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Summer dates: romantic activities in Rotterdam

By Julia Den Outer
August 19, 2023

Are you looking for original summer date ideas in Rotterdam? Then you are in the right place.

The time has come, the summer of love has arrived! Of course you want to impress your new love. That’s why I listed some fun dates. I almost dare to say: success guaranteed.

Below you will find a nice mix of dates for both sunny and rainy days, because unfortunately the weather in Rotterdam is as unpredictable as ever. 

PS: These are also fun activities for your friends. And discover more fun summer activities in Rotterdam.


1. Visit one of the outdoor cinemas in Rotterdam

This year we will again enjoy the most beautiful films during the 11th edition of Roffa Mon Amour. Watching movies is always a good date idea; you can snuggle up against each other and let yourself be carried away by a movie. Also plenty to talk about afterwards.

It’s even more fun when you can watch a movie in a special place. From 16 to 27 August, take a seat at Brutus in Rotterdam West for Roffa Mon Amour. This edition is about encounters and connection.

If you don’t mind travelling a bit out of town, the outdoor cinema at Café Clementine is also a nice tip. From August 23 to 26, you can take a seat under the starry sky while enjoying a movie from your chair in the grass.

And why not grab a bite to eat right away? Café Clementine offers the possibility to dine in advance. A special cinema package has even been put together, consisting of three or four courses that perfectly match the movie experience.


Plantagelaan 2, 2063 NG Rotterdam


2. Laughs at Club Haug

Laughing together creates connection. You can’t always tell jokes, so it’s great when someone else makes you laugh. At Club Haug you can watch shows by well-known comedians or go to an Open Mic evening and be surprised.

Discover even more active dates!


Boompjeskade 11, 3011 XE Rotterdam


3. Karaoke at Dikke Mic

Maybe I’m biased because I like to sing, but there’s almost nothing more fun than karaoke. Next to Mooie Boules there is now a new karaoke place: Dikke Mic. This place has a total of eight private karaoke rooms that can be booked from four to 30 people. So it’s nice for a double or triple date with other couples. Of course you can only sing after a few drinks, but that will be fine there too.

Would you rather go on a date with just the two of you? At Dikke Mic you can also play games in the arcade room. You’ll find racing booths, basketball, boxing, air hockey and more here. You do not need to make a reservation for the arcade room.

Got an appetite? Enjoy the street food bar with Asian street food, composed by star chef Ron Blaauw. Order at the bar or order individual snacks for while singing.


Vijverhofstraat 47, 3032 SB Rotterdam


4. Cocktails at The Rumah

The Rumah on the grounds of Weelde.

Getting drinks is of course always fun. The nice thing about drinking cocktails is that you can choose drinks together and be surprised about the taste.That is actually quite an experience. One of my favourite cocktail spots is The Rumah. Here they make incredibly tasty cocktails with love.

You can drink cocktails with them in the city, but also at Weelde. Here they have a stand on the field where you can hang out romantically on sun loungers. Picture it: relaxing in a sun chair watching the sunset with a cocktail. Certainly sounds like a great plan to me.


Oude Binnenweg 110C, 3012 JG Rotterdam

Weelde: Marconistraat 39, 3029 AG Rotterdam


5. Enjoy nature at Trompenburg

Trompenburg is een leuke plek om heen te gaan met de Rotterdampas!

Walking around remains a pleasant daytime date. You may be a bit done with the Vroesenpark, so it’s time for a new walking spot.

Trompenburg is located in Kralingen and is a botanical garden and arboretum. In total, the garden is eight hectares, so you can walk ‘till your hearts content. For a break, I recommend a cup of tea in the tea house. It’s a great spot to leave the city for a while. That why you get to know each other in a beautiful, calm environment. 

Tip: from 10 to 27 August you can visit Trompenburg for a very special dinner: De Maaltuin. Through a delicious dinner, dishes with a story and live music you will experience and discover the special story of Trompenburg & Arboretum.


Honingerdijk 86 (beneden), 3062 NX, Rotterdam


6. A day of culture at a Rotterdam museum

The interactive installation Giant Billiard (1970) in the Kunsthal. Photo by Kim Longwood.

I love to visit exhibitions myself, but that’s off course even more fun with some company. Visiting a museum is a good idea, because it is a good conversation starter.

My tip is to go to the Museumpark and do a round there (even better if you have a Museum Jaarkaart). There you have plenty of museums to choose from. It is also nice to hang out in the Museum Park itself. As it’s beautiful and very green, you can have a lovely picnic here.

One museum that I find very cool is Huis Sonneveld. This amazing old residential home is fantastic from the outside, but even more so from the inside. The interior is completely in the original 1930s Nieuwe Bouwen style.

Another great museum is Het Nieuwe Instituut, even if you only go for a coffee in the cafe. Opposite is of course the Depot, hard to miss. A great idea to check it out and enjoy the view. A little further, through the park, you will find the Kunsthal. I think this is one of my favourite museums in Rotterdam. There are always a few exhibits here so you can always find one that you both like.


3015 CB Rotterdam


7. Watch movies in Kino

Sometimes the weather does not cooperate in the summer, then watching a movie outside is not such a great plan. Fortunately, we also have plenty of places to hang out inside in Rotterdam. I think my all-time favourite is Kino. In any case, because you are also fine here can do before or after.

In Kino they also play nice arthouse films, but also the bigger films. Also great fun if you and your date have the same interest, for example in anime or old classics, because Kino often has special evenings with special films. Also a nice bonus: you can hold each other’s hands in the dark.


Gouvernestraat 129-133, 3014 PM Rotterdam


8. Go to a festival

Rotterdam is bustling in the summer. You have plenty of festivals and events to choose from. Think of music festivals, food festivals or dance festivals. At a food festival such as RotterdamseKost you can pick out snacks and chill out together. Another nice and relaxed festival is the Dag van de Romantische Muziek (Day of the Romantic Music). Once I just settled on a rug and listened to piano music while lying down, sounds pretty romantic right?

Prefer a little more action? Then go for example to Eendracht festival. This festival with different locations around the Eendrachtsplein is always fun. Find some bands together and stroll around the street. A festival that I have been attending since I was 16 is Metropolis in the Zuiderpark. Order a beer and sit on the grass and listen to new bands.


9. Picnic in Het Park

Heerlijk picknicken in Rotterdam doe je in Het Park!

Maybe not original but always a blast: picnic in the park. Do this in the weekend and go all out with snacks and a cheese board. But also a good idea to do this on a weekday evening. Buy a (cool) bottle of white wine and a salad and you will also have a nice romantic evening.

I think my favourite picnic park is Het Park. You have plenty of places to have a picnic here, and it is never very crowded. This way you still have a little privacy, if a cheeky kiss is involved.


Baden Powelllaan 2, 3016 GJ Rotterdam


10. Met de metro naar Hoek van Holland

Rotterdam may not have a beautiful beach, but fortunately you can reach Hoek van Holland in no time by metro!

Since March this year, the metro has been running from Rotterdam to Hoek van Holland Strand station. From Schiedam Centrum, the Hoekse Lijn with metro line B runs directly to the beach.

And how nice to enjoy a date here? Ideal when the weather is nice. Bring your own picnic basket full of snacks and drinks or go to one of the beach bars to sit back and enjoy their menu. A tip is, for example, Pele Surfshack (but please note that it’s still a 20 minutes walk from metro stop Hoek van Holland Strand to Pele).


11. Play games and drink (natural) wines at Café Prêt à Boire

Grabbing a terrace may be an obvious choice, but there is a reason for that. Having a drink together is a great and easy way to get to know each other.

I myself love natural wine and a nice place for that is Café Prêt à Boire in Rotterdam Zuid. And they offer amazing snacks and dishes to share, that greatly fit your wine. In addition, it is wonderful to relax on the terrace. And if the weather is bad, just take place inside. It’s also a wonderful spot.

Also grab one of the fun games for your summer date when you don’t feel like chatting for a while.

Discover even more bars for natural wine in Rotterdam!


Bloemfonteinstraat 78C, 3072 HK Rotterdam


10. Discover the Island of Brienenoord

Do you want to do something completely new together? There is a good chance that you and your date have not yet discovered Brienenoord island. It is a bit out of town, at the Brienenoord bridge. You don’t expect amazing nature here, but nothing could be further from the truth. The tidal park has special nature due to tides.

Of course you don’t have to walk around for hours. Go and visit Buitenplaats Brienenoord. At the weekend you can drink a coffee here, or go straight for the three course dinner. Also keep an eye on the cultural program.

In addition, on really hot days it is possible to cool off in the natural swimming pool that is located in the middle of the island. This swimming pool was created in the former construction dock of subway tunnel tubes. There is a handy jetty on the water where you can put your towel before enjoying a refreshing dip together.

Explore even more hidden places in Rotterdam with your date!


Van Brienenoord 5, 3077 AE Rotterdam


13. Visit a vintage market together

Keilecafe is een permanent festival in Rotterdam West. Kom hier samen met vrienden, geniet van een drankje, houtoven-pizza's en muziek! Een heerlijke plek waar je heel de dag terecht kan.

Is one of you (or maybe both) crazy about finding gems on markets? Time to share this interest with each other.

How about a fun vintage market in M4H. Here you will find Keilecafe, a great place to enjoy drinks, wood-fired pizzas and music with friends. There is always a relaxing vibe, which makes you forget that you are in busy Rotterdam.

This summer, Keilecafé is organizing the Keile Market on several dates, including August 27. Here you can buy everything your heart desires. Vintage clothing, vinyl records, handmade items and art, unique jewelry, items for your interior and more! Enough beauty to discover.


Vierhavensstraat 46, 3029 BG Rotterdam


14. Visit a filmfestival

To conclude, I would like to give you a nice movie tip, especially for the month of September.

From 5 to 10 September 2023 you will visit the Arab Film Festival. During this film festival, the most significant films from the Arab world are presented in our city. Every year, this festival offers a nuanced view of social, cultural and societal life in countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Iraq.

This can be a unique idea for a date, especially if both of you are movie buffs and are looking for something different from the usual blockbuster.


LantarenVenster, Pathé Schouwburgplein en Verhalenhuis Belvédère.


Hopefully these original summer dates in Rotterdam have given you some inspiration to surprise your new sweetheart. Do you know any nice places? And what did you do on your first date? Let me know!

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