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Misschien wel de lekkerste broodjes van Rotterdam, eet je bij Guliano! En dat is geen geheim, want er staat soms zelfs een rij tot buiten.

11 Tasty sandwiches in Rotterdam

By Mathilde Simon
July 13, 2020

Are you looking for a tasty sandwich in Rotterdam? Because sure, a quinoa salad or smoothie bowl can be delicious, but sometimes you just want a big and generously topped sandwich.

Rotterdam has countless nice lunchrooms and sometimes you just don’t know where to go. With these 10 tasty sandwiches options, you are assured of a delicious meal for breakfast or lunch.

Be sure to also check out these great lunch spots in Rotterdam!


1. Guliano

Je kent het wel: het is zondagochtend, je bent veel te lang in je bed blijven liggen door de avond ervoor en je hebt trek in een flinke maaltijd. Bel je vrienden, moeder of lover op, kleed je aan en geniet van een uitgebreide brunch op een van onderstaande plekken!

We – and basically everyone we know – love Guliano’s sandwiches. This lunch restaurant is a mix of Italian and New York flavors and on the menu you will find sandwiches such as Ed’s Pastrami, Bistecca, Vitello Tonnato, Gallo, the GULIANO’s Truffle burger and much more.

Although a lot of meat and cheese is used, there are also very tasty options for vegans and vegetarians.

The truffle mayonnaise is certainly something you don’t want to miss when visiting Guliano; it’s something many people come back for.


Meent 31A, 3011 JC Rotterdam
Zalmstraat 9, 3016 DS Rotterdam


2. Baker & Moore

Endless options at Baker & Moore, because here you can put together your own sandwich. Of course you can also opt for a sandwich that’s already on the menu, such as the tastiest sandwich in the Netherlands, as Baker & Moore has won an award for “The best lunchroom sandwich in the Netherlands 2018” with the Mr. Baker Goes Asia sandwich.

Definitely worth a try if you ask us!


Westblaak 147, 3012 KJ Rotterdam


3. Jordy’s Bakery

With a location on the Nieuwe Binnenweg, in Kralingen and in the Fenix Food Factory, there are plenty of options to enjoy a sandwich at Jordy’s Bakery.

Following a traditional French recipe, they bake their own sourdough bread here, which results in crispy buns that are free from preservatives and bread improvers and / or flavor enhancers.

Popular options here are the Schorem sandwich, Mackerel sandwich or a delicious freshly made toasted sandwich!


Nieuwe Binnenweg 97A, 3014 GG Rotterdam

Vlietlaan 52, 3061 DZ Rotterdam

Fenix Food Factory: Veerlaan 19D, 3072 AN Rotterdam


4. Vlaamsch Broodhuys

Tijdens de high tea van Vlaamsch Broodhuys krijg je diverse soorten zuurdesembrood, heerlijk hartig beleg, een huisgemaakte seizoenssoep, een selectie van de zoetigheden en natuurlijk een pot thee. 

Vlaamsch Broodhuys is a wonderful place to have breakfast, brunch or lunch with a nice sandwich. Here they serve super tasty bread, made in their own bakery.

Choose from their extensive menu  and pick one of their freshly made Dimitri sandwiches, such as the Avocado sandwich, Bonito Tuna or delicious farmers’ cheese.

Also nice to try are the different toasted sandwiches, such as those with goat cheese or tuna melt.


Meent 8a, 3011 JJ Rotterdam



Bij Søcial in Rotterdam kun je allerlei heerlijke Italiaanse bollen bestellen. Onze favoriet (tot nu toe) is de heerlijke caprese bol met mozzarella, rucola, basilicum, tomaat, verse pesto en pijnboompitten. Een klassieker!
At Social they sell delicious Italian sandwiches and great coffee. Take a seat in their stylish, minimalist restaurant and order one of the many freshly made sandwiches with a cup of coffee or tasty smoothie.

Don’t know which sandwich to choose? Our favorite (so far) is the delicious caprese with mozzarella, arugula, basil, tomato, fresh pesto and pine nuts. A classic!


Herenplaats 1, 3011 LP Rotterdam


6. Il Capo

You can find Il Capo on the Lusthofstraat in Kralingen. Here you can order delicious Italian sandwiches! The specialty of this Italian trattoria is the Italian ciabatta. Every day the owners bake the breads themselves and top them with fresh Italian ingredients. In addition, the menu also offers pizzas and salads.


Lusthofstraat 45, 3061 WK Rotterdam


7. Chinny

Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a tasty Surinamese sandwich. At Chinny they have enough options, with for example Pom, cod or curry chicken. You can find Chinny on the Lijnbaan, Hoogstraat and at the Alexandrium shopping center.


Lijnbaan 41, 3012 EK Rotterdam
Hoogstraat 160, 3011 PV Rotterdam
Woonmall Alexandrium, Watermanweg 3, 3067 GA Rotterdam


8. Boguette

Heerlijke Franse baguettes, rijk belegd met verschillende soorten vleeswaren of tofu, en bereid op Vietnamese wijze. Bij Boguette eet je deze lekkere bánh mì broodjes met een lekkere speciale mayonaise, groente, koriander en chili.

If you have ever been to Vietnam, a bánh mì must sound familiar to you. These fresh French baguettes are topped with different meats or tofu, prepared in a Vietnamese way. In combination with a delicious special mayonnaise, vegetables, coriander and chili, the bánh mì is an absolute favorite!


Botersloot 60A, 3011 HJ Rotterdam


9. The Bagel Bakery

The Bagel Bakery has been on Schilderstraat since 1999, very close to the Witte de Withstraat. The name says it all, but here they sell all kinds of delicious bagels.

You can choose from a natural, mix, multi-grain, gluten-free and sesame bagel. Top it off with any type of egg, salmon, cheese, tuna salad and much more. They also have vegan options!


Schilderstraat 57A, 3011 ER Rotterdam


10. Broodje Q

Want to have a great sandwich at home or at work? A pop-up sandwich shop in Rotterdam, especially created to provide all those who stay at home with a tasty lunch.

The sandwiches are affordable and via Thuisbezorgd you can have your Qaprese sandwich or Quarantine sandwich with marinated chicken, delivered at your doorstep in no time. Order a juice and try their homemade banana bread as well!


11. Netherlands Bagels

Another treat that you can order to eat at home or at work. Netherlands Bagels is an online bagel store, founded by a native New Yorker whose grandfather was a baker of traditional Galician bread in New York City.

The bakers of Netherlands Bagels work hard to replicate the taste and texture of the real deal. So you can order these bagels for a real New York Bagel without actually having to travel to New York City!

All bagels are freshly made in Rotterdam. Every bagel is vegan, except for the Spicy Rotterdam bagel with Turkish peppers and Rotterdam Old Cheese (pictured above!).

The bagels are available for pick-up and delivery (keep in mind that you need to order them in time). Pick-up is at Alice in Cakeland on the Van Oldenbarneveltstraat!


Gotten hungry yet? Let us know what your go-to sandwich hotspot is in Rotterdam, that we should definitely include in our list!

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