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Super fun pub crawl through Rotterdam

By Julia Den Outer
January 24, 2022

Fancy going on a pub crawl in Rotterdam? I think there is nothing better than hanging out in a pub. You can do this in the evening, in the afternoon, during the week and at the weekend. Actually, a bar feels a bit like a living room. You can have a relaxed drink and play games. Maybe you’re lucky and there is a good old pub quiz.

In this article I take you along my favourite pubs. Want to visit them all at once? You can also visit all these pubs in one large pub crawl! Super fun to do as an activity with friends.


Café Walenburg

This café is located next to the beautiful Spoorsingel. I used to be surprised when I walked out the back of the Central Station. That this is hidden here!

I used to live around the corner from the Spoorsingel, so Café Walenburger has been one of my favorite pubs for a while. You can choose from a lot of beers here. They have 26 taps and even more bottled and canned beers. Enough choice.

Do you also like quizzes? Every Tuesday they have the world famous Quiz Bonanza. I can tell you that you don’t want to miss this.


Walenburgerweg 62-B, 3033 AE Rotterdam



Vooraanzicht van het gezellige Cafe Ollie in Rotterdam Noord.

Ollie is located in a very cool building on the Rodenrijslaan. It is also quite large, you have the basement, bar and the loft. Of course you can also sit outside in the summer.

What I really like about Ollie is that he is also a lover of art and culture. So you now and then have an exhibition or a band to admire. So there is always something to do here.

I already mentioned Ollie in my guide about Rotterdam Noord. Definitely check it out if you want to discover more of the North of Rotterdam.


Rodenrijselaan 43 a, 3037 XD Rotterdam


Proeflokaal Faas

I have often been to Faas during one of their legendary pub quiz nights. Those questions became more and more difficult after a few beers.

You have so much choice of beers here that you have to at least try a few during a night out. There are also a lot of board games that you can just grab and play. Before you know it, you’ll be spending an entire afternoon in the café.


Zwaanshals 248, 3036 KZ Rotterdam


Proeflokaal de Pui

This is a really good old pub. It is located at Oostzeedijk Beneden, which is of course always a good place to take a look. Naturally you have plenty of choices here in beers, wines and snacks.


Oostzeedijk Beneden 221 a-b, 3061 VT Rotterdam


Proeflokaal de Riddert

Proeflokaal de Riddert is the smallest café in Rotterdam. You would almost cycle past on the Mauritsweg, but I advise you to stop for once. It is not only a café, but also a music venue. You’ll find live music and jam sessions.

Enjoy the music while sipping your whiskey or special beer. A guaranteed fun time!


Mauritsweg 28, 3012 JS Rotterdam


Belgisch Biercafé Boudewijn

When you walk into Boudewijn’s, you immediately feel at home, or well, in Belgium. You can choose from many Belgian beers on tap or bottled. This way you can have your own beer tasting.

It is recommended that you also order a bite to eat. Here you can get cozy food such as stews and mussels.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 53a-b, 3014 GD Rotterdam


De Schouw

Café de Schouw is a café where you often find a lot of creative people. It’s a small cafe where you can enjoy yourself until the late hours with the regulars and the bartenders.

Once a month they also have a unveiling of a new artwork. De Schouw is not only a café, but also a small gallery: galerie de Aanschouw. This is a window on the outside wall where a work of art is displayed.


Witte de Withstraat 80, 3012 BT Rotterdam



Hensepeter feels like my second living room. You can always walk in here and you will be warmly welcomed. It’s a small cafe, but that’s what makes it so ‘gezellig’. I’ve spent enough nights here at the bar. Or played Scrabble on a Sunday afternoon and drank a bit too many beers.

This is one of those spots where you can also go on your own and chat with the regulars or with the bartender. That’s why you never feel alone here.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 184-A, 3021 GK Rotterdam


Jazzcafe Dizzy

Dizzy is a well-known place among music lovers. You will often find Codarts students, but also oldskool jazz lovers. Dizzy has lots of performances by famous musicians. For example, I once spent an evening totally mesmerized while I was listening to a piano piece.

Jazzcafé Dizzy is also highly recommended in the summer, because you have a very cozy garden here that is hidden between the houses.


‘s-Gravendijkwal 127, 3021 EK Rotterdam


Cafe Rijke & De Wit

The Heemraadssingel is another particularly beautiful spot in Rotterdam. It is therefore wonderful to enjoy the view and the people from the terrace of Rijke & De Wit. Although it also looks fantastic inside. You imagine yourself in other times because of the bartender in chic clothing and the old school interior.

Of course you will also find plenty of good beers and wines here.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 332-A, 3023 ER Rotterdam


Café de Oude Sluis

Delfshaven is a special part of Rotterdam. I always forget that this historical part is there. It is therefore always extra special to go to Café de Oude Sluis. This cafe breathes history, it has been around since 1912.

I think this is one of the nicest bars in Rotterdam. This is partly due to the mix of people who come here, young and old, students and artists.


Havenstraat 7, 3024 SE Rotterdam


Stadsbrouwerij de Pelgrim

A beer brewer is of course always recommended. It is located at the cozy harbor in Delfshaven. You can also learn more about the brewing process in addition to just drinking and eating.

It is of course also nice to do a small (or large) tasting. For example, taste the Stoombier or Mayflower. They have many seasonal beers, so you can always try something new.


Aelbrechtskolk 12, 3024 RE Rotterdam


Eetcafe Verhip

Bij Café Verhip hoef je geen poespas te verwachten. Het is een gezellige tent waar je lekker kan eten, een biertje kan doen en gezellig kan borrelen.

Eetcafé Verhip is a strange place there on the modern Schiehavenkade. There are a few beautiful modern flats there. And then suddenly in front of them, you’ll find the little house that Verhip is in. During the week you will find many people here who come for lunch during the break. But you can come here at any time of the day.


Sint-Jobsweg 21, 3024 EH Rotterdam


De Ballentent

I really think the Ballentent is an embodiment of Rotterdam. It is a nice straightforward pub with a view of the port of Rotterdam. Traditionally, many dockers used to come, but now everyone can go there. And, as the name suggests, you get the best broodje bal here.


Parkkade 1, 3016 GN Rotterdam


Cafe de Ouwehoer

I love Café de Ouwehoer. It refers back to the sex, drugs and rock n roll times of Katendrecht. So it feels a bit like stepping into the 50s.

As a Whiskey lover this is the right place for you, because they have a gigantic whiskey collection. Stop sometimes by to watch a live performance from a musician or vinyl dj.


Delistraat 36C, 3072 ZL Rotterdam


I think you need to recover after you’ve gone through all these bars. Still, I’m sure I forgot a few good bars! Let me know and I will definitely add it to my list.

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