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Rotterdam heeft veel Instagrammable hotspots in Rotterdam. Zo ook Kite! Kite is een Afghaans restaurant waar je kunt kiezen voor shared dining of een verrassingsmenu. Ze serveren traditionele Afghaanse gerechten met een moderne twist. Vegetarische opties zijn ook gewoon beschikbaar. Naast het lekkere eten biedt Kite ook verfrissende cocktails die er ook nog eens super mooi uitzien.

23 Great restaurants in the centre of Rotterdam

By Lisanne van Beurden
August 27, 2020

There are a lot of different great restaurants in the centre of Rotterdam. Delicious Italian, Japanese, Indian or vegan food, you will find it all in Rotterdam!

Below are 21 amazing restaurants in Rotterdam Centre. From the Witte de Withstraat to the Meent, all these restaurants are located at top locations in our city. Enjoy!


1. Hamburg

Bij Hamburg serveren ze ‘proper’ burgers, gemaakt van verse ingrediënten en ‘eerlijk’ vlees. Met je drankje erbij en een lekker patatje, heb je hier voor rond de 15 euro een goed gevulde buik! Betaalbaar én vullend :).

At Hamburg, located on the super convenient Witte de Withstraat, they serve proper burgers made from fresh ingredients and “honest” meat. This means no hormones and antibiotics. In addition, you can also choose to swap your burger with the vegan ‘Beyond Meat’ burger.
With your drink and delicious fries, you have a full belly for around 15 euros!

If you like burgers, make sure to read our article with a list of the best burgers in Rotterdam!

Witte de Withstraat 94B, 3012 BT Rotterdam


2. Vegan Junkfood Bar

De Vegan Junkfood Bar is de ideale plek als je op zoek bent naar goede vleesvervangers. Burgers, hotdogs, shoarma; noem maar op. En geloof me, je merkt echt geen verschil!

On the Schiedamse Vest, close to the Witte de Withstraat, you can find the Vegan Junkfood Bar. Are you craving a good burger, shoarma or hot dog? But is eating meat just not an option for you? At the Vegan Junkfood Bar they know how to imitate the dishes so well that even the meat eaters won’t notice the difference.

Certainly the perfect place if you want to convince your friends or partner of how delicious vegan food can be.


Schiedamse Vest 144, 3011 BG Rotterdam


3. Gusto

At Gusto they try to work with as many organic products as possible, and prepare their pizzas with fresh ingredients. The menu changes regularly at Gusto, because their dishes depend on the current season. On the menu you will also find various vegetarian options, and they have gluten-free bread and pasta.

But we definitely would go for their tasty pizzas. For example, order the pizza of the month, the delicious Quattro Formaggi or the Gamberetti e Granchio.


Schiedamse Vest 40, 3011 BA Rotterdam


4. Supermercado

Nachos, empanadas, mini taco's, burrito bowl, zoete aardappel friet... Klinkt dit als een droom? Dat is het dus niet! Dit, en nog meer, kan je allemaal eten bij de Mexicaan Supermercado. In dit artikel kun je nog meer leuke Mexicaanse restaurants in Rotterdam vinden!

Visit Supermercado for delicious and affordable food! They have great tacos, nachos, salads and more delicious comfort food.

A must is the vegan Ensalada Supermercado with quinoa, pomegranate, raisin, chickpeas and mango chili dressing. Are you already hungry?


Schiedamse Vest 91A, 3012 BG Rotterdam


5. Van de Leur

Around the corner from Witte de Withstraat you will find Van de Leur. If you’re looking for a welcoming atmosphere and a culinary experience in a prime location, this is definitely a good place to go.

This family restaurant (of family Van de Leur) offers fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. They use the Big Green Egg, a ceramic Kamado barbecue to better preserve the nutrients and flavours. The sustainable, innovative restaurant offers a surprise menu consisting of smaller dishes.

We ourselves tried a delicious five-course dinner at Van de Leur with the Weekends team and can certainly recommend it!

The elegant interior with sophisticated accessories creates a pleasant and intimate evening atmosphere. Plus the staff is extremely kind and fun!


Eendrachtsweg 27B-SO, 3012 LB Rotterdam


6. What’s Up India

Heerlijke palak paneer en butter paneer bij What's Up India in het centrum van Rotterdam.

Next to Van de Leur you can find What’s Up India. They have an extensive menu full of fresh dishes. For example, choose a vegetarian samosa or paneer pakora as a starter. For main course you can choose from all kinds of Indian curries, kebabs and biryani’s. Cool off with a tasty cocktail or Lassi!

The restaurant is kitsch decorated with an eye for detail. What’s Up India in Rotterdam is definitely worth a visit!


Eendrachtsweg 27b-be, 3012 LB Rotterdam


7. Mangiare

Mangiare does not work with a fixed menu; the waiter tells you what you can order at your table. They use seasonal ingredients, so you can always expect something different during each visit!

Mangiare is a true household name in Rotterdam and is definitely worth a visit!


Pannekoekstraat 93A, 3011 LD Rotterdam

Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 150, 3012 GX Rotterdam


8. Alfredo Taqueria

Most locals in Rotterdam are familiar with the Instagrammable Alfredo’s Taqueria. Here you can get Mexican street- and comfort food, but it’s also the place to be if you’re in search for some tasty cocktails.

In their Bar Azul you can sit back and order the San Luis Xress or the Alfredo’s Margarita. They also offer delicious homemade lemonades, which are perfect on hot summer days.

And did you know they have an outside area at Alfredo’s? This urban garden in the heart of Rotterdam is inspired by the Mexican beach of Tulum.

Discover more restaurants with a garden in Rotterdam.



9. Old Scuola

De heerlijke pizza van Old Scuola!

Old Scuola sits on a lovely spot in the Industrial Building in the centre of Rotterdam. As a real pizza lover, you’re at the right place here, because it’s their specialty! At Old Scuola they prepare the Fior di latte mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella and burrata according to their own recipe. The fresh ingredients come from Dutch water buffalo and cows.

Next to pizza’s, they also serve dishes to share, such as a sea food platter, vegetable platter or delicious bruschettas. Their nature wine is also worth a mention. You can even take your favourite bottle home!


Achterklooster 1, 3011 RA Rotterdam


10. Napoli

Voor een lekkere pizza of pasta in Rotterdam zit je bij Napoli op de Meent wel goed!

This great Italian restaurant is located at the Meent in Rotterdam. Napoli is always busy, so it is certainly advisable to make a reservation.

On their menu you will find other Italian dishes next to their pizzas, such as pasta, vegetarian, meat and fish dishes. Napoli also has a wine list with many wines from Italian wineries.


Meent 81a, 3011 JG Rotterdam


11. Very Italian Pizza

Very Italian Pizza kun je naast de Markthal in Rotterdam vinden. Natuurlijk verkopen ze hier de lekkerste Italiaanse specialiteiten! Daarnaast is hun terras een leuke plek om een drankje te doen.

Very Italian Pizza can be found next to the Markthal in Rotterdam. You can visit this restaurant all day for delicious pizzas, pastas, salads and more. Dietary needs or allergies are taken into account at V.I.P and they have vegan and gluten-free options on their menu.


Blaak 31, 3011 GA Rotterdam


12. Panzerò Italian StrEat Food

Are you crazy about Italian cuisine, but do you want something other than pasta or pizza? Then Panzerò on the Botersloot is the right place for you.

You don’t come here for the typical pizza or pasta evening, but for the Apulian cuisine. At Panzerò you eat traditional dishes from Puglia, Italy.

You can especially come here for delicious Panzerotto: a fried calzone with a filling made from fresh Italian ingredients. These ingredients are imported directly from Puglia by Panzerò, with the best olive oil, tomatoes, mozzarella and Mediterranean herbs… Yummy!


Botersloot 50A, 3011 HH Rotterdam


13. Sugo

Bij Sugo kun je terecht voor pizza al taglio, een pizza variant die wordt gebakken op grote rechthoekige platen en gesneden in lange stukken. Pizza al taglio betekent dan ook ‘gesneden pizza’. Sugo is dan ook een leuke plek om met een groep meerdere pizza's uit te proberen!

Foto door Hanke Arkenbout.

At Sugo they serve pizza al taglio, which is a pizza variant that is baked on large rectangular plates and cut into long pieces. Pizza al taglio means ‘pizza that has been cut’. This makes Sugo a perfect spot to go to with friends and try out different kinds of pizzas!

It’s not an easy product to make, because the bottom of the pizza has to be perfect. That is why the pizza bakers at Sugo give a lot of attention and have a big passion for their profession.


Aert van Nesstraat 20, 3012 CA Rotterdam

Westblaak 87, 3012 KG Rotterdam


14. Restaurant Kite

Kite is a very unique Afghan restaurant where you can either go for shared dining (always a good idea) or order a surprise menu. They serve traditional Afghan dishes with their own modern twist. Vegetarian options are available. Next to the amazing food, Kite also offers tasty, refreshing cocktails that are super pretty (see photo above!).

If you’re walking past this restaurant on the Westblaak, you’re eyes will immediately be attracted to the gorgeous interior. Pink suede chairs, marble tables, the black and white tiled floor… It all just fits perfectly together and make for a good Instagram shot.


Westblaak 160, 3012 KM Rotterdam


15. Hinoki

You can find this cute little ramen restaurant near the Markthal. There’s often a (short) waiting line for Hinoki, which is why there’s a little bench for the people to sit on. But it’s worth the wait!

The interior of Hinoki is simple, just like Tensai Ramen. On the menu you can find over ten different ramen bowls. Usually they also have additional dishes on their chalk board, such as the ramen bowl you see pictured above: 100% Vegetarian Spicy Veggie Tan Tan with vegetarian minced meat. On their menu you can also find vegetarian miso ramen.


Keizerstraat 52, 3011 GH Rotterdam


16. Little V

Do you love Vietnamese food? Then we recommend Little V. This hugely popular establishment in the heart of the city centre is not only very tasty, it is also fantastically decorated. The plants, lights and wooden gazebos make the restaurant very atmospheric and give the feeling of being in Vietnam.

On the menu you can choose from all kinds of typical Vietnamese dishes. Think of one pot dishes such as Bún, but also fish, meat and vegetable dishes to share, such as king prawns & scallops in coconut curry and grilled chicken chop with lemongrass (our two favourites).

Finally, we recommend to taste one of their incredibly tasty (virgin) cocktails or ice teas!


Grotekerkplein 109, 3011 GC Rotterdam


17. Rozey

Op zoek naar een fijn vegan restaurant in Rotterdam? Onze favoriete vegan/vega hotspot is toch zeker wel Rozey. Dit is het allereerste restaurant in Nederland waar je een hele avond onbeperkt vega en vegan kunt dineren voor een vaste prijs. Doordeweeks kun je voor €32,50 alles bestellen wat je maar wilt; dit geldt voor het eten én drinken. In het weekend kost het €37,50. En denk maar niet dat de kwaliteit eronder lijdt! Het interieur van Rozey is elegant en minimalistisch.

Rozey is certainly our favourite vegan/vegetarian hotspot in Rotterdam. This is the very first restaurant in the Netherlands where you can eat unlimited vegan and vegetarian dishes all night for a fixed price.

The extensive menu includes more than 50 dishes, all made with delicious sauces, fresh vegetables and meat substitutes.

The owners of Rozey have opted for the best responsible products that do not contribute to damage to the environment and animal welfare.

Be sure to also check out these vegan restaurants in Rotterdam.


Wijnhaven 85, 3011 WK Rotterdam


18. La Pizza

Bij La Pizza maken ze heerlijke pizza's uit een traditionele op hout gestoken steenoven. Bestel de klassieke Margherita, Calzone, Pizza marinara, Pizza con tonno of één van de andere vele mogelijkheden. Verder staan op het menu lekkere snacks, antipasta, en de lekkerste Italiaanse desserts.

At La Pizza they make delicious pizzas from a traditional wood-fired stone oven. Order the classic Margherita, Calzone, Pizza marinara, Pizza con tonno or one of the many other options. Furthermore, on the menu you can find tasty snacks, antipasta, and the tastiest Italian desserts.


Scheepstimmermanslaan 21, 3061 BE Rotterdam


19. Zeezout

Zeezout in Rotterdam specialises in fish and shellfish and is considered to be the best seafood restaurant of our city. What makes Zeezout extra special is that the Chef and owner Patrick ‘t Hart uses products from Rotterdam in almost every dish.

Everything they serve at Zeezout is a real piece of art. The location in the Veerhaven and the fantastic food makes this restaurant the perfect place for a special occassion.


Westerkade 11, 3016 CL Rotterdam


20. Atithi-Indian restaurant

Atithi-Indian restaurant is located in the centre of Rotterdam, close to the Erasmus Bridge.

The Atithi menu features dishes from every corner of India. Their Indian dishes are prepared in the traditional way. For instance, they make the naan and tandoori dishes in a real charcoal tandoor, which gives the dishes the original smoky flavour.


Vasteland 5a, 3011 BJ Rotterdam


21. Tensai Ramen

One of the best spots to get an authentic bowl of Japanese ramen is Tensai Ramen. This restaurant is located on the Schiedamsedijk, right in the centre of the city. What makes Tensai Ramen stand out from the other ramen bars in Rotterdam is that the noodles are homemade, right in the middle of the restaurant.

On the menu you can find over ten different Japanese ramen, with difference in broth, toppings and noodles. There’s also a vegetarian option, something you won’t easily find in Japan!

Tensai Ramen is a place where you really go for the food. The interior of the restaurant is very simple, with little ambiance or decoration. This makes it very clear what the goal of Tensai Ramen is: to serve a good bowl of ramen. After you’ve enjoyed it, it’s time to move on! Or time to order more food…


Schiedamsedijk 1, 3011 EB Rotterdam


22. Langoest

Fruit de mer, lobster, oysters, octopus, Langoest has about anything from the sea. Each and every day they will serve super fresh fish. So a great place if you’re looking for a good seafood restaurant in Rotterdam.

Their perfect location at the Boompjes with a view on the Maas and their amazing interior, makes Langoest the perfect location for any occasion.


Boompjes 667, 3011 XZ Rotterdam


23.  The Millèn

Foto door Emma Groenenboom

With high windows that offer a beautiful view of central station, chef Wim Severein cooks here with seasonal products and honest ingredients.

Next to this, sommelier Wendy Elsink provides the perfect wine for every dish.


Weena 686, 3012 CN


Hope you found a great restaurants in the centre of Rotterdam that suits your needs! Ideal for a dinner in the middle of the city. Did we forgot a great restaurant? Let us know in the comments below!

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