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Skating in Rotterdam: the best skate spots, skate shops and more

By Kim Longwood
April 06, 2021

A city with miles of concrete, smooth surfaces, new and modern design and long cycle paths that surround the entire city: that is Rotterdam.

This is mecca for skateboarders who, in addition to skating in a skate park, are always looking for the best skate spots in the area. But fans of the inline skate and groovy roller skate will also jump of joy in this skate city. 

Rollerblading is an indispensable part of Rotterdam and has been part of the city’s culture for a long time. The fact that skating in many shapes and sizes has regained popularity with the general public is worth a round of applause. This ensures more acceptance and more celebration of this versatile sport.


The best skate spots of Rotterdam

1. Skatepark Westblaak

Voor wie kicks en flips wil oefenen is Skatepark Westblaak (pal in het centrum van de stad) een prima plek. Dit park is in 2016 vernieuwd. Het 1200m2 tellende betonnen skatelandschap is samen met de gebruikers ontworpen door Finse designer Janne Saario.

For those who want to practice kicks and flips, Skatepark Westblaak (right in the center of the city) is a great place.

This park was renewed in 2016. The 1200m2 concrete skate landscape was designed together with the users by Finnish designer Janne Saario.


2. Skateland Rotterdam

Op regenachtige dagen is buiten skaten niet altijd leuk, maar een tripje naar Rotterdam Zuid is zo gemaakt. Over het water vind je Skateland Rotterdam, hét indoor park van deze regio.

On rainy days, skating outside is not always fun, but a trip to Rotterdam South is easy. Over the water you will find Skateland Rotterdam, the indoor park of this region.

Unfortunately, Skateland has to keep the doors closed until the lockdown is over. You can visit the website, order something from the webshop or make a donation. In the meantime, the Skateland team is working hard to have everything in order for the opening.


3. Het Poolcafé

Photo: Rubén Dario Kleimeer

Then there is also the brand new indoor skate hall on the grounds of Weelde Rotterdam: Het Poolcafé.

This location is unfortunately currently closed due to the corona measures, but normally open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM.


4. Smaller parks

But skateboarding, inline skating, roller skating, longboarding, surf skating and so on can also be done in other, lesser well known spots.

Rotterdam and the surrounding area have a number of smaller parks where you can go wild, namely:

  • Sidelingepark in Overschie (3042 AL Rotterdam)
  • Zuiderpark Plaza, Vaanweg 40 (3083 AW Rotterdam)
  • Skatepark Schieplaza Schiedam (3119 XT Schiedam)
  • Schiedam Skatepark, Overschiesestraat 1 (3111 GB Schiedam)
  • Oranjepark Skatepark in Vlaardingen (3134 AE Vlaardingen)
  • Skatepark (3191 BZ Hoogvliet Rotterdam)
  • Skatepark Nesselande (3059 XX Rotterdam)
  • Skatebowl Soetendaalseplein, Soetendaalsestraat in Rotterdam
  • Marijke van der Wel Skatepark in the Prinsenpark in Rotterdam
  • Heemraadssingel Skate Pool (3023 CE Rotterdam)


The best flatspots in Rotterdam

In addition to skate spots, there are also flat spots. What is the difference? The name says it all. These spots are flat.

Sometimes corners, rails and stairs can be found on these spots, but it is characteristic that they are ideal for skating because of the large flat areas.

  • World Trade Center stairs, Beursplein 37 in the city center
  • Markthal stairs & gap, de Binnenrotte 1 in the city center
  • Skatebare letters in Park Pompenburg (3032 AG Rotterdam)
  • Rehobothkerk, Noordsingel (3032 BH Rotterdam)
  • Grafisch Lyceum, Heer Bokelweg 255 (3032 AD Rotterdam)
  • Binnenwegplein 20 in the city center
  • Plein 1940 in the city center
  • Rotterdam Witte Hip next to the Erasmusbrug
  • Plein in Museumpark in the city center
  • Schouwburgplein in the city center


The skate route for every rolling Rotterdammer

For those who are not concerned with learning tricks and prefer to go for distance, there is a versatile route that is (fully or partially) suitable for an intensive skate session.

There is a cycle path that circles almost completely around the city, which can be completely “rolled out” on a fanatic (and especially sunny) day.

Depending on where you live, you determine the starting point yourself, but we now start from the Vroesenpark in Blijdorp. This route is as follows:

Vroesenpark – Gordelweg – Kanaalweg – Abraham van Stolkweg – Mathenesserweg – Marconiplein – Vierhavensstraat – Westzeedijk (helemaal af) tot aan De Boompjes – Maasboulevard – Abram van Rijckevorselweg – Kralingse Zoom – Kralingseweg – Kralingse Plaslaan – Boezemlaan – Gordelweg – Vroesenpark


Skate shops in Rotterdam

Do you want to learn to skateboard, buy roller skates or is your current gear urgently in need of replacement? Then you are at the right place at these skate shops:


1. Skatestore Rotterdam

Aan de Westblaak 28 vind je de perfect gelegen (tegenover Skatepark Westblaak) Skatestore Rotterdam. Naast een enorm aanbod aan schoenen en kleding heeft deze winkel het grootste aanbod skateboards en hardware van Nederland. Ze zijn van maandag t/m zondag geopend.

At Westblaak 28 you will find the perfectly located (opposite Skatepark Westblaak) Skatestore Rotterdam. In addition to a huge range of shoes and clothing, this store has the largest selection of skateboards and hardware in the Netherlands. They are open Monday to Sunday.


2. Sevenply

Deze stijlvolle skatewinkel zit een beetje verstopt, maar is voor de echte skate liefhebber zeker een bezoek waard. Je vindt Sevenply achter de Skatestore, in een hofje.

This stylish skate shop may be a bit hidden, but it is definitely worth a visit for the real skate enthusiast. You will find Sevenply behind the Skatestore, in a courtyard.

Sevenply sells brands such as Pop Trading, Nike SB, Fucking Awesome, Dime, Adidas, Tired, Hockey & Stüssy. So here you are in the right place for clothing from cool and exclusive brands.


3. RSI The Attraction

De meest veelzijdige skatewinkel van Rotterdam vind je in de Witte de Withstraat (57) en draagt de mysterieuze naam RSI The Attraction. Deze shop verkoopt onder andere steppen, boards (skateboard, cruisers, longboards), rolschaatsen, inlineskates, fietsen, wintersport gear, kleding en schoenen.

The most versatile skate shop in Rotterdam can be found on the Witte de Withstraat and carries the mysterious name RSI The Attraction. This shop sells scooters, boards (skateboard, cruisers, longboards), roller skates, inline skates, bicycles, winter sports gear, clothing and shoes.


4. Loose Skateboard Company

In Rotterdam Noord aan de Zwaanshals (337A) huist The Loose Company, een skateboard merk uit Rotterdam. Dit merk is in 2016 gestart en produceert skateboards en kledingcollecties, die door heel Europa worden verkocht.

The Loose Company, a skateboard brand from Rotterdam, is located in Rotterdam Noord at the Zwaanshals. This brand started in 2016 and produces skateboards and clothing collections, which are sold all over Europe.


Anyone who keeps their ears open will hear wheels rolling every day. The always recognizable sound of a skateboard cannot be missed and the appearance of inliners who skate out the stress after work is also recognized by many Rotterdammers.

If you have not yet taken the plunge (with a board), or if you are looking for a new outdoor hobby or challenging sport, try one of the above skate variants.

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