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Naughty! 5x shops where you buy sex toys in Rotterdam

By Kim Longwood
June 09, 2021

Nowadays we (thankfully) talk more openly about sex. And with that also self-gratification. It is healthy and it makes you happy, provided everything goes well of course.

There are many things – such as toys, bdsm attributes and exciting outfits – that can take your (solo) sex session to the next level.

What’s especially nice is that Rotterdam is packed with shops where you can buy sex toys. We have listed 5 for you below.


1. Christine Le Duc

This is without a doubt the most chic sex retailer in the Netherlands. This is where you “just” walk in (you know, without shame) on a weekday afternoon.

Unfortunately, it is still taboo for many people to just step into a sex shop, but the inviting and luxurious appearance of Christine Le Duc makes this a lot easier.

You will find the Rotterdam branch on the Meent, “just” opposite the Coffee Company.


Meent 11A, 3011 JA Rotterdam


2. Bdesired (Adult shop – Sexshop Rotterdam)

On the Soetendaalsekade along the water in Crooswijk you will find this large shop full of naughty things such as vibrators, dildos, “skin flicks” and more. From the outside it is not necessarily noticeable, but after entering you really feel like you are in a shop that has everything you may desire.


Soetendaalsekade 55 /56, 3036 EB Rotterdam


3. Sexparadise Eros

This is a typical sex shop, that probably gives you the feeling of “do I dare to go in?”. The small facade screams sex and the style of the store mainly consists of the colour red.

This store is for everyone but will mainly attract people who aren’t bothered to be seen there. They have new products here every day, so come on, step inside the Zaagmolendrift.


Zaagmolendrift 10A, 3035 JA Rotterdam


4. Shop Erotica

You are in the right place at the Schiedamsedijk and Schieweg if you are looking for exciting outfits. Of course they have a lot more than that, but in the window of these shops you’ll notice mainly leather, lacquer and lace (lingerie) outfits on display.

Shop Erotica has a naughty look, the vibe looks a bit bondage / bdsm oriented. The perfect place for an outfit and everything that is needed alongside it.


Schieweg 122-124, 3038 BD Rotterdam
Schiedamsedijk 5, 3011 EB Rotterdam


5. Play Lifestyle Rotterdam

There is also a sex shop in the south of Rotterdam that you want to visit asap, believe us. Play Lifestyle is like a candy store. The pink packaging in illuminated display cabinets makes you very greedy. The slogan of this store is Love & Play and that certainly matches the look of the interior.


Pleinweg 182D, 3083 ET Rotterdam


Do you feel like a new experience or is your current collection due for replacement? Do you deserve a present (self love, duh)? What are you waiting for? The shops are open again… go!

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