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Voor heerlijke ontspanning boek je een Thaise Massage. Dit kan bijvoorbeeld bij Khlay Zen in Rotterdam.

Relax with a Thai massage in Rotterdam

By Mathilde Simon
February 13, 2020

If there is anyone who knows how to massage, then it’s the Thai people. This massage technique is hundreds of years old and is still being used; not only to balance the body but also the mind. The Thai massage is known as a firm massage, in which stretching and specific pressure points stimulate your organs, muscles and mind.

Fortunately we don’t have to go to all the way to Thailand to get the benefits of this massage, but there are countless places for Thai massages in Rotterdam. Below we share all Thai massage salons in Rotterdam!

Thongbai Massage Rotterdam 

Kootsekade 17A, 3051 PC Rotterdam

Areeya Thaise Massage

Burgemeester van Walsumweg 530, 3011 MZ Rotterdam

Sabaidee Thai Massage

Bas Jungeriusstraat 234 A 2

Anchanpark Wellness Centre

Kleiweg 10, 3051 GR Rotterdam

Bai Tong Kaew

IJsselmondselaan 146, 3064 AT Rotterdam

Khlay Zen Thaise Massage

Oostzeedijk 332, 3063 CC Rotterdam

Nana Tai Thai Prive

Jagerslaan 4-A, 3075 AD Rotterdam


Bierstraat 103, 3011 XA Rotterdam

Faa Sai Thaise Massage

Van Brakelstraat 145, 3012 XW Rotterdam

Yani Thai Massage

Beukelsweg 45a, 3022 GD Rotteram

Nam Chok Thaise Massage

Mathenesserweg 145, 3027 HN Rotterdam

Chok-Dee Thaise Traditionele Massage

Benthuizerstraat 4, 3036 CG Rotterdam

Tida Thai Massage

Dordtselaan 81c, 3081 BH Rotterdam

Phoe Thai Massage

Zaagmolenstraat 84-B, 3035 HE Rotterdam

Sawanchai Thaise Massage

Oostmaaslaan, 3063 AB Rotterdam

Thaise Theng Massage

Wolphaertsbocht 463a, 3073 GP Rotterdam

Thai Classic Massage

Rodenrijselaan 13B, 3037 XA Rotterdam

Omsin Thaise Massage

Noorderhavenkade 23B, 3039 RD Rotterdam

That’s it! The best places for a Thai massage in Rotterdam. If we have forgotten one where you enjoy going, let us know in the comments!

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