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Sporty outings with your friends: fun activities in Rotterdam

By Kim Longwood
October 19, 2021

Everyone knows going to a terrace to chat or going to that new blockbuster in the cinema with a group of friends; the well known activities. But there is so much more to do, discover and experience in Rotterdam.

Why not stretch your legs, crack your knuckles and sweat a bit? With these sporty outings you will undoubtedly experience a lot of laughter and sweat.

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1. ApenkooiGym

Als een malloot op allerlei matten, kussens, rekken en kasten springen zonder de grond te raken. The floor is lava, maar dan de originele versie. Tegenwoordig kan je in diverse steden dit gevoel herbeleven, en wel bij de ApenkooiGym. Speciaal voor Weekends in Rotterdam bezocht Margo een 'les' en deelt haar ervaring!

Old-fashioned gym classes in a real gym, like you did in primary and secondary school. Think of games like dodgeball, tag and of course ‘monkey cages’ (translated from the Dutch name: apenkooi); a chaotic game that guarantees a good time!

These gym classes are given after work and are only accessible to adults, perfect for an hour of blasting in the ‘gym’ with your friends without reaching for the weights. It is also possible to book a private class, especially for your group of friends.

The location, class times and prices can be found on the ApenkooiGym website.


2. Midgetgolf

Not everyone wants to risk bruising, we get that. That is why being sporty is of course also possible in a more relaxed way.

Take miniature golf, for example. You are still competitive… even a bet can be made if the need arises. But this is a sport that can be accompanied by a beer (paid by the loser), what more could you want?

Visit Midget Golfbaan Parkhaven next to the Euromast or, after the opening in December, the Hollywood Event Center, where they’ll have interactive midgetgolf. 


3. Skateland

Do you have a skateboard, inline skates, roller skates or bmx bikes lying around at home? Then it’s time to gather your skate buddies and spend an afternoon or evening in Skateland.

Try halfpipes, quarterpipes, obstacles, rails or skate and cycle safely on the flat spots. This indoor skate hall can be found in Rotterdam South and is easily accessible by bike or car.

More information about opening times, prices and the programme can be found on the Skateland website.

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4. Climbing

Have you ever climbed? Did you know that there are many different climbing halls and climbing parks in and near Rotterdam?

For instance, de Klimmuur Rotterdam. This climbing hall has a spectacular overhanging main wall of 17 meters high. In addition, there are many different walls that are suitable for both novice and experienced climbers. There are about 130 routes.

But it doesn’t stop there. This location has a second and third floor where there is a bouldering hall and a training room. So you can combine secured climbing with bouldering, or just drop by for the other types of training.


5. Dok 99

How long has it been since you went bowling? For most people, it’s a childhood sentiment or something you do on a family birthday. But bowling is still fun!

In Hillegersberg you will find Dok 99, a beautiful and atmospheric location, where you can also have a bite to eat after a game of fanatically swinging heavy balls.


6. Supping

Deze zomer lekker SUPPEN bij SUP's UP met de Rotterdampas!

It’s a huge trend and we understand why! SUP is challenging, unique, fun, intensive but above all accessible. Anyone can do it. Whether you are standing or sitting on the water, one thing is certain: this is a sporty outing with your friends that you will not forget.

SUP is possible on the Kralingse Plas at FunForest, where you can also go for climbing high in the trees of the forest. This location is great for not only water sports, but other different types of active outings as well.

It is also possible to take SUP lessons, follow SUP yoga and take a SUP tour at SUP’S UP in Rotterdam and surroundings.


7. Jeu de Boules

Jules Boules Bites Bar

Food, drinks and throwing some balls. We are of course talking about the popular jeu de boules courts. Here you can rent your own court with your friends and play a fanatic game. The nice thing about the jeu de boules courts is that there is music, a cosy atmosphere and plenty of things to eat and drink.

In Noord you have Mooie Boules, a nice place close to the centre with a table tennis table and fun board games. In addition, you have Jules Boules Bites Bar in South, near De Kuip. A great location where you can park in front of the building and have no less than 11 courts.


8. Padelife

Something you hear more and more around you lately: padel. The popularity of this originally Mexican sport is growing so fast that former tennis halls are rapidly being converted into padel centres throughout the country.

And the same counts for Rotterdam, or at least close to our city. In the autumn of 2021 an indoor padel centre opened at the Rottemeren! Padelife has new panorama padel courts and sleek glass walls. There is also a contemporary restaurant, a shop and a lounge to relax after your game.

A wonderful sporty outing to end this article.


Those were 8 fun, sporty outings in Rotterdam. Have you tried anything yet? Or do you also have a great tip? Share it in the comments below!

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