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Bij Sugo Rotterdam eet je heerlijke vierkante pizza's in alle soorten smaken.

Restaurants for large groups in Rotterdam

By Kim Longwood
July 05, 2023

Are you crazy about eating out? I certainly am! And what could be more fun than not having to cook yourself, but still getting delicious food? Well… enjoying a dinner with friends of course.

I have already been to a number of the restaurants below, with a large group of bon vivants around me that is. Some are still a mystery to my palate, but undoubtedly worth the effort.

Will you book a table for 8, 15 or 41 people soon? Are you celebrating your birthday, wedding or simply the weekend at one of these restaurants in Rotterdam? Discover below where in Rotterdam you can go out for dinner with a large group!


1. Bazar

This classic cannot be missed in a list of restaurants where you eat with a large group. Bazar is iconic! The decor alone is worth a visit… those tiles, those colours, those lamps, wow. I am always amazed at all the splendour.

But what makes Bazar great is that you can easily eat there with a lot of people. They have many different dishes to choose from and it is all affordable. It is even possible to order small dishes and share the food with each other. Always fun, always tasty.


Witte de Withstraat 16, 3012 BP Rotterdam


2. 91Spices

In the centre of Rotterdam you will find Indian restaurant 91Spices. Here you eat traditional Indian dishes and street food. Indian food is ideal for sharing. For example, think of several curries with naan breads to tear and dip. Rice to scoop on not just your own plate.

91Spices also serves ‘fiery’ cocktails, as they describe it nicely.

It is possible to have a dinner for two or to come and eat with a small group of friends, relatives or colleagues. Then choose a comfortable place in the restaurant from where you can see the open kitchen.

But do you want to come with a group? That is also possible! 91Spices has beautiful lounge sofas and large round tables for this.


Gelderseplein 46, 3011 WZ Rotterdam


3. Supermercado

Nachos, empanadas, mini taco's, burrito bowl, zoete aardappel friet... Klinkt dit als een droom? Dat is het dus niet! Dit, en nog meer, kan je allemaal eten bij de Mexicaan Supermercado. In dit artikel kun je nog meer leuke Mexicaanse restaurants in Rotterdam vinden!

The hippest and most colourful hang-out in Rotterdam is without a doubt Supermercado. A restaurant suitable for large groups, where you can drink tasty cocktails, eat nachos and tacos and enjoy other Latin American delicacies.

The restaurant has a large terrace, perfect for warm days!


Schiedamse Vest 91, 3012 BG Rotterdam


4. Cannibale Royale Westblaak

This cool restaurant has several locations throughout the Netherlands, but has recently also been located in Rotterdam. Here you can eat (vega) burgers and meat dishes, sometimes prepared in beer. Cannibale Royale is open until late and serves the necessary cocktails to fill those hours.

Visiting with a large group is no problem. Call in advance, because it is not a huge restaurant. It’s that building next to Skatepark Westblaak.


Westblaak 86, 3012 KM Rotterdam


5. SUGO Pizza – Rotterdam Westblaak

Bij Sugo Rotterdam eet je heerlijke vierkante pizza's in alle soorten smaken.

Photo by Hanke Arkenbout.

Pizza al Taglio, that’s what you eat at SUGO Pizza. There are two locations, but the location on Westblaak (opposite the skate park) is suitable for large groups.

SUGO serves pizza squares with anything and everything on it. This is super handy if you are with a lot of people, because everyone can choose a number of flavours. Meat, fish, vega(n), you name it! You can also eat delicious desserts here, such as the classic Italian cannoli.

They recently changed course at Sugo and plant-based is now the norm. Sugo no longer indicates which dishes are vegetarian or vegan, but rather which dishes contain meat or dairy. Furthermore, the dishes on their menu are divided into categories based on nutritional content. This way you make a conscious choice more easily!


Westblaak 87, 3012 KG Rotterdam


6. Dikke Mic

Photo by Laura Siliquini.

Dikke Mic is not a classic restaurant but a hip karaoke bar where they serve snacks and drinks. I was completely delighted during the opening. Not only because of the hours-long singing session, but also because of the Asian street food and the tasty gin tonics.

This location is perfect for large groups, because karaoke is often the most fun with a group. First enjoy the tastiest dishes to share, play arcade games with a drink in your hand and then move all together to a private karaoke booth.


Vijverhofstraat 47, 3032 SB Rotterdam


7. Little V

Little V is a Vietnamese restaurant near the market in the centre of Rotterdam. I’m not exactly sure why, but this restaurant is perfect for a dinner with colleagues. It’s proper, but not too proper. It’s chic, but not too chic. It’s simply perfect for a tasty bite to eat in style.


Grotekerkplein 109, 3011 GC Rotterdam


8. Chinees Cantonees restaurant Tai Wu

Tai Wu is my favourite Chinese restaurant in Rotterdam. The food here is always incredibly delicious (and affordable, too).

The only problem is that it is always packed. Whether you arrive with two or fourteen people. So you have to book well in advance, but trust me, it’s worth it.

The traditional decor adds a lot to the experience, but the real star is the food. With a large group you are in the right spot here, I think this restaurant has 1000 seats.


Mauritsweg 24-26, 3012 JR Rotterdam


9. The Harbour Club

In het Park naast de Euromast staat een honderd jaar oude villa, met daarin de Harbour Club gevestigd. Een prachtige locatie en een restaurant bekend onder menig Rotterdammer. De Harbour Club heeft een paar "signature dishes", zoals de Zeebaars ceviche en Dry Aged Tomahawk steak. Daarnaast ben je hier als sushi liefhebber ook op het juiste adres, om nog maar te zwijgen over de toetjes...

Doing a decadent evening? That is possible at The Harbour Club in Het Park. This beautiful building is as chic as it sounds. This restaurant is perfect for weddings, business parties and other occasions that require finesse.

Ask everyone to pull out their gala dresses because it’s time for a spectacle… the tent is rented!


Kievitslaan 25, 3016 CG Rotterdam


10. Viva Afrika

This cozy restaurant can almost be called a work of art. The interior is colourful, full of prints and natural materials and exudes warmth. The name fits the picture!

Large groups sit comfortably here. For example, enjoy authentic African dishes such as Enjera: an African pancake. Enjoy eating with your hands! The idea is to tear off such a pancake and taste all kinds of flavours from a large bowl.

Viva Africa serves main dishes, but these can of course easily be shared.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 153-A/B, 3014 GK Rotterdam


Quickly create a group chat, because that night out for dinner with your group of friends, relatives or colleagues can’t happen soon enough. Enjoy your meal!

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