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Evelien deelt 7 plekken in Rotterdam waar je helemaal tot jezelf kan komen, zoals de Glambar. Als je binnen komt in het prachtige pand aan de Noordsingel, waan je je al een beroemdheid. De aankleding van de bar is gezellig, vrolijk en echt glamorous. De Glambar is echt een aanrader om gezellig met een vriendin of vriendinnen te bezoeken voordat je uiteten gaat, gaat stappen of gewoon zomaar! Natuurlijk ook een leuk idee als vrijgezellenfeest! Ze hebben ook arrangementen, zoals workshops. De Glambar verzorgt alleen blow outs en make up. Het is geen kapper waar je je haar kan laten knippen of verven.

7 Relaxing places in Rotterdam

By Evelien van Beurden
February 12, 2018

Evelien writes a guest blog for Weekends in Rotterdam every other month about her life in Rotterdam. She shares tips for fellow working mommies, such as hotspots, events and more! This week she shares 7 relaxing places in Rotterdam.

It’s not easy to relax as a mother. Just writing this blogpost takes a lot of effort, while it’s supposed to be a bit of time for myself. But I keep getting interrupted by: “Mama, I want to be on your laptop!” “What are you doing, mom?” “Mommy, I’m going to sit on your lap!”

My love for Evan is unconditional. But occasionally I need some time for myself, because you can only take care of others if you take good care of yourself. I should probably be writing this in a nice and trendy coffee shop.

Only you know how you can really unwind. If you are looking for nice places in Rotterdam where you can do that, this list will help you.


1. The Glambar in Rotterdam Noord

An original way to unwind. Or rather, to get blown away. At the Glambar at Noordsingel 96 you can blow your hair into the most beautiful styles and get your make up done. And all that while enjoying a drink and a cake and of course nice company of the owner.

When you enter the beautiful location on the Noordsingel, you immediately feel like a celebrity. The decor of the bar is cozy, cheerful and really glamorous.

I recommend visiting the Glambar with friends before you go out for dinner, clubbing or just as a girls trip. Of course it’s also a great idea to go to the Glambar for a bachelorette party. They also have arrangements, such as workshops.

The Glambar only provides blow outs and makeup. It is not a hairdresser where you can cut or dye your hair.


Noordsingel 96, 3031 BH Rotterdam


2. Elysium

I wonder how much I should say about the Elysium. In my opinion everyone who likes to go to the sauna knows Elysium. Technically, the Elysium is not located in Rotterdam, but in Bleiswijk. Sorry, Weekends in Rotterdam. I’ve still added it to my list, because not only can you really relax here … It’s really not that far away either. And if you don’t want to walk around naked, go on a Monday. Because on Mondays everyone has to wear swim clothes.

They regularly have nice promotions at Elysium, such as 2 for the price of 1 or the second person for 1 euro. Make it a complete day with the package deals including buffet lunch or dinner. So delicious!


Kooilaan 1, 2665 KR Bleiswijk


3. The gym

The gym may be a bit weird in a list of places to relax, but nothing is better than working out to really unwind. At least, that’s what I think. To be honest, I haven’t always thought that way. After going to several gyms in the past five years, I finally managed to change my mindset. Since August last year (yes, 2017) I regularly train at Basic Fit. And I love it.

At Basic Fit it’ s easy to follow lessons because they also offer virtual classes. Taking a group lesson with way too many people is really my sport nightmare. Because of the virtual lessons, Basic Fit can offer classes every half hour. As a result, the number of people who follow a lesson is spread out over the day (or I’m just one of the few who likes to do it). Regularly it’s just me hopping around in the room.

Of course there are plenty of other good gyms in Rotterdam! For me the Basic Fit works, but maybe another gym works better for you.


4. Le’s Nails and Spa Alexandrium

On the outside this place doesn’t look like much. But oh oh oh, it’s so relaxing to sit on a massage chair while someone is making your feet baby-soft. This is especially nice if you don’t have a lot of time and you just need to relax.

It’s fine to just go there by yourself. Just lie down on a massage chair and close your eyes. After the treatment you will feel brand new. I don’t recommend a manicure, but mostly because you can’t sit on the massage chair if you do. Actually I never got manicure here, only a pedicure, so I can’t really judge.


Alexandrium Shopping Center
Korte Poolsterstraat 2, 3067 LZ Rotterdam


5. Massagesalon QoQo

I can’t speak from experience with QoQo, but come on, it’s a massage, so it must be relaxing. And the reviews are full of praise. Of course there are also reviews of people who had something bad to say (almost every company has that), but I liked that QoQo solved the issues in a friendly way. I’ve also heard from multiple reliable sources that QoQo is great, so that’s a good sign.

You can go to QoQo for different types of massages and also manicures and pedicures. At some locations you can also get an additional hand or feet mask during the massage.

Honestly, I just want to book a massage right now. It would be possible, because they are open until 00.00! How ideal.

So moms; no excuses about the fact that the little one is not sound asleep yet, because QoQo is open 7 days a week between 10.00 and 00.00!

I don’t understand why I haven’t been there yet. You can also book online, very convenient.


There are different locations in Rotterdam: Bergweg, Beukelsdijk, Laan op Zuid, Oostzeedijk, Peppelweg and Prins Alexander.


6. Rob Peetoom hairdresser

If there is something I love to treat myself to, besides a massage, is a visit to the hairdresser. Weirdly, it’s something I don’t do very often. But when I go, I enjoy it! Especially at Rob Peetoom.

For years I had a regular hairdresser (read: meaning I’ve been 6 times), but he decided to exclusively cut men’s hair. It then took a long time before I found a nice hairdresser again.

Rob Peetoom is super customer friendly; you get a glass of wine when you come in the evening. Beautiful interior and therefore a real glamorous feeling. Very kind hairdressers. Nice smelling products. It’s a real treat. It is a bit more expensive than most hairdressers, but it’s worth it.

At Rob Peetoom they do more than just hair. You can go there for make-up, beauty treatments, and your eyebrows.


Meent 128, 3011 JS Rotterdam


7. Soap Treatment Store

Another place in Rotterdam where you can really relax is the Soap Treatment Store. Unfortunately I have not been there yet, but I have heard good stories about the treatments they offer. At the Soap Treatment store you can get professional beauty treatments in a calm and inspiring environment in the middle of the center of Rotterdam: de Meent.

Really chill out and get a peeling, massage, pedicure, spray tan and much more. I will definitely go there soon to try one of their treatments.


Meent 17A, 3011 JB Rotterdam


I hope you now know more relaxing places in Rotterdam! After writing this list, I will go to the hairdresser again. Then get a massage at Qoqo. I think I’m ready for another blow out at The Glambar. Afterwards I’ll get a pedicure in a massage chair. Float in the salt bath of the Elysium sauna. Then get a nice treatment at the Soap Treatment store. Maybe then I feel like going to the gym again, or maybe I’ll be relaxed enough already. 


Let me know in the comments below, what is your ultimate place in Rotterdam where you can really relax?

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