustainable way. But at WAAR you don’t just buy gifts for others. The Doppers, bracelets and bags are way too nice for that. At WAAR you should definitely buy gifts for yourself!


Oude Binnenweg 116, 3012 JG


Dille & Kamille

Photo by our blogger

Who doesn’t know Dille & Kamille? It is and remains a pleasant store that pleases the eye. Natural materials such as reed and wood in their purest form lure you to the shelves. That is why Dille & Kamille belongs in the list of the best vegan and fair trade shops in Rotterdam.

At Dille & Kamille you can buy everything you need to start (vegan) gardening yourself. Why not start a vegetable garden and enjoy your own vegetables, fruit and herbs?

Or furnish your kitchen with sustainable products to bake the tastiest vegan cookies, in which you also crumble fair trade chocolate.


Korte Hoogstraat 22-24, 3011 GL



We bet you haven’t heard of Ecomondo yet. That’s too bad! This is a zero waste and ecologically responsible webshop with a physical store. At Ecomondo you buy sustainable products and gifts that are purchased socially and circularly.

The range is very extensive and varies from books, eco detergent, food and drinks, fair fashion and camping stuff to solar energy gadgets, office supplies, toys, water bottles and second chance items.


Dovenetelstraat 25a, 3053 JD


Vegan hotspots in Rotterdam


Vegan Junkfood Bar

De Vegan Junkfood Bar is de ideale plek als je op zoek bent naar goede vleesvervangers. Burgers, hotdogs, shoarma; noem maar op. En geloof me, je merkt echt geen verschil!

Do you want to enjoy tasty junk food, but vegan, without any shame? That’s possible at the Vegan JunkFood Bar in the heart of the city centre. And it’s not just the kapsalons that are to die for, the interior is also tasty.

Check out more vegan restaurants in Rotterdam.


Schiedamse Vest 144, 3011 BG


Sharp Sharp

Renate and Frank – the owners of Sharp Sharp – are plant-based bakers with a passion for our planet, animals and people. They create special pastries, cookies, flower granola and many more goodies.

Their motto? “Luckily for everyone, a party! Not only to look at but also for your taste buds, body and for this earth and everyone who lives on it.”

The products they make are made from 99% organic ingredients, completely plant-based (i.e. lactose-free), refined sugar-free and gluten-free. They also buy a number of their main ingredients fair trade, such as cashew nuts from Benin, Africa.

Do you feel like getting something sweet now? Discover these hotspots for vegan cake in Rotterdam.


Hillelaan 28, 3072 JD


Jack Bean

Just before central station you will find Jack Bean, a 100% plant-based ‘fast’ cuisine restaurant. No, not fast as in junk food, but the food is quickly prepared.

And yes, you can order burgers and fries, but they are not necessarily unhealthy. They serve a kimchi burger (fermented vegetables are super good for you!) and they also have a variant with mushrooms.

In addition to burgers and tightly rolled wraps, Jack Bean prepares a countless number of vegan bowls that are filled to the brim with vegetables. Go, go, go, vegan!


Kruisplein 20A, 3012 CC


SUE Food / SUE Bakery

Vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free ‘sweet without sugar’. Really! At SUE you can enjoy pastries, cookies, cake, date bonbons and more goodies. Both locations are suitable for on-the-spot enjoyment and pick-up at home, but the location on the Karel Doormanstraat also offers a nice breakfast and lunch menu!


Karel Doormanstraat 372-374, 3012 GR
Goudsesingel 330 A, 3011 KJ


Spirit (De Groene Passage)

At buffet restaurant Spirit you can pick anything you desire in the morning, afternoon or evening and serve it onto your plate yourself. Or you order delicious patisserie to go with your coffee, directly at the cash register.

All dishes are completely organic and vegetarian or vegan. And the really nice thing is that you can eat at Spirit almost every day without getting bored, because their buffet consists of fifty(!) different choices.


Mariniersweg 9, 3011 NB


Are you a fan of vegan and fair trade products? Do you ever shop at one of these locations? We would love to hear about it!

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