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71 Things that will happen in Rotterdam when lockdown ends

By Lisanne van Beurden
April 24, 2020
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Have you cut your own hair in frustration, are your walking shoes worn out and are you really fed up with your roommate? We totally get it. We do not know how long it will take, but we do know what we will do once it is finished… Below are 71 things that are guaranteed to await us all when the intelligent lockdown in Rotterdam is finally over!

71 Things that will happen in Rotterdam when the lockdown is over


1. We will all be so happy that we’ll jump in the Hofplein fountain together



2. After one day at the office, you realize why working from home isn’t so bad after all …


3. … And you’ll find out that your work trousers don’t fit anymore

Those jogging pants weren’t such a bad idea after all.

4. Suddenly you have a strong need to play tourist in your own city

To the Kop van Zuid? You take the water taxi for that. Want to get a breath of fresh air? A ticket for the Euromast please, what do the cube houses actually look like on the inside? Time to find out.


5. The hop on/hop off bus will be your new mode of transport

“Wow, Rotterdam is so beautiful!” Get inspired for later and read our article with the best sightseeing spots in Rotterdam.

6. Of course it’ll be raining for weeks


7. But still we’re all in our shorts on the terraces

We have to make up for lost time. Here you can already find the sunniest terraces in Rotterdam.

8. Of course the Coolsingel is still in construction

Some things never change. Nor does the endless renovation in Rotterdam.

9. You’ll get angry at the Albert Heijn employee that your cart is not disinfected


10. Slight panic starts if a stranger stands next to you within 1.5 meters

And you keep walking around people with a wide berth.

11. Suddenly you are socially awkward if you are with more than 2 people

How did that work again, functioning normally in a group of people?

12. The street musician on the Lijnbaan at H&M never had such a big audience


13. Hoarding toilet paper will happen on autopilot

You never know when the Apocalypse really breaks out…

14. You take every opportunity to give your friends a hug


15. Every night is a Weelde night


16. Supermercado’s stock of sangria will be consumed over the course of one single night

By the way, all cocktails will run out quickly. Check out these cocktail recipes by Rotterdam bartenders, that will keep you satisfied for now.


17. Every night you can be found in Club Vibes until early in the morning

Whether you like the club or not…

18. FOMO is higher than ever. Now you NEVER miss anything

Bingo nights, an evening of shuffleboard, to the petting zoo… As long as you are out the door. Check this article for fun outings with your friends.

19. During a shopping session you scoff down the Koopgoot stairs because they are so annoying


20. You happily stand between all the tourists in the Markthal waiting for your Bram Ladage fries

It’s actually quite cozy. 


21. The line of the Ice cream parlor is so unprecedentedly long that you can join it at Blaak station

At these places in Rotterdam you can get a tasty ice cream!

22. No one is bothering to run around the Kralingse Plas anymore

We’ve done enough of that now, don’t you think?

Photo by Fatima @timavisual.


23. The queue at the hairdresser is three months

So you still have to go through life with a bad haircut.

24. In the first few weeks, there are also remarkably few blondes on the street


25. Every weekend is the Eendracht festival on Witte de Withstraat


26. Everything is an excuse to turn it into a festival

National cucumber day? FESTIVAL. International Chess Day? FESTIVAL.

27. The Rotterdam cafés rectified their loss within a single night

Here you can read which cafes in Rotterdam are perfect to get a beer.

Photo taken in Pelgrim Rotterdam


28. You shed a tear as soon as you hear the waiter say “here is your wine”


29. The first day after the lockdown, the IC is full of people with alcohol poisoning


30. The emotions run high the first time you walk into the Bijenkorf

We can finally shop carefree again! For now you can do that online at these 19 Rotterdam stores.

31. Nothing is better than walking on the street with more than three people

And not getting fined for it.

32. Everyone suddenly visits their mother and father every week

And you’ve never hugged your mom so often.

33. Finally you can drive five laps for a parking space on the Witte de Withstraat again


34. You have never been so happy to hear all the audacious Audis honking on the Witte de Withstraat


35. You happily slip on Schouwburgplein on the way to the cinema


36. Get someone else’s feet in the back of your neck in Cinerama.

Personal space, what is that?


37. You enjoy the screams of the fishmonger on the Blaak market …


38. … And have a great time with all the grannies at the second-hand market stall

And score the most beautiful vintage items! Check out all the 12 markets in Rotterdam.


39. Being deliberately stuck in the Euroscope of the Euromast

To peacefully enjoy the view.

40. Fight for a dance place in the basement of THOMS while you get beer all over you


41. Missing that last metro every weekend

We’re not going home yet!

42. If your partner comes home later than agreed, you don’t mind it at all

You’ve seen enough of him/her already.

View from the Euromast. Photo by Fatima @timavisual.


43. You pay for the gym you still don’t go to


44. Jaffa needs bouncers to keep the hungry people out


45. Uber increases its rates so much that it makes more sense to catch a plane


46. Enjoying all the pigeons that shit on you on Binnenwegplein


47. The traffic jams at the Boompjes and the Westzeedijk during rush hours are now moments you cherish 



48. Instagram Stories is overloaded by the large amount of people who want to show that they have a social life again

And you participate just as hard.

49. Finding a table at Vapiano is more difficult than ever


50. The free shots of the props of Stadhuisplein suddenly sound like a reason to go in



51. You only come home for a nap


52. It has never been more fun to eat McDonalds on the revolving seat at night


53. The spring roll stalls have an incredible turnover 


54. You’ll book a massage at Qoqo for the first time in your life

Just because you can.

55. Even people who don’t like football buy a season ticket for Feyenoord


56. Sunbathe at the Kralingse Plas with the smell and loud music of dozens of family barbecues around you



57. Standing in line for Guliano, waiting for a table

For that delicious egg salad sandwich!

58. You eat all the Dudok apple pie that you can get your hands on


59. The King’s birthday has officially been moved to a later, yet to be specified date

Oranjebitter, Kralingse Bos Festival and Het Kroonjuweel… We have to catch up!!


60. Finally visiting your grandparents, but have nothing to tell them at all…


61. …As your life has never been so boring as during the lockdown 


62. Every day you can join Friday Night Drinks with work…


63. …And you soon realize that your colleagues are just as ugly in real life as on Zoom


64. Finally use all the giftcards that you’ve bought

And you’ll need a few weeks for that.

65. Having breakfast away from home will become the new standard

Every day you can be found at Breakfast in Rotterdam HQ, 30ml and Arzu. Read our article with the 30 best breakfast spots in Rotterdam and make a to-visit list!

De divine pancakes at Arzu.


66. The first day of school has become a national holiday for parents

Finally some peace and quiet.

67. There are always more than 5 people visiting you at home


68. All the money you saved during the lockdown is already spent after one day


69. Chatting with the street vendor is suddenly your new hobby


70. You embrace the chaos at the crossroads of Kruisplein, after you’ve almost been hit by a tram


71. We are all fed up with walks

We hope you are all healthy and safe. We can’t wait until we’re all able to go back on the streets without a care in the world. Share in the comments below what you currently miss the most!
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