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Student guide: restaurants near your campus in Rotterdam

By Masha Che
April 19, 2023

As a student, you know a good meal is the fuel you need to keep your brain running at full speed during long days at university or college. Luckily, there are plenty of food spots near all the campuses in Rotterdam. 

As a once first-year international student myself, I know how hard it can be to find your way around the new city. But after a few years of studying in Rotterdam I found a number of exciting hotspots, and am here to help you find the best places for food. 

Read this article to find out all about the best cafes and lunch restaurants located near Rotterdam’s most well-known universities.

The photos below are taken with my analoge camera, except for the images of de Maaskantine, 30ml and Bertmans. 


Restaurants near Erasmus University Rotterdam


Food Plaza

Probably most of the EUR students have been to the Food Plaza, but this list would simply be incomplete if I didn’t mention it.

Under one roof Food Plaza accommodates five different cafes and restaurants. Want to get a cup of coffee? Go for a classic and order at Starbucks. And if you’re hungry after the classes, Tosti World offers a great variety of delicious warm sandwiches. Sohmi Asian Streetfood is worth checking out as well, if you’re looking for a healthier yet filling option. 


Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, 3062 PA Rotterdam


Café in de Smitse

What’s better than celebrating the end of a term with all of your friends? If you’re searching for a place to go after an exam well done, look no further than Smitse. Located right on campus! 

In de Smitse has a great selection of beer, all for affordable prices. But don’t be surprised if after a few pints visitors will start singing along with the music. Impromptu karaoke can be the most fun, so don’t be shy to join the crowd!


Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, 3062 PA Rotterdam


De Maaskantine

As the days get warmer, more and more terraces start opening for the season. This april the famous beach cafe de Maaskantine has opened its doors as well.

After a long day of studying, there is nothing better than going to Oude Plantage and having the tastiest loaded fries from this restaurant. And if you’re having a day off don’t hesitate to order one of de Maaskantine’s amazing cocktails!

TIP: explore the location before deciding where you’d like to sit – on the right side of the bar there is a sandy area with sunbeds and colourful umbrellas. Those pictures will look great on Instagram!


Plantagelaan 2, 3063 NG Rotterdam


Restaurants near Erasmus University College


Nine Bar

Located less than a minute away from EUC, Nine bar is one of the best cafes in Rotterdam. Known for its tranquil atmosphere and great coffee, this place is famous among locals. During weekdays people mostly come here to work, but on weekends Nine has a no-computer policy meaning the place becomes more lively.

Whatever order you go with – there is no losing. My go-to is a large cappuccino with a piece of their delicious banana bread, but many would also recommend their breakfast deal. And if you like your coffee extra sweet – try their NINE Bar Mocha special!


Botersloot 44A, 3011 HH Rotterdam



Søcial is one of the first cafes I discovered in Rotterdam and it’s a place where you always want to come back. Here they bake their own bread for the delicious buns you can find on the menu. Want to have something healthier? Try one of their smoothie bowls or go for the fresh caprese salad!

My personal favourite will always be Social’s breakfast – if you’re an early bird you can even get a discount on it before 10:30. For the meat lovers I’d also recommend their carpaccio and pastrami options. And when it comes to drinks – their iced vanilla latte and smoothies might just be the best in town!


Herenplaats 1, 3011 LP Rotterdam


Restaurants near Hogeschool Rotterdam & Erasmus MC


30ml Rotterdam Centrum

30ml Coffee & Food is a Dutch cafe chain, one of whose cafes is located just five minute walk away from Hogeschool Rotterdam. Having an extensive food and drink menu this spot is perfect for lunch!

Before the days become hot again, go and try their Cherry Chocolate – a signature hot chocolate drink with cherry syrup, whipped cream and cherry sauce. Don’t have a sweet tooth? Choose one of the many black and white coffee options, or go for one of their smoothies! As for food, a cheese lover in me can’t recommend enough to pick one of their grilled cheese sandwiches.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 105a, 3014 GH Rotterdam


Urban Espresso Bar

A cafe with lots of light and greenery, UEB West is a great place for a study session. The cafe is pretty busy during lunch, but there are always a few seats left at the common computer table by the window.

Their drinks menu is quite extensive, so everyone could find something for themselves. In terms of food, Urban Espresso has great sandwiches and pastries that could serve as a delicious lunch in the middle of a long day.

Don’t have a lot of time? Grab some food or a cup of coffee through their to go window, the line there is moving faster than in the sitting area!


Nieuwe Binnenweg 263, 3021 GD Rotterdam


Café Unfiltered

Unfiltered is a relatively new minimalistic cafe on the Van Oldenbarneveltstraat. With high quality specialty coffee and a tasty food menu, the cafe already attracts many guests, especially during the weekends. But don’t be scared if you can’t find a table during busy hours, practice shows you won’t have to wait for too long – friendly staff would always come and help you find a spot.

Want to try something unique? Go for Unfiltered’s signature blueberry latte! And if you’re looking for comfort food, their cinnabon buns are some of the best in town.

TIP: ask for a knife to cut the bun, it’s deliciously sugary!

Do you already know these new hotspots in town?


Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 125A, 3012 GT Rotterdam


Restaurants near Codarts Rotterdam



If you want to have a proper meal near Codarts – Bertmans is your choice. Their brunch menu is typically available from 11:30 until 17:00 and includes a lot of options, many of which are vegetarian or gluten free.

While a little bit pricier than other places on this list, Bertmans is still absolutely worth a visit. My advice: always ask about soup of the day. It’s a great choice if you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the options. And remember, Bertmans is open from 8:30 until 22:00, so no matter how late your classes end, you’re always welcome here!


Karel Doormanstraat 292, 3012 GP Rotterdam


Was your favourite spot not included on this list? Then I’m curious what it is! Let me know in the comments.

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