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Sports locations in Rotterdam: from yoga, padel, skating to boxing

By Kim Longwood
February 16, 2022

Aren’t we just an amazing bunch of fit people, us Rotterdammers? Throughout Rotterdam you will find countless sports complexes and locations, yoga studios and gyms, swimming pools and activity halls. Sometimes, maybe a bit too many, because the choices are endless.

In this article we name a selection of what Rotterdam has to offer when it comes to sports, categorised by type. For everyone who don’t necessarily want to struggle with weights in a classic gym, but prefers something soothing, explosive or creative instead.


Padel courts in Rotterdam

1. Padelife

Padelife is located on the outskirts of Rotterdam, in the Rottemeren recreation area. It’s a sports club where you can play indoor padel. You can follow individual lessons or a series of lessons, to discover your padel skills and take them to a higher level.


Kooilaan 1a, 2665 KR Bleiswijk


2. Brasserie L’Oeuf

For these padel courts you have to go to Capelle aan den IJssel, but it is more than worth it!

At Brasserie L’Oeuf they have six padel courts. These are all outside and there is lighting. Are you more into tennis? You’ll also find six clay courts and six artificial grass courts at this location!

Got hungry after padel? Then take a seat in the brasserie. Here you can enjoy lunch, dinner and various bites, such as nachos and shrimp croquettes. This way you can recharge after the game of padel!


Groenedijk 48, 2904 LB Capelle aan den IJssel

3. Padelclub Rotterdam

Are you comfortable with a padel in your hand? Padelclub Rotterdam has no fewer than 3 locations, namely in South (Feyenoord), Kralingen (Victoria) and Terbregge. You can play both on indoor and outdoor courts. Teach the children how it’s done!


Feyenoord: Korte Stadionweg 109, 3077 ME Rotterdam
Victoria: Kralingseweg 226, 3062 CG Rotterdam
Terbregge: Ommoordseweg 34, 3056 JP Rotterdam


Yoga studios in Rotterdam

1. Kula

Kula is a true (yoga) gem, where the ‘zen’ radiates from the inside out. The Kula way of life is back to your roots, as they beautifully say so themselves. We immediately think of connecting with your true being and becoming more balanced. Who wouldn’t want that?

You can also have a bite to eat and a drink here, they have an all day cafe that opens at 08:00 and serves until late.


Abraham Tuschinskistraat 54, 3015 GK Rotterdam


2. Yogaground

Iconic, that’s Yogaground. Every Rotterdam yogi knows this beautiful studio on Weena. Did you know they have a second location? It’s in the Veerhaven area.

In addition to yoga classes, Yogaground also offers High Intensity classes, which are ideal for those who prefer something spicier.


Centre: Weena-Zuid 148, 3012 NC Rotterdam
Veerhaven: Westerstraat 40, 3016 DH Rotterdam


3. Balanzs

Another icon: Balanzs. This multi-location yoga studio offers more than 200 classes weekly, from Hot Yoga and Power Yoga to Yin Yoga. In addition, Balanzs also teaches Pilates and Barre.


Centre: Mariniersweg 151, 3011 NK Rotterdam
Hillegersberg: Kleiweg 14, 3051 GR Rotterdam


Swimming pools in Rotterdam

1. Van Maanenbad

In Blijdorp you will find the Van Maanenbad. An indoor and outdoor pool, where you can swim all year round. During all seasons you can do this indoors and in the summer it can also be done outside. Nice bonus: they have a Turkish bath, in other words: a sauna!


Van Maanenstraat 8, 3038 CZ Rotterdam


2. Oostelijk Zwembad

Swim laps? Aqua boot camp? Aqua jogging? Technique and fitness training or would you prefer a total body workout? It’s all possible in the Oostelijk Zwembad in Kralingen.


Gerdesiaweg 480, 3061 RA Rotterdam


3. Zwemcentrum Rotterdam

Photo: Casper Rila

When you stumble down the escalators of Winkelcentrum Zuidplein, you are standing right in front of a gigantic building, better known as Zwemcentrum Rotterdam. This sports location is the first Olympic swimming pool in Rotterdam, where water polo and swimming clubs can play sports at the highest level.


Annie M.G. Schmidtplein 8, 3083 NZ Rotterdam


Pilates studios in Rotterdam

1. The Pilates Place Rotterdam

In the studio of The Pilates Place Rotterdam, group lessons on mats, group lessons with pilates equipment and private training sessions are given. Depending on the class you choose, you can work on your flexibility, strength, coordination, breathing and balance.


Oostzeedijk 158a, 3063 BK Rotterdam



Reformer Pilates, as it’s nicely called, is Pilates on a Reformer machine. At PLTS in the heart of Rotterdam you can participate in classes that focus on sculpting the body, that help your posture and that better your flexibility.

Read more about PLTS on Westblaak.


Westblaak 161, 3012 KJ Rotterdam


Boxing schools in Rotterdam

1. Lucie with the six punches

Getting sweaty in an environment reminiscent of superheroes and nightclubs… how nice is that? At Lucie Boxing you can even participate in buddy boxing lessons with your friends or colleagues.

Besides boxing, you’ll be in the right place if you want a stronger and rounder butt. You are invited by Lucie Boxing to join the peachgang.


Weena 103, 3013 CH Rotterdam


2. Fitboyz010

In Sportcentrum Schuttersveld in Crooswijk you will find the hard hitting boxing gym Fitboyz010, run by a fanatical trainer who really puts every participant to work. So don’t be afraid of a drop of sweat… or a bucket of sweat. In addition to group training, it is possible to follow solo or duo training at Fitboyz010.


Crooswijksestraat 93, 3034 AE Rotterdam


3. Fitgirl Kickboxing

In this ladies only boxing school you can take a 6-week kickboxing beginners course, where you will learn the basics of kickboxing and where you will work on your strength and fitness.

If you’d rather not be surrounded by muscular men or show-offs (no, not everyone is like that, we know), then Fitgirl Kickboxing might be the kickboxing gym for you.


Raampoortstraat 15, 3032 AH Rotterdam


Jumping halls in Rotterdam

1. Trampolinepark Rotterdam (Jump-010)

Feel Free To Fly is the motto of Trampolinepark Rotterdam, also known as Jump-010.

At this jumping hall formerly known as Jump XL, it’s not only possible to visit for a free jumping session, they also have a Jump Academy where you can follow jumping lessons. You can jump yourself fit during a fitness class (duh), or you can learn tricks during the stunt classes.


Akkeroord 10, 3079 ZS Rotterdam


2. Bounce Valley Rotterdam

Bounce Valley Rotterdam is an Airpark, where you jump on air cushions. Or actually… the entire location is one big air cushion park. People from 2 to 99 years old are welcome to come and bounce for a few hours, but groups can also come here for events such as birthdays or work outings.


Lylantse Baan 3, 2908 LG Capelle aan den IJssel


Skateboarding & roller skating in Rotterdam

1. Skate Fever

Have you always wanted to roller skate in a hall that radiates disco? Then Skate Fever is the indoor roller skating rink for you. Pull out your 70’s flare pants or 80’s neon-coloured aerobics outfit and polish your roller skates (or rent them at Skate Fever). You are just a metro ride away from disco music and coloured lights.


Rhijnspoor 275, 2901 LB Capelle aan den IJssel


2. Skateland

This indoor skate park welcomes skateboarders, roller skaters, inline skaters, BMXers, steppers, longboarders, surf skaters, basically anyone who skates or rolls… you get the idea.

In addition to freestyle rolling, Skateland opens up their location for certain events such as Roller Raves, skateboard lessons and competitions.


Piekstraat 45, 3071 EL Rotterdam


Spinning in Rotterdam

1. Rocycle Rotterdam

Who doesn’t know Rocycle? The funny thing about these spinning classes is that people either love it or hate it. It is intense. And one person might think that’s great, the other less so. Good news for the quiet types among us, Rocycle also provides Royoga in their location on the Mariniersweg.

Next to the Rocycle studio there is the Transport Club location, where you can cycle yourself to death on those ‘nice’ bicycles, in a former club. The lessons are motivating, fun (nice teachers!) and rewarding.


Centre: Mariniersweg 39, 3011 NE Rotterdam
Transport Club: Schiestraat 18, 3013 AC Rotterdam


2. SkillCycling

In Blijdorp you can find SkillCycling, where people pedal on SkillBikes as if they were riding a racing bike. Have no fear, although the lessons promise big gains in a short time, the bikes’ levels are set per person. Beginner? You are more than welcome. Advanced racer? Let’s go.


Diergaardesingel 75A, 3014 AG Rotterdam


Is there a sport that makes you really happy? Maybe you’ve been practicing yoga for years, or boxing like a pro. Maybe not, that’s fine too.

Hopefully this article has given you some motivation and you will soon go for a swim or even for a ride at Rocycle. Whatever you choose, know that you are doing amazing.

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