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12 Spiritual and holistic places in Rotterdam

By Kim Longwood
March 04, 2022

Rotterdammers are known for having a down-to-earth approach, which is part of the city’s charm. But this straightforward mentality certainly does not exclude feeling a spiritual desire and needing to incorporate a holistic approach. So there certainly are spiritual places in Rotterdam.

Nowadays, spiritual and holistic things are not just for people who are ‘out there’. They are for anyone who values a higher quality of life. But where in Rotterdam should you go? And for what exactly? Read it here, in our ultimate guide of spiritual and holistic Rotterdam!

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1. Mystiek

Shopping ‘with heart and soul’, as the owners of Mystiek say, beautifully so. Mystiek is a shop in the centre of Rotterdam, on the corner of the Witte de Withstraat and the Schiedamse Vest, where spirituality is the focal point.

Here, you can find products related to yoga, meditation, a healthy lifestyle, music and sound, aromatherapy, shamanism, tarot and more.


Schiedamse Vest 79, 3012 BE Rotterdam


2. Lotus New Age

From Tuesday to Sunday you’re more than welcome at Lotus, a New Age store in the Pannekoekstraat (near the big market). In this store, Western and Eastern continents meet.

At Lotus, you can buy minerals and gemstones, healing wands, oracle cards and coins, essential oils and skin oil, amongst other things.


Pannekoekstraat 101 a, 3011 LD Rotterdam


3. Danny De Cactus

Danny De Cactus has been around for over 25 years. Together with his sister Mandy, Danny sells cheerful, beautiful and colourful items. From home decoration and Oriental lamps, bags and rings, to dream catchers.

This shop is close to the Witte de Withstraat and the Schiedamse Vest, so you can easily walk from Mystiek to Danny De Cactus.

Discover more hotspots on and around Witte de Withstraat.


Schilderstraat 63A, 3011 ER Rotterdam


4. Centrum Bodhi

Do you have a busy life? Who doesn’t… nowadays we’re all running a million miles an hour. Centrum Bodhi is a place where you can relax after living through the daily grind.

The teachers working in the yoga school of Centrum Bodhi offer yoga, mindfulness and training and courses in the field of personal development. Choose yourself and connect with yourself.


Hoogstraat 29A, 3011 PE Rotterdam


5. Kula

The goal of Kula is to make well-being accessible and playful, for everyone! Kula wants to contribute to the happiness and well-being of Rotterdammers. They do this in a friendly and fun way, without taking themselves too seriously. Sounds Rotterdam-appropriate, right?

Drop by for a yoga class, a bite in the all day cafe or attend one of the events.

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Abraham Tuschinskistraat 54, 3015 GK Rotterdam


6. Mu-Long

At Mu-Long you practice Qigong. What? Qigong, a moving form of meditation from China. It promotes the flow of bio-electromagnetic energy in the body. This reduces stress, improves mental and physical health and gives your concentration, stamina and creativity a boost.


Boreelstraat, 3039 LW Rotterdam



Stefan Diderich’s ITCCA School is part of the International Tai Chi Chuan Association (ITCCA) of Master Chu King-hung.

In his Tai Chi school in the Hofbogen in Rotterdam North, Stefan teaches the original Yang style. This style focuses on 3 elements: personal health, meditation and the martial art of Tai Chi.


Vijverhofstraat 112, 3032 SP Rotterdam


8. MOON – Bewegen met Klank & Meditatie

Moon Luijsterburg helps you find peace as well as the vitality in yourself (that you’ve lost along the busy way). In her studio in Kralingse Veer in Rotterdam she offers Qigong level 1, 2 and 3, as well as sound meditations, urban yoga, aerial yoga and (yin) yoga flow.


Elandstraat 26, 3064 AH Rotterdam


9. DokterPrik

Did you know that acupuncture focuses on the healing capacity of your own system? Sometimes, you can recover from an illness on your own, without the use of medication. When your system is out of balance, it needs a little push. Acupuncture can be that push.

Lies den Boer is DokterPrik. In her practice for acupuncture and auriculotherapy, she examines the ailments you’re experiencing, to then together with you find what works best. Acupuncture appeals to Lies because it is a holistic way of thinking in which people are seen as part of nature, of the cosmos. We share her amazement!


Doezastraat 20A, 3039 ZE Rotterdam


10. Ayurveda Palms

Ayurveda Palms is a health and wellness clinic located on the Schieweg, between the city centre and Blijdorp. The clinic was founded by Sangitha Khosla, a qualified and experienced caregiver and enhancer of vital life energy and happiness. Sangitha celebrates proactive holistic well-being and combines Ayurveda with chakra therapy, divine energy and spiritual love.

Ayurveda Palms specialises in depression, addiction, chronic stress, burnout, pain, PTSD, imbalance and chronic health problems (caused by physical, mental and emotional stress).

You can go to Ayurveda Palms for Ayurveda, chakra readings, emotional or spiritual counseling, balancing doshas, an Ayurvedic diet plan, pain treatments, a facelift, yoga, aura cleansing and pranayama or panchakarma.


Schieweg 98-C, 3038 BB Rotterdam


11. Spirit Restaurants

You are what you eat. Nutrition is incredibly important to our mental and physical well-being. Holistic food, with the right herbs and spices, can contribute to a fit and vital life.

Spirit Restaurants celebrates this form of nutrition. In Rotterdam you will find Spirit in De Groene Passage, where you can grab a seat, every day, from the morning until the evening.

Discover even more healthy hotspots in Rotterdam.


Mariniersweg 9, 3011 NB Rotterdam


12. Leaf Vegetarian

Authentic Asian dishes, for yourself or to share with loved ones. At Leaf Vegetarian all the dishes are fresh, healthy and incredibly tasty. The chefs cook with a wide variety of herbs and spices, which contributes to a holistic way of eating.

The great thing about Leaf Vegetarian is: everyone is welcome. People with a smaller budget can eat and drink for free. Can you miss some extra coins? Then pay a few euros more when flipping the bill, because your generosity provides a meal for someone who can really use it.


Oostmolenwerf 19, 3011 TL Rotterdam


How much do you value taking time for your mental and physical health? Are there things you like to do, places you like to go, that are not in this guide? Let us know and share your favourites!

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