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For the new generation of travellers: Unplugged hotel

By Lisanne van Beurden
October 19, 2020

Hotel Unplugged in Rotterdam is a hotel that does things slightly differently. For instance, you check in with your phone and there is no lobby guy or bellboy. This technology-driven hotel is located on Eendrachtsplein, a central location in Rotterdam. 

In addition, the rooms are designed so that you have everything you need to recharge after a day exploring the city. A good choice for a city trip in Rotterdam!

I tested the hotel together with my colleague Mathilde and we certainly enjoyed our stay. Read more about this tech-savvy hotel below!

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Easily check in with your phone

Een hotel gedreven door technology: Hotel Unplugged in Rotterdam.

There is no traditional check-in desk or lobby staff at Hotel Unplugged. You can check in by yourself, with your phone!

We had received a link in advance via email. Once we arrived at the hotel, all we had to do was open this link, switch a button and we were inside. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! I think it’s very contemporary, because why do we need all that fuss when we check in?


A comfortable room with everything you need

The first thing I noticed when we entered the room was the luxurious bath that was in the room and the lilac wall with “Nice butt” on it. I always like small details like this.

In addition, our room had a large bed and a table with a bouquet of dried flowers on it. A highligt is the beautiful design bathroom with a big shower and lovely products from Malin + Goetz.

It is also really convenient that there is a Chromecast in the room. This allows you to connect your devices and display the screen of, for example, your phone on the TV screen. That way you can watch your favourite series on Netflix!

Echt het lekkerste bed ever bij Unplugged Hotel.

I slept so well on the king size bed, that the next day I asked our contact person where I can get such a mattress myself. The answer is Nilson Beds in Amersfoort, far beyond my price range, but a good reason to start saving!


The Quick Fix Coffee Bar

Zin in een koffie? In de Quick Fix coffee bar van Hotel Unplugged kun je gewoon allerlei soorten koffie halen!

Do you fancy an americano, cappucino or latte in the morning? They have all this and much more in their Quick Fix Coffee bar. In the morning there is staff present who can prepare a good cup of coffee for you.

In addition, there is also a co-working place where you can work quietly. Very convenient if you have to send an email or if you work on the road.


Breakfast at Baker & Moore

De vegetarische ontbijtplank bij Baker & Moore.

A tip that I definitely want to give you: book the breakfast during your stay! Hotel Unplugged has a partnership with Baker & Moore for this.

This lovely hotspot is around the corner from the hotel and is already one of our breakfast recommendations. You get a delicious (vegetarian) breakfast platter. Delicious bread, fresh toppings, a drink… So good!

Check out the prices and availability of Hotel Unplugged.


Practical information about Unplugged Hotel

  • Free fast WiFi
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Super comfy king size bed
  • Chromecast
  • Easy check-in


Eendrachtsplein 12, 3012 LA Rotterdam


Hotel Unplugged is definitely recommended. Check out these hotels in the center of Rotterdam for even more great hotels at top locations in our city.

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