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The best tattoo shops in Rotterdam

By Kim Longwood
November 22, 2021

If you are looking for a good tattoo shop in Rotterdam, you’ve come to the right place.

Do you know someone without tattoos? That’s pretty special these days. Most people have ink carved into their skin, you probably see it all around you, no matter their age.

Whether it’s a tiny memorial tattoo on the wrist or ankle, or a gigantic backpiece featuring fighting wild animals, the art of tattooing has captivated almost everyone.

Rotterdammers are not averse to a permanent sticker, or two… three… four. But where should you go? And why?


The best blackwork tattoo shops in Rotterdam


De Zwarte Zwaluw

Blackwork is an all-encompassing term for tattoos that are done purely with black ink, you would think that goes without saying. But there is quite a bit of variation within this style.

At De Zwarte Zwaluw, among other things, works of art that lean towards traditional (old school, but without colour) are created, but they also create tattoos that resemble sketched illustrations, as well as geometric tribals, realistic flowers and fineline pieces.


1e Jerichostraat 66b, 3061 GH


Stacks Tattoo

This shop has status, especially in the Rotterdam South area where the building is located. The guys from Stacks each create very neat tattoos that every customer is happy with. That is why many people return often.

As ‘the tattoo fanatic’ among the Weekends in Rotterdam crew, I can confess to have been a repeated customer of Stacks myself. For many years I have had my arms and legs covered with the most beautiful blackwork images.


Maashaven Zuidzijde 2, 3081 AE


The best traditional (old school) tattoo shops in Rotterdam


Studio Noorderzon Tattoo

In Rotterdam Noord you will find the beautiful Noorderzon shop, where the ceramic tiger is waiting for you in the window. The tattoos being done in this studio scream durability, because both black and colours are deep, vibrant and really well set into the skin. Exactly as it should be with American Traditional tattooing, among other things.


Zwart Janstraat 106b, 3035 AX


Blue Hawaii Tattoo

Simply walk in or make an appointment on one of the seven days of the week that Blue Hawaii Tattoo is open. The shop is located right in the centre, that’s nice and easy if you wanna do more than get tattooed. Combine a visit to this diverse shop, where they not only master old school, with a meal in a nice Rotterdam restaurant.

Other styles for which you can go to Blue Hawaii Tattoo include new school, illustrative, realism, blackwork and geometric.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 12a, 3015 BA


The best Japanese tattoo shop in Rotterdam


Black and Gold Tattoo

This collective art studio was founded and is run by four unique artists, each with their own style. Besides tattooing (appointment only), they are also involved in painting, making prints and books and designing clothing.

Tattoo artist Yushi ‘Horikichi’ Takei was born in Japan and brought his roots to Rotterdam. At Black and Gold Tattoo he practices the traditional Japanese technique Tebori.


Weena 49, 3013 CD


The best black & grey tattoo shops in Rotterdam


Studio Lucky Dubz

Lucky Dubz is the best Rotterdam studio for delicate and dreamy fineline. Think: animals worked out into minute detail, works of art with geometric shapes, sketched designs straight from the drawing table and flowers that blow your mind.

The fineline tattoos you collect at this shop often have deeper layers than just a few lines, which is why black & grey can be used as an umbrella style. Especially everything that has to do with nature consists of beautiful nuances between light grey and black.


Jacobsstraat 211, 3012 JM


Tattoo Studio Jan

Have you always wanted to get a tattoo done ‘freehanded’? Then you should make an appointment at Tattoo Studio Jan today. The (mainly) black & grey pieces are drawn freehand on your skin, before the tattoo machine starts buzzing.


Goudsesingel 87, 3031 EE


The best tribal tattoo shop in Rotterdam



Who doesn’t know this shop? I became acquainted with this gem when I was sixteen, when I was cycling through my neighborhood dreaming about my first tattoo. I went in, was immediately made to feel welcome and an appointment for later that week was scheduled without any trouble (with the approval of my parents, of course).

After all this time I am still very happy with my Mexican sugar skull, which radiates colour. Inkstitution has moved several times and is now located in Rotterdam West.

Artist Duncan is known for his tribal, Polynesian and Maori tattoos. He’s great at clean lines, he ensures that black is actually black and he works with the shapes of the body really well. He always makes custom designs that exactly match the flow of your tattoo spot.


Beukelsdijk 201b, 3022 DH


The best new school tattoo shops in Rotterdam


Moose Tattoo

Do you love colourful, cheerful, a little bit different and lively tattoos? Then having a new school design done at Moose Tattoo is something that should be on your bucket list. Besides that you can also go to Moose Tattoo for black & grey and realism.


Kleiweg 194a, 3051 SL


The Office Electric Tattooing

The artworks created at The Office vary from zombie themed and fantasy to pin-ups and animals. But what really stands out are the pastel and neon-coloured ‘sugar & spice & everything nice’ designs of unicorns, candy, knives, daggers, perfume bottles and roses. Do you want to shine like a big bright bag of glitter? You can!


Oppert 296, 3011 HV


In which Rotterdam tattoo shop will you be getting your tattoo? 

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  • Hello Kim! Thanks for the article… Very helpful! I was recently visiting rotterdam and wish I had seen your article before, that would have saved me a lot of research lol
    Anyways, I end up tattooing with Tig (I think I wrote her name right). Specialized in black work and very understanding of her client’s brief I should highlight here. She goes as bkinky tattoo on her website if you wanna check out 🙂
    Cheers and thanks again for your tips

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