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15 Perfect Gifts for the real Rotterdammer

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Are you looking for the perfect present for a real Rotterdammer and in need for some inspiration? Then you are certainly looking in the right place. Check out these 15 perfect gifts for the real Rotterdammer below. To make it easier for you, we’ve also included links and you can usually purchase it right away!


15 Perfect presents for the real Rotterdammer


1. Rotterdam block calendar 2018

With this calendar you get to see typical Rotterdam expressions, the funniest jokes, anecdotes and surprising facts every day! But also beautiful quotes and one-liners, chauvinistic songs and poems and beautiful photographs of the past and present. This is an ideal gift for the Rotterdammer who wants to be reminded every day that he lives in the most beautiful city in the Netherlands. Check out Het Rotterdams Warenhuis for more Rotterdam products like this!

Bekijk op bol.com


2. 111 Places in Rotterdam that you must have seen

The book 111 plekken in Rotterdam die je gezien moet hebben, meaning “111 places in Rotterdam that you must have seen”, is about a journey of discovery in your own city. Rotterdam is more than Feyenoord, the new central station, the Erasmus Bridge or the Markthal. A must for the real Rotterdammer who wants to know every popular and hidden gem in Rotterdam.

Bekijk op bol.com


3. Map of Rotterdam poster

This urban city map is the perfect gift for someone who needs some decoration in his or her home. And even better if you can decorate it with a map of Rotterdam! The product can be purchased via Etsy. This is a nice site to use to search for all sorts of presents, later on in this list we have another cool gift from Etsy.


4. Real Rotterdam candy

The Rotterdammertjes haven’t been on the market for very long, but they already really belong in Rotterdam. They are the only real Rotterdam candy. These sweets are also called the Building Blocks of Rotterdam, because they have the shape of bricks and refer to the reconstruction of the city after 1940. The candy also has the size of a brick: it’s huge. But almost everything in Rotterdam is big, right? Buy the Rotterdammertjes on their website.


5. A real Rotterdam board game

In this haven or port game everyone plays an entrepreneur who transports the necessary raw materials from all parts of the world to the port of Rotterdam. The game contains all aspects of the harbor, such as sailing with ships, transshipment in the ports, loading of raw materials and more.

Bekijk op bol.com



6. The Rotterdam giftcard

With the Rotterdam Pass you can do more than 750 fun activities, free or with a discount. A nice gift to give and to receive! The gift bag costs 60 euros and you can buy it online or in the Rotterdam shop. Here you can find more information about the gift bag (only in Dutch).


7. A bottle of Baron

Kerst cadeau idee voor de echte Rotterdammer: de nieuwe vermouth van Rotterdam Baron

Since this year we also have our own vermouth in Rotterdam. Rogier Wilmink and Jean-Jacques Sliepen have released their own drinks on the Rotterdam market. The name Baron derives from the port barons who are the founders of the Rotterdam we know today. This gift is Rotterdam in a bottle! Baron is for sale at Groos Rotterdam.


8. A Susan Bijl bag

Almost every hip Rotterdammer has one: the Susan Bijl bag. When Susan Bijl was a student at the Willem de Kooning Academy, she wanted to create a bag that made other bags unnecessary: The New Shoppingbag. The original design was based on the silhouette of a simple plastic bag, but in colorful variations made of Ripstop nylon. Now the bag is part of our city. Buy a bag on the Susan Bijl website.


9. Flikken Rotterdam

Give the dvd set Flikken Rotterdam as a gift. Ideal for someone who is looking for a new series to binge watch!

Bekijk op bol.com


10. The Rotterdamse Ball

There are not only new Rotterdam sweets, but also new Rotterdam bonbons! The new city bonbon from Rotterdam are made with mint from the Rotterdam city garden. Check out here where the Rotterdam ball is available.


11. Rotterdam Hooligan

Rotterdam Hooligan is about the battle between the hooligans of Feyenoord against rival groups of other football clubs. Certainly an interesting movie and especially a good gift for the real Feyenoord fan!

Bekijk op bol.com


12.Wat zeggie? Azzie val dan leggie!

Wat zeggie? Azzie val dan leggie! is a book about the Rotterdam dialect. Prepositions, harbor slang, nicknames for people, nicknames for parts of Rotterdam and more are discussed in this book!

Bekijk op bol.com


13. Rotterdam Skyline poster

Who isn’t crazy about the Rotterdam Skyline? For instance, just look at this cool poster with all icons from Rotterdam like De Rotterdam, the Euromast, Erasmus bridge and more. A special gift for a small price. View the product on Etsy.


14. Zeemansboter Peanut butter

Do you know someone who can’t get enough of peanut butter? Then the Zeemansboter peanut butter is the perfect present. In the past ships with peanuts came from far away and arrived in Katendrecht. Eventually, these peanuts were made into a delicious peanut butter in the former Rotterdam home port. And not only natural flavour, Zeemansboter also comes in a variant with chili pepper and a variant with raisins. Check out the product here!



15. Puzzle Rotterdam

The City Puzzle Magnets is perfect for someone who loves Rotterdam and puzzles. The puzzle consists of 100 pieces and the result is a beautiful city map that is magnetic, so after the puzzle is completed you can stick it on the fridge.

Bekijk op bol.com



That was all! Hopefully this list has give you some inspiration for presents for Rotterdammers!

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