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Pubquiz in Rotterdam bij Weena, een gezellige avond met je vrienden!

3 Best places for a pubquiz in Rotterdam

By Lisanne van Beurden
February 21, 2018

Margo Bazuin has written three guest blogs for Weekends in Rotterdam.

Be sure to also read her blogpost about the first ApenkooiGym in Rotterdam. You can also follow her blog Hetismarg.

This time Margo writes about the 3 best places for a pubquiz in Rotterdam

I’m a big fan of games. After an evening of playing 30 Seconds you’ll find me all tuckered out on the couch. I am always very enthusiastic about sharing all the useless general knowledge I have gathered over the years. That’s why I always like to go to pub quizzes! I share with you my 3 favorite places for a pubquiz in Rotterdam.


1. The pubquiz at Weena Rotterdam

Gezellige pubquiz bij Weena!

Last week I visited the (for me new) quiz in Weena Rotterdam. I had never been to Weena before and I loved it! The decoration is hip with a lot of wood and green. Downstairs is the restaurant, and on the first floor there is a pub quiz every Tuesday night.

It starts at 20:30 and you can participate with a maximum of 6 people. The quiz takes a long time, you’ll be busy until 23.00. There are 10 rounds and a photo round – and the questions are not that easy. Be prepared!


Weena 202, 3012 NJ Rotterdam


2. The pubquiz at Verhip

Bij Café Verhip hoef je geen poespas te verwachten. Het is een gezellige tent waar je lekker kan eten, een biertje kan doen en gezellig kan borrelen.

Café Verhip has been around the Lloydkwartier for years. At Verhip you can relax and have some drinks and snacks in the afternoon, and during lunch you can go for a good club sandwich or fried eggs. And it’s possible to go for a pubquiz on Tuesdays!

For the exact dates, keep your eyes on the Facebook page of café Verhip.


St. Jobsweg 21, 3024 EH Rotterdam


3. The pubquiz at Rotown Popquiz

Especially for music lovers: the Popquiz in Rotown! This quiz has been held here for years and you will not get bored with questions about chemistry, the inventor of the stethoscope or car brands: it’s just music, music and more music!

The quiz in Rotown is not weekly, so keep your eyes on their website or Facebook!


Nieuwe Binnenweg 19, 3014 GB Rotterdam


To participate in a pub quiz you always have to pay a small fee. Sometimes you pay per team, sometimes per person. In Rotterdam there are several teams that have been participating for years and that seem unbeatable, but nothing is impossible – so go for it! And have fun 🙂

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