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12X specialty shops in Rotterdam

By Julia Den Outer
December 21, 2021

With the holidays I always suddenly feel like cooking delicious meals. I just want to go all out with good food and tasty, matching drinks. Naturally you need good ingredients for that. Fortunately, Rotterdam has the best authentic specialty shops, such as cheese shops, wine shops, bakeries and so on. 

In this article I will give you some tips on where to find the best wines, beers and ingredients for your festive diner. This way you will know for sure that your dinner will steal the show.


Wijn bij Henk

Recently at a dinner, friends of mine had a glass of Henk’s wine with every dish. And they were so delicious! At Wijn bij Henk you will find a wide range of wines with unique flavours.

Also nice as gifts by the way, if you are still looking for something for Christmas. The wines are real gems with special labels and descriptions.


Bergselaan 317A, 3038 CH Rotterdam


Kaaspaleis Blijdorp

A luxury dinner also includes a cheese board. I often get cheese from Kaaspaleis in Blijdorp. You really have a huge assortment of cheeses here, but also, for example, tasty dips for a drink.

You can also get your supplies for your charcuterie board here. This way your snacks will be a guaranteed success.


Statenweg 100, 3039 JK Rotterdam


La Zia Maria

For Italian delicacies you have to go to La Zia Maria. This cute little deli on the Binnenweg has a very friendly owner and also has delicious goodies. Think, for example, of fresh cheeses, olive oil, Italian flour and fresh pestos. Or maybe an Italian wine?

With the delicacies from La Zia Maria you can prepare a real Italian dinner that will make your mouth water.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 222A, 3021 GM Rotterdam


Verdins bierwinkel

You don’t necessarily have to combine your dinner with wine, special beers also go very well with this.

For example, think of a cosy stew, what goes better with this than a nice dark beer? Or mix and match your snack platter with some craft beers. At Verdin you can choose from the wide range of special for example craft beers or Belgian beers, there are choices in abundance!


Mauritsweg 60, 3012 JX Rotterdam


Urban Bakery

Sometimes you feel like baking cakes, but if you don’t feel like it, Urban Bakery is a great idea. The smell already welcomes you when you’re outside because the bakery is next door.

At Urban Bakery you can get delicious small or large cakes, brownies, muffins and other sweets. I recently had a mini lemon meringue tart, I definitely recommend it! You can also get some fresh bread for your dinner.


Voorburgstraat 217-219, 3037 ER Rotterdam


Fenix Food Factory

It is always fun to go to Katendrecht to the Fenix ​​Food Factory. You can get delicious ingredients here, but you can also enjoy a drink (when it’s open).

The FFF is actually a small market consisting of local Rotterdam entrepreneurs.

Blije Wijnen

At Blije Wijnen you can buy special natural wines. They import wines from all over Europe, they now work with 25 different winemakers. I have often tasted their wines myself at, for example, their wine bar at Weelde. And I can tell you, they come highly recommended.

Jordy’s Bakery

Maybe I’m a bit biased because I used to work there, but at Jordy’s Bakery you get the best bread. At Jordy’s you will find sourdough bread in different flavours.

For example, my favourite is the walnut-raisin bread, delicious with a cheese platter. But the multigrain sourdough or corn sourdough are also very tasty.

Booij Kaasmakers

The Booij family knows what cheese is, they have been in the business for 300 years. So you know for sure that you will find good cheese at Booij. You can also always ask the staff for help, they will help you choose the right one for your dish.

Or maybe you want some cheese fondue? Then you’re also at the right place.

Fruits & Veggies

Get beautiful vegetables, fruits and fresh juices at Fruit & Veggies. You will also find nuts, olives and dried fruits here. Ideal as a snack!

Kaapse Brouwers

You have to go to Kaapse Brouwers for real homemade, special craft beers. As they say themselves: the best Rotterdam beer in the world. They always have special flavour combinations that you don’t expect. This way you continue to surprise everyone.

Anne’s mini market

Don’t feel like making your own chutney? Then you should be at Anne’s mini market. Here you can buy delicious snacks such as tinned sardines, chips from the Hoeksche Waard, but also homemade preserves and jams.

Soda Pop Shop

Do you want a nice non-alcoholic drink that is still special? Then get an unusual soft drink here.


Nico Koomanskade 1025, 3072 LM Rotterdam


Library of Spirits

A good aperitif is part of a chic dinner. You can buy the cocktail ingredients for this at Library of Spirits. They have a huge range of spirits here.

I myself love the high shelves with stairs where there are rows and rows of drinks. You will find different types of spirits. Be sure to ask for advice if you need a spicy gin or an extra smoky mescal for your cocktail, for example.


Oude Binnenweg 111B, 3012 JB Rotterdam


De Bonte Koe

Sometimes you don’t feel like a big dessert after a heavy meal, but you still want something sweet. At De Bonte Koe they have the best chocolate, home made in Schiedam. De Bonte Koe is known for their fresh bouchées (a kind of bonbons) with all kinds of fillings such as nougat pistachio or caramel almond toffee.

Discover these amazing Rotterdam treats.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 112, 3015 BE Rotterdam


The Market on the Binnerotte

De Binnenrotte Markt is echt de ideale plek om lokale groenten, fruit, leuke vintage items en nog veel meer te scoren! Deze markt kun je vinden bij de Rotterdamse Markthal!

The market remains my all-time favourite. Here you can actually score anything you want: meat, fish, cheese, nuts, fruits, vegetables and flowers for your beautifully laid table. You can especially get fruit and vegetables here for a fraction of the supermarket price.

At a lot of vegetable stalls you can fill a whole bag full of fresh products, this way you are ready in one go.


Binnenrotte 101, 3011 HB Rotterdam


Wijnwinkel Le Nord

Foto door Vivianne Sanderse.

I have already tasted quite a few wines at the café Le Nord, so I know that they have good wines at Wijnwinkel Le Nord anyway. You can choose from a lot of beautiful wines in the cosy shop on the singel.

Can’t choose? They also have sample packs of different flavours of wine. This way you get to know different wines a bit and you also have a fun activity.


Provenierssingel 32a, 3033 EM Rotterdam


Anne’s Deli

I always peek in here when I walk to Eudokiaplein and I always see something delicious. This shop is a Zero Waste Deli. Anne turns vegetables into preserves or whole dishes. There is nothing wrong with these vegetables, they are simply left over or not ‘beautiful’ enough to sell. But of course they don’t taste any less!

You will also find tasty snacks to accompany your dishes, such as humus or green salad with asparagus. You can keep on coming here because you can always find something new that you haven’t tasted yet.


Voorburgstraat 215, 3037 ER Rotterdam


Vermeyden Delicatessen

Photo by @marionro.cks.

When I walk into Vermeyden’s Delicatessen, I always get very greedy. They have so much here! You can actually find everything here that goes with a fancy dinner. Lots of cheeses, wines, beers and meats.

I often make gift packages myself, if you still need a present for the holidays.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 335A, 3021 GJ Rotterdam


Enough nice places where you can buy the tastiest stuff for your party at home. I’m already looking forward to dinner parties! Rotterdam is very big off course, so there must be a great specialty  let us know what your tips are!

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