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Imagine by Kim is een boetiekje in het Maho kwartier in Rotterdam, met leuke kleding, sieraden en accessoires.

Shop online at these 21 stores from Rotterdam

By Lisanne van Beurden
January 29, 2021

Attention shopaholics! There are plenty of amazing shops in Rotterdam that offer online shopping! For instance, some shops offer the most beautiful gems on their Instagram page and other stores have a webshop.

So useful right now, because we are more at home than ever. 

A carefree day of shopping in Rotterdam is not really an option right now (crying), but there’s a way you can still get amazing interior items, gifts and clothing. 

Below I have listed the best Rotterdam shops where you can shop online. So you can still buy what you need (or desire) and also help out local entrepreneurs. 


Online shopping at Rotterdam vintage stores


1. Oniomania

Leuke vintage interieur spulletjes, zoals bijzondere vazen, lampen en meer van Oniomania.

First of all, I want to recommend this great new vintage online interior shop in Rotterdam: This is a shop that I started myself with a good friend, so I might not be 100% objective. But take a look for yourself!

If you are looking for nice items for your home, such as a special vase, lamps or a beautiful new coffee table or chair, we sell all of it. Currently via Instagram, but our webshop will open soon!

Everything is vintage and we pimped some second-hand stuff to give it a second life. Be sure to take a look, above you already have a sneak peek of our Andromeda collection.


2. Dearhunter

Follow Dearhunter on Instagram for the most beautiful vintage fashion items!

They share the most beautiful gems on their Instagram stories, including all useful information, such as sizes and prices.

From beautiful handpicked clothes and shoes to unique accessories and jewelery, there is something for every vintage enthusiast.


2. Rumba Vintage

Rumba is een vintage-store slash koffietent met koffie van Manhattan Coffee Roasters. Bij deze unieke vintage winkel in Rotterdam kun je allerlei mooie items scoren.

Rumba Vintage shares the most beautiful sets, dresses, pants, bags and jewelry on their Instagram stories. You can also take a look on the Rumba webshop and buy their beautiful items from there.


4. Lily Scarlet

Do you love clothing from the 40s and 50s? Then Lily Scarlet is the (online) vintage store for you. Here you can buy the most beautiful hats, shoes, bags, jewelry, gloves, vintage blouses and much more.

Currently, you can order items via their Etsy webshop or message them via Instagram @lilyscarletfashion.


5. Margootje Vintage

At Margootje Vintage you can find the best clothing from the 60s to the 90s.

Shop colorful blouses, (flower) dresses and jackets via Margootjes Instagram page. Payment goes via Tikke and they have new items every day!


6. Betje Krul Vintage

Betje Krul may be closed, but their online sales will continue! Every day you can score the most beautiful items in her Instagram stories. And they often show it while dancing, really fun to see.

Payment is simply very simple via Tikkie.


7. Cheap Fashion

One of my favourite vintage shops is Cheap Fashion. Luckily the shopping spree continues on their Instagram page @cheapfashionrotterdam.

Their account always fun to follow, as they share fun photos of their own collection and more.


8. Very Cherry

Very Cherry has been a specialist in vintage fashion since 2004. Fortunately, Very Cherry has a nice webshop where you can order colorful skirts, dresses, tops and jumpsuits.

Also take a look at the Instagram account of Very Cherry to view all the beautiful feminine items.


9. Vintage & Labels by Hendrikus

Op de Pannekoekstraat vind je de design vintage winkel Vintage & Labels by Hendrikus. Op eerst oogopslag een klein winkeltje, gevuld met unieke design items. Bij binnenkomst zie je links en rechts op kleur geselecteerde kledingstukken hangen, die eigenaar Hendrikus persoonlijk heeft geselecteerd. Achterin de winkel vind je een trap die naar de kelder leidt, waar je wordt verrast met rekken vol unieke pareltjes.

In Vintage & Labels by Hendrikus store you can find beautiful items from brands such as Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Céline, Thierry Mugler and Moschino, all in beautiful condition.

Follow Vintage & Labels by Hendrikus on Instagram for items they put up for sale.


10. Sweet Rebels

At Sweet Rebels they have many beautiful second-hand clothing items, but also vintage designer items. The clothes are all selected on style, quality and comfort. The perfect store to find unique kind items!

The Sweet Rebels Vintage store now also sells items through their Instagram page.


11. Pleur Rotterdam

Pleur sells unique gifts, such as beautiful jewelry, children’s clothing, artworks and products with typical Rotterdam texts. Pleur also offers vintage items and amazing retro finds, including lamps, vases, tables and much more.

At the moment you can shop vintage furniture, gifts and more in the Pleur webshop.


Online shopping at Rotterdam fashion stores


12. Unconventional Wardrobe (Unc.)

Unconventional Wardrobe (Unc.), is a women’s clothing store with its very own style. In this boutique you can find beautiful and unique fashion items and beautiful jewelry. There are also fashionable handbags and fun accessories for at home.

Unc. has a great webshop and shipping is completely free throughout the Netherlands!


13. Louen

Louen is a fashion boutique from Rotterdam with a webshop. Buy beautiful tops, dresses, skirts, jewelry, shoes and more.

The items all have a Danish touch. Louen also has its own label: Louens The Label, which releases several collections per season.


14. Imagine by Kim

Imagine by Kim is a great fashion shop that has been located on Pannekoekstraat since 2012. Here you will find all kinds of beautiful fashion items, such as pants, skirts, playsuits, but also very lovely accessories.

Shop at your leisure from the couch in the Imagine by Kim webshop!


15. LOF Fashion Boutique

At LOF Fashion Boutique you can shop everything according to the latest trends: clothing, shoes, accessories from all kinds of brands.

Of course their physical store is closed, but you can visit their webshop.


16. Be So Different

Be So Different also has a great webshop where you can buy beautiful clothes. Blazers, blouses, jackets, jumpsuits, but also bags and shoes.


Online shopping at Rotterdam gift shops


17. Chouette

Chouette is a fabulous Rotterdam webshop where you can order the most beautiful candles. All candles are handmade in their own kitchen with environmentally friendly soy wax from Europe.

These candles are great to gift to someone. You can choose from a single candle, such as a beautiful NUDE candle in different colours, or go for a candle set with different creations.

They are all real works of art. It’s almost a shame to light them!

Check out all the candles of Chouette.


18. KEET

KEET sells products from small businesses and local brands for children and adults.

Take a look at their webshop to score a great gift. But what is even more fun is that you can window shop at KEET! Yes, you heard that right, you can just buy an item that you see in the window of the shop.

On the windows of the KEET store is a huge banner with all kinds of unique products and gifts on it. Next to each product is a QR code that you can scan with your smartphone and which takes you directly to the product in the webshop.

Super original and a nice excuse to get out of your house  ;).


19. KKEC

KKEC, formerly called the EXPO, is a gift shop where you sell various gifts, wall decorations and photos of the Rotterdam skyline.

KKEC has a webshop where you can also buy everything from books and postcards to games and money boxes.


Order treats from Rotterdam online


20. De Bonte Koe

Thankfully the Bonte Koe store is back in Rotterdam, on the Nieuw Binnenweg to be precise.

You can also order all the delicious chocolates via De Bonte Koe webshop! Chocolates, bars of chocolate, bouchées … Delicious. Also super nice to give as a gift!


21. Koekela

Is it someone’s birthday and do you want to surprise them with a delicious Koekela cake? Fortunately, this is still possible! From 10:00 to 17:00 every Monday to Saturday, the shop is open for take away cakes, biscuits, cakes, bars and coffee.

You can also order all kinds of delicacies in the Koekela webshop. So you can still have a small party during this period.


Those were 21 shops in Rotterdam where you can shop online! Are you missing a store in this article? Let me know and I might add it to the article!

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