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10 Record shops in Rotterdam for the best tunes

By Kim Longwood
November 04, 2022

Are you looking for cool record shops in Rotterdam? A life without music is no life at all. Everyone knows that a good track supports any situation. As if you are living in a movie and your own soundtrack is the steady ground everything stands on.

In addition, many moments are simply more fun, better, richer, with music. Just think of dancing in the club or at a festival, lounging in a dark café or even a steamy evening with a loved one.

But where do you still buy music? We have Spotify and iTunes Music, SoundCloud and Youtube, right? True music lovers, DJs and vinyl collectors know better. They have to feel, see, smell, taste (huh?) the product before they can hear it. You can find the best tunes at these record stores in Rotterdam.


1. De Plaatboef

Iconic, that’s what we can call De Plaatboef. This music store with the red door frame has been around for as long as anyone can remember. De Plaatboef sells CDs and LPs, new and second-hand. You’ll be in the right place if you’re looking for pop, rock, Americana, roots, reggae, metal, hip hop, dance and more.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 81-A, 3014 GE Rotterdam


2. Demonfuzz Records

Opposite De Plaatboef you will find Demonfuzz Records. An internationally known shop that’s visited by people from all over the world. Demonfuzz has a cult following, for good reasons. DJs score the best bangers here.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 86, 3015 BC Rotterdam


3. Velvet Music Rotterdam

It seems as if the Oude Binnenweg is a gathering place for music shops. And rightly so, there are many entertainment venues in this street, such as Rotown and Stalles.

Also Velvet Music Rotterdam has been around here for over 20 years. This record shop sells CDs, LPs and DVDs. Get pop, metal, hip hop, punk rock and more at Velvet.


Oude Binnenweg 121-A, 3012 JC Rotterdam


4. Vinylspot

Around the corner from the Oude Binnenweg you set foot in the underground shop Vinylspot. This is a suitable location especially for lovers of music styles from the past. They mainly sell jazz, reggae, funk and soul, rock, psych and pop.


Josephstraat 162, 3014 TX Rotterdam


5. JensDoRecords

In the trendy Zwaanshals street you will find the equally trendy record store JensDoRecords. This record shop was opened in 2016 and feels like a living room. Here, you will find a special collection of second-hand vinyl, perfect for collectors.


Zwaanshals 294B, 3035 KN Rotterdam


6. De Oorzaak

Many Rotterdam residents are familiar with De Hofbogen, a cool area in Rotterdam Noord. But not every Rotterdammer knows about the hidden music store with the original name: De Oorzaak (translated in English this is ‘the Earbusiness’. We confess it’s a bit lame in English).

You can score music styles like rock, wave, reggae, techno, punk, funk, hip hop, soul, Bollywood, jazz and even soundtracks here.


Vijverhofstraat 60, 3032 SN Rotterdam


7. Clone Records

Clone Records is located in De Hofbogen, just like De Oorzaak, but in the more chic part of the area. Next to Bird, which in itself is also an epicentre for music and where you can often dance the night away.

This record store is the most essential supplier of dance music. Perfect for DJs who want to make people bust a move.

Want to discover more places where you can dance? Julia recommended these dance spots in Rotterdam.


Raampoortstraat 12, 3032 AH Rotterdam


8. Songs For Sale

This funky purple music store fits in well with the environment. Opposite you will find the equally purple second-hand store Cheap Fashion, where you can score matching funky clothes. Songs For Sale calls itself an ‘old school record store’.


Meent 22A, 3011 JK Rotterdam


9. Van Hoffe In- en Verkoop

This is undoubtedly the most special place in Rotterdam. Right behind Central Station you will find Van Hoffe, on a corner. Here you can buy antiques and second-hand, including music equipment and records. Be careful, shopping here equals a gigantic search, because the store is full from top to bottom.


Provenierssingel 89-B, 3033 EJ Rotterdam


10. Velvet Music Donner

Velvet Music has another branch in Rotterdam, in the Donner bookshop. Ideal if you not only want to score a few new books, but also immediately want to expand your music collection.


Coolsingel 129, 3012 AG Rotterdam


Do you still buy CDs? Or do you like to collect records of your favourite old timers? Maybe you are a very good DJ with an eye for musical gems. Let us know what you do musically and where you like to shop.

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