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Team Weekends

Lisanne van Beurden


As a co-founder of Weekends in Rotterdam, Lisanne likes to keep herself busy with editorial work. She prefers to write articles about new hidden places, vintage shops and the best markets. SEO is one of her best skills and she ensures that the platform is always up to date.

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Mathilde Simon


Mathilde is co-founder of Weekends in Rotterdam and likes to work on new ideas within the team. For example, she is involved in devising and developing concepts as well as in the marketing. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be reading articles written by her.

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Tereza Chárová

Content Creator

Tereza loves discovering the dynamic art scene and innovative spirit of Rotterdam, admiring the unique architectural pieces throughout the city, and especially trying new bakeries and pastry shops! As one of our content creators, she manifests her love of Rotterdam through managing our Instagram account, but you can also spot her discoveries on TikTok.

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Luísa Meireles

Content Creator

Rotterdam was Luísa’s first taste of international adventure, coming straight from Portugal. Since a few years she lives here and she’s definitely making the most of it! Luísa’s all about exploring hidden outdoor spots, grabbing brunch with friends, and getting her art fix here in Rotterdam. She is one of our content creators, so check our Instagram and TikTok for a peek at her discoveries.

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Marcella van Bemmel


Marcella likes to travel all over the world and lives half the year in tropical Bali, but always returns to her beloved hometown of Rotterdam. Besides being a freelance VA, Travel blog founder ( and Christmas shop owner (, she hops around the city to discover the latest hotspots and makes sure the Weekends in Rotterdam articles are always up-to-date!

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Julia den Outer


Julia loves Rotterdam; the raw character and the straightforward mentality can be seen everywhere. The nice thing about the city is that there is always something new to discover. She is always looking for new vintage shops, bars and galleries.

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Kim Longwood


Kim likes to promote art, culture, literature, sports and the culinary world. She does this through her platform, for which she writes inspiring articles and on which she shares interviews with talented people. She also works as a freelance writer and can be found outside a lot. For example at an exhibition, in a nice restaurant or in a skate park.

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Masha Che


Masha is a Media and Communication student in Rotterdam. Apart from her studies, she writes about everything that excites her, be that travelling, culture or film. With her camera in hand, she enjoys exploring the city and introducing people to the best hot spots there are. You can find her on twitter @dushevnoe_litso.

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Alice Eichelsheim


Alice has a passion for travelling and discovering new places. She prefers to get to know a city by going out to coffee shops, bars, museums and theatre. She lost her heart to beautiful Rotterdam, where she has enjoyed living for 5 years now. She likes to share her tips about the city with you in her blogs.

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Olivia de Beukelaer


Olivia De Beukelaer relocated from London to Rotterdam. She now takes every opportunity to explore her new home. When she’s not blogging, she works full time in content and inbound marketing. She also enjoys eating out, cheerleading, aerial hoop and travelling. Follow her Rotterdam adventures on Instagram

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Fatima is born in Rotterdam, a world citizen and very creative. She is an intern at EenVandaag and works as a fashion and wedding photographer/videographer @TimaVisual. She often takes long walks through the city and likes to walk from the historic Delfshaven to the futuristic Kop van Zuid to shoot photos.

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Marion Rault


Marion is French and after living in several countries, she decided to settle in Rotterdam for a bit. She loves to find hidden places, new restaurants and cafes. Beside that, she is passionate about photography and travelling. Discover her travels and favourite spots of Rotterdam on her on Instagram account @marionro.cks.

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Vladana Vulevic


In addition to her PR company Moon PR, where Vladana works with the most diverse brands and people, including the hospitality industry, she likes to write about her own city of Rotterdam. Vladana is a real Rotterdam woman – born and raised. After traveling a lot and having lived in Bali and Dublin, among other things, she can say that nothing beats Rotterdam.

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Melissa Moncada Castillo


Melissa was born in Peru and has lived in Rotterdam since she was 7. She works as a lawyer and copywriter. With her husband and their child (2018) she likes to discover all (kid-friendly) Rotterdam hotspots. In her spare time, Melissa likes to write and stay creative. Follow her experiences on Instagram via @melissamcastillo.

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Campara Rozina


After having just graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Campara Rozina prefers to write about the surprising and innovative hotspots in the city. After living in Rotterdam all her life and growing up in a hospitality family, Campara now knows the city through and through. In the evening she loves to stroll through the city and discover the still unknown, and sometimes inconspicuous, gems. Follow Campara on Instagram @CamparaRozina.

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Azaria Morgan


Azaria visited Rotterdam for the first time in 2014 and has fallen in love with the city ever since. She frequently holidays to Rotterdam trying out new hotels, eateries, bars and cultural events. Aside from her love for all things RTM, Azaria is a Communications Officer at the LSE University in London.

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Evelien van Beurden


Evelien is a mom who lives and works as a physical therapist in Rotterdam. She is happily married with Urwin and has a 5 year old son. Evelien loves to write about being a mom living and working in Rotterdam, and she share all the fun and energy this city brings her. Follow her adventures with her family and friends on Instagram @eefvanbird.

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Agnes van


Agnes was born and raised in Rotterdam. During her studies she lived in Utrecht for a while, but she missed Rotterdam too much and is now no longer planning to leave. Her hobbies include running, watching series (watching lots of series) and cooking. Because of this, she loves to try and find the best restaurants to write about.

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Marije van Horik


For some the city of Rotterdam might feel like a grey, cold, harbor city. Marije’s aim is to show that this could be nothing further from the truth. Marije’s favourite place in Rotterdam is the Blaak Market where you can find her almost every Saturday morning. Furthermore she loves to go the movies, enjoy some good wine and cheese or do some urban exploring.

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